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we are happy to announce v5.06.00 BETA of our popular middleware for Delphi and C++Builder.

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We strive hard to ensure kbmMW continues to set the bar for what an n-tier product must be capable of in the real world!

This is a major release with new features in addition to fixing reported bugs and enhancing existing features:

  • NEW! kbmMW Native High Performance, Scalable and  Cross Platform socket library now included!
  • NEW! Advanced CSV object notation streamer with optional autotyping!
  • NEW! Optional support for automatic cross table lookup of values and records in ORM even with result based on a complex expression!
  • NEW! Dynamic table support in ORM. An ORM dynamic table is not bound to any specific class, but can be defined completely at runtime, also by analyzing an existing table in the datastorage!
  • NEW! Advanced date/time formatting and parsing for all sorts of custom date/time layouts!
  • NEW! Reboot and advanced clipboard copy/cut/paste of files in kbmMW Remote Desktop.
  • NEW! Ability to attach multiple remote desktop clients to same connection for example for read only icon view vs full scale interactive view.
  • NEW! Smart local client for use within same application that hosts TkbmMWServer instance.
  • NEW! Binary parser visualizer with interactive debugging and stepping features.
  • Lots of ORM improvements, including:
    • Enhanced generator support with definition of when generators fire (insert/update/delete) (default insert) and if they fire if the field already have a value (default no)
    • QueryON directly returning an object notation object instead of class instances
    • QueryDataset directly returning a TDataset instead of class instances.
    • Execute for DDL support.
    • CreateOrUpgradeTable now fully handles indexes and detects added, deleted and modified indexes and automaticaly creates and upgrades those as needed.
  • Lots of new features and improvements to LINQ, including:
    • Query – Run full fledged query expression on the source data
    • Use CSV data as source
    • Use object notation instance as source
    • AsON – Return LINQ stage result as object notation
  • Lots of new features and improvements to Scheduler, including:
    • Enhanced Cron format support. Standard, With seconds, With Year and With Seconds and Year.
    • New EndingAfterStalls and EndingAfterRuns methods which deactivates a scheduled event.
    • New optional automatic unscheduling of scheduled event when event is ending (see above).
  • Lots of improvements and additional features in:
    • Date/Time
      • TkbmMWDateTime
      • TkbmMWGregorianCalendar (New!)
      • TkbmMWDateTimeCompiledFormat (New!)
      • Improvements of correct handling of time vs date vs date/time thru whole n-tier chain.
    • REST
      • Optional automatic provision of object notation objects when HTML body contains XML or JSON data.
      • Default values and more
    • Plenty of other areas.
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