Shp2SVG, the free tool to convert ESRI shape files to SVG files.


        Shp2SVG.exe -/shp=xxx -/svg=xxx [-/uom=xxx] [-/width] [-/height] [-/strokewidth] [-/strokecolor] [-/fillcolor]
        -shp=xxx 'xxx' means input shape file path.
        -svg=xxx 'xxx' means output svg file path.
        -uom=xxx 'xxx' means unit of meter in svg file.
        -width=xxx 'xxx' means output svg width, ignored if uom parameter used.
        -height=xxx 'xxx' means output svg height, ignored if uom parameter used.
        -strokewidth=xxx 'xxx' means shape border width, default is 1.0.
        -strokecolor=xxx 'xxx' means shape border color, default is black.
        -fillcolor=xxx 'xxx' means shape fill color, default is none.
    -h show usage information.

Download: Shp2SVG And Example.rar.(updated 2006-9-5)

If you want to output as svgz files, you can do it by the command:
gzip -c test.svg > test.svgz

The gzip tool can download from


2006-09-05: V0.2, add some style support, fixed the flip vertical problem of the output coordinate y.
2005-07-10: First version.