Exchange 2007 High Availability with sp1

  • Local Continuous Replication (LCR)   LCR is a single-server solution that uses built-in asynchronous log shipping technology to create and maintain a copy of a storage group on a second set of disks that are connected to the same server as the production storage group. LCR provides log shipping, log replay, and a quick manual switch to a secondary copy of the data.
  • 本地连续复制 (LCR) LCR 是一种单服务器解决方案,它使用内置异步日志传送技术,在与生产存储组所在的服务器相连接的另一个磁盘集上创建并维护存储组的副本。LCR 提供日志传送、日志重播以及到数据的辅助副本的快速手动切换。
  • Cluster Continuous Replication (CCR)   CCR is a clustered solution that uses built-in asynchronous log shipping technology to create and maintain a storage group copy on a second server. CCR is designed to be either a one or two datacenter solution, providing both high availability and site resilience.
  • 群集连续复制 (CCR) CCR 是一种群集解决方案,它使用内置异步日志传送技术,在另一个服务器上创建并维护存储组副本。CCR 针对一个或两个数据中心解决方案而设计,可以提供高可用性和站点弹性。
  • Standby Continuous Replication (SCR)   SCR is a new feature introduced in Exchange 2007 SP1. As its name implies, SCR is designed for scenarios that use or enable the use of standby recovery servers. SCR extends the existing continuous replication features and enables new data availability scenarios for Exchange 2007 Mailbox servers. SCR uses the same log shipping and replay technology used by LCR and CCR to provide added deployment options and configurations. SCR can be used to replicate data from stand-alone Mailbox servers and clustered mailbox servers.
  • 备用连续复制 (SCR) SCR 是 Exchange 2007 SP1 中引入的新功能。顾名思义,SCR 是专门用于使用或启用备用恢复服务器的方案。SCR 会扩展现有连续复制的功能,并使新数据可用于 Exchange 2007 邮箱服务器。SCR 使用与本地连续复制 (LCR) 和群集连续复制 (CCR) 相同的日志传送和重播技术,以提供更多的部署选项和配置。SCR 可以用于从独立的邮箱服务器和群集邮箱服务器复制数据。
  • Single Copy Clusters (SCC)   SCC is a clustered solution that uses a single copy of a storage group on storage that is shared between the nodes in the cluster. SCC is very similar to clustering in previous versions of Exchange Server, with some significant changes and improvements.
  • 单一副本群集 (SCC) SCC 是一种群集解决方案,它使用存储器(在群集中的节点之间共享)上存储组的单一副本。SCC 与早期版本的 Exchange Server 中的群集非常相似,但有一些显著的更改和改进。

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