June 16. 2018, Week 24th. Saturday

Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.


What is enthusiasm?

A simple explanation for the word would be to have a keen interest.

It means that we have demonstrated an eagerness and a joy that fills us with energy.

If we approach any task without enthusiasm, the task will become laborious.

And we may find ourself watching the clock waiting for the day to be over.

We are just putting in time, bored, unhappy, and truly not enjoying life.

But what a difference it can make when we are energized, even if we have failed many times?

It would be very difficult to maintain enough enthusiasm after a series of failures.

Though I have failed many times, I don't intend to give up, I am still very optimistic about the future.

With the right kind of coaching and determination you can accomplish anything.


From Reese Witherspoon.

Just as we have learned above, there are several keys to success, or accomplishments:

Focus, Unique, Teamwork, Urgency, Recommit and Enthusiasm.

Focus, is what can keep us on track toward our goal, it may be with the same meaning as determination.

Unique, describes the unique talents that each individual has that can help us obtain our goals.

Teamwork, as well as Urgency, enable us, with the help of our team, to achieve our goals and keep us moving toward our goals, repectively.

Recommit means that consistent daily commitment is essential to our ultimate success.

Enthusiasm, which gives us the energy, the fuel, the blazing fire, can help us achieve our goals no matter how great they are.

But how to get those features?

Follow some routines, learn from those great or excellent figures, and be flexible as well.

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