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Smart Indenter for VBE(64bits smart indent addin for VBA Editor),VBA开发必备的智能排版工具。


最近更换电脑,改用64位office做开发。VBA代码美化成了一个问题。发邮件和stephen联系确认,Smart Indenter 3.5是VB开发的,不能被64位的office作为组件加载。

搜寻网上美化代码的插件无果,只好自己写了一个Smart Indenter 64位VBE插件。欢迎测试!

本插件免费使用,提供VBA代码缩进美化,统计,工程密码解密,VBA code dump,API语句64位和32位转换等功能。


最新1.80版支持内置 Windows API Viewer。2.6版支持VBA代码加密运行。








The lastest version:

 If download failed,clear the browser cache!



Smart Indenter for VBE v2.75 plus free download    update  2018.5.4 

修正条件编译排版问题,修正VBE ReplaceLine bug。

New feature:

Support dynamically decryption and run VBA encryption code.Don`t need to trust access to the VBA project object  model.



Smart Indenter for VBE v1.80 Lite free download    update  2017.9.9

    1. Smart Indent VBA code lines.

    2. Windows API smart convert(Declare <--> PtrSafe)   

    3. Built-in Windows 32/64 bits API Viewer, support 1550 windows api exported  as vba statement .    

    4. Hook VBE project's password.

    5. Support print the value of variable or selection  in Immediate Window.

    6. VBA code dump (Demo).

    7. Support for shortcuts (ctrl + shift + menu shortcuts)

    8. Support 32bits/64bits application(Office/AutoCAD/CorelDRAW/WPS,etc)

    9. Support language: English,Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

Important:Please uninstall the old version before installing the new version!

it requires .NET Framework 4.5.2  English   中文 


  1、The Smart Indenter VBE is integrated into the Office/AutoCAD/WPS/CorelDRAW(etc...) VBE and is accessed through menu items added to the Tool, Code Window and Break mode pop-up menus。 The routine can rebuild the indenting for the current procedure, current module or entire project in one pass,but Undo is unavailable!!!

  2、.NET Framework 4.5 was never supported on windows XP and will not install. 

  3、Widows7/10 32/64bit and Excel/word/ppt/access/AutoCAD 32/64Bit  test is passed!


QQ: 564955427。

Email: Charltsing@gmail.com




 完整版提供Office 2010 开发文档(Excel,Word,PowerPnt,Access,VBE),CHM文件格式   Office2010帮助文件网盘下载   dnq7




windows API convert 

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