Armed to the teeth

  • 全副武装
  • Definition: carrying many weapons.
  • Example:
    Being faced with such a fierce battle,every soldier has armed to the teeth.
    面对如此惨烈的一场战斗, 所有战士都全副武装。

Under someone's thumb

  • 受人控制

  • Definition: under someone's control or influence.

  • Examples:

    He kept the employees under his thumb.


Have egg on your face

  • 狼狈不堪

  • Definition: a state of embarrassment or humiliation

  • Example:

    This latest scandal has left the government with egg on its face.


Turn a blind eye

  • 视而不见

  • Definition: to ignore something and pretend you do not see it; to choose to ignore behavior that you know is wrong.

  • Example:

    Many Germans are angry that they are expected to shoulder the responsibility for the migrant crisis, when other EU countries seem to be turning a blind eye.


  • Other :

    bury one’s head in the sand


Burn a hole in your pocket

  • 花钱如流水

  • Definition: It can also be used to describe a person who has money and wants to spend it without feeling uncomfortable.

  • Example:

    I checked my bill and found I’ve burned a hole in my pocket.


  • Others:

    1. in someone’s pocket : 依赖某人

    As an adult, we should be more independent, rather than be in our parents’ pocket.


    1. pocket money : 零花钱

      He earned the pocket money by doing part-time jobs.


    2. line one’s pocket : 盗用钱财,以非法手段聚敛钱财

      The government is investigating those governors who have lined their pocket by bribing.


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