Phrase -5


Take a rain check. 改天再约.

Black Sheep . 害群之马.

That‘s really something. 真了不起.

I'm flattered. 过奖了.

Don't get me wrong. 不要误会我.

Read and Listen

  1. Mom had life insurance, I took my half, put myself throgh school. What did you do with your half, Linc? Everything's not how it looks , Michael.
  2. Please understand that I never meant... I never wanted to involve you in this. Well you've done a pretty poor job of that. I came here to tell you something. I'm getting my brother out of here.
  3. I can't get out of it. I need you to straighten me out. My head is all meesed up and..Anyway, it's real important , bro you gotta call me. You gotta call me now.
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