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摘要: #define VK_TSOFT1 VK_F1 // Softkey 1 #define VK_TSOFT2 VK_F2 // Softkey 2 #define VK_TTALK VK_F3 // Talk #define VK_TEND VK_F4 // End #define VK_THOME VK_LWIN // Home #define VK_TBACK VK_ESCAPE // Back 阅读全文
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摘要: http://itbbs.pconline.com.cn/mobile/8931321.html 阅读全文
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摘要: It is possible to change your devices boot screen to a picture that you like, to give your device that personalised touch. On my Ipaq rw6828, there are three images shown as the device boots up. The first appears to be part of the ROM itself and it shows the ROM version and the HP logo. The second screen flashes up for a second and it looks the same as the first without the ROM information. These can be changed but as they show up for only a second, it is not worth the trouble. The third i 阅读全文
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摘要: DLL木马的原理   DLL木马的实现原理是编程者在DLL中包含木马程序代码,随后在目标主机中选择特定目标进程,以某种方式强行指定该进程调用包含木马程序的DLL,最终达到侵袭目标系统的目的。   正是DLL程序自身的特点决定了以这种形式加载木马不仅可行,而且具有良好的隐藏性:   (1)DLL程序被映射到宿主进程的地址空间中,它能够共享宿主进程的资源,并根据宿主进程在目标主机的级别非法访问相应的系统资源;   (2)DLL程序没有独立的进程地址空间,从而可以避免在目标主机中留下"蛛丝马迹",达到隐蔽自身的目的。 阅读全文
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摘要: 4.1一个简单的DLL   第2节给出了以静态链接库方式提供add函数接口的方法,接下来我们来看看怎样用动态链接库实现一个同样功能的add函数。   如图6,在VC++中new一个Win32 Dynamic-Link Library工程dllTest(单击此处下载本工程)。注意不要选择MFC AppWizard(dll),因为用MFC AppWizard(dll)建立的将是第5、6节要讲述的MFC 动态链接库。 阅读全文
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摘要: 1.概论   先来阐述一下DLL(Dynamic Linkable Library)的概念,你可以简单的把DLL看成一种仓库,它提供给你一些可以直接拿来用的变量、函数或类。在仓库的发展史上经历了“无库-静态链接库-动态链接库”的时代。静态链接库与动态链接库都是共享代码的方式,如果采用静态链接库,则无论你愿不愿意,lib中的指令都被直接包含在最终生成的 EXE文件中了。但是若使用DLL,该DLL不必被包含在最终EXE文件中,EXE文件执行时可以“动态”地引用和卸载这个与EXE独立的DLL文件。静态链接库和动态链接库的另外一个区别在于静态链接库中不能再包含其他的动态链接库或者静态库,而在动态链接库中还可以再包含其他的动态或静态链接库。 阅读全文
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摘要: Every now and then we receive requests from ISV Application Developers regarding how to restrict users' access to the device functionality by writing a KIOSK application: many times it happens that Application Developers are asked to develop such a solution *AFTER* the final customer chose and bought all the devices to be used on the field, and many times they happen to be Windows Mobile-based, not CE. You're lucky if all the devices share the same manufacturer and model... 阅读全文
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摘要: So the Today screen is just not what you want to use for a kiosk or custom shell. What is a developer to do? Well the first step is to break VS2005. This is a complete hack! Use this at your own risk and know that this is not bullet proof. This is not supported by Microsoft. I have used this to help my customers who have needed to have a custom Shell but for a variety of reasons they could not use CE but instead resorted to Windows Mobile. 阅读全文
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摘要: today i'll explain how inject dlls into another process. To inject external dlls into the processes we need to use some functions exported from coredll.dll. These functions are documented in Platform Builder but not in SDK so we need to declare them as extern: 阅读全文
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摘要: 枚举类型其实就可以当做整型来用,例如: enum T { a, b, c }; int i=5; void Test(int t) { switch(t) { case a: i=0; break; case b: i=1; break; } } Int main() { Test(b); } 阅读全文
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