[eZ publish] (Tranfer) Build a form use the information collector 2

Form view template INI settings

Without an override template, eZ Publish will use the /node/view/full.tpltemplate to display the form, but that template does not include theelements required to display and process the form properly.

To point eZ Publish to the correct template (which we will create next), edit the override.ini.append.php file for each siteaccess, such as the “eng” siteaccess:


Add the following entry to the override file:

[full_membership_application_form] Source=node/view/full.tpl MatchFile=full/membership_application_form.tpl Subdir=templates Match[class_identifier]=membership_application_form

Creating the full view template

The next step is to create the template file that was defined in the override.ini.append.php settings file.

In this example, the new formtemplate will be placed in the appropriate folder within thedirectories for the Website Interface extension:


The easiest thing to do is to copy the template for the default eZ Publish feedback form (feedback_form.tpl) from the same directory and adapt it to the new form. Our membership_application_form.tpl template is shown below. For more information about the eZ Publish template language, see the templates section of the technical manual or

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