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New Major Features in 15.2

What's New in VCL Products 15.2

Breaking Changes

To learn about breaking changes in this version, please refer to the following page:
Breaking Changes in 15.2.3 (VCL Product Line)

Known Issues

To learn about known issues in this version, please refer to the following page:
Known Issues in 15.2.3 (VCL Product Line)

The following sections list all minor and major changes in DevExpress VCL 15.2.3. Note that products, controls and libraries which aren't mentioned in the list below are included in the unified installer for compatibility, but have not been updated.

Enhancements and Updates


New Features/Updates

ExpressRichEdit Control
  • T326919 - Add support for spell checking
  • T338089 - Add the capability to customize the background color, outline color, and outline width of floating objects
  • T337886 - Add the capability to switch the visibility of bookmarks and customize their appearance and behavior settings
  • T299317 - Add the capability to switch the visibility of table grid lines
  • T335298 - Provide commands (TAction objects) associated with printing

  • T337060 - Implement the OFFSET function
  • T335297 - Provide commands (TAction objects) associated with printing
  • T324222 - Provide the capability to copy/paste cell data and formatting without accessing the clipboard

Installation (VCL)
  • T328207 - Display information about the installed Build version on the IDE's splash screen and in the About window
  • T285630 - Documentation - In RAD Studio XE8 or later, extend the Help | Third-Party Help submenu with a Developer Express VCL submenu containing links to the CHM help files of installed products

Resolved Issues

ExpressBars Suite
  • T324618 - Ribbon - Assigning the OnHelpButtonClick event handler at runtime doesn't make the Help button visible until the Ribbon control's ViewInfo is recalculated
  • T331359 - Ribbon - Office 2016 Tablet style - The Ribbon Application Button overlaps the first visible Ribbon tab if the Quick Access Toolbar is hidden or unassigned
  • T327291 - Ribbon - Scrolling the mouse wheel while KeyTips are displayed switches the active Ribbon tab
  • T335888 - Ribbon - TcxBarEditItem - ColorComboBox located on a toolbar within a secondary form is not assigned a color selected within the editor's standard or DevExpress color editor dialog if the Application.ModalPopupMode property is set to pmNone
  • T324677 - TdxBarSubItem arrow is incorrectly scaled at high DPI settings (more than 96)
  • T325818 - TdxRibbonColorGalleryItem - The color palette includes matching theme colors
  • T325823 - TdxRibbonColorGalleryItem is always placed as the last item in a submenu
  • T324806 - TdxTabbedMDIManager - Deactivating the tabbed MDI manager produces painting artifacts for the main form recreated while the tabbed MDI manager was active

ExpressLayout Control
  • T326497 - Items are incorrectly arranged into multiple lines on group sizing if the group's AllowWrapItems property or the layout control’s OptionsItem.AllowGroupWrapItems property is set to True in certain cases

  • T326132 - The Locate function incorrectly processes values of indexed fields if the dataset is sorted by another field

ExpressPrinting System
  • T334776 - Spreadsheet Report Link - Floating containers located outside the currently visible area of an active worksheet are not printed

ExpressQuantumGrid Suite
  • T335740 - Banded Table View - A band whose Options.Moving property is set to False can be dragged within the Quick Band Customization drop-down window
  • T324075 - Detail View is still displayed partially visible even after sufficient space is provided when collapsing a master row
  • T328203 - Layout View - Captions of automatically created hidden groups specified at design time are reset at runtime
  • T333396 - Table View and Banded Table View - "List index out of bounds" exception occurs on accessing the Controller.TopRowIndex property of an empty View that is grouped and whose OptionsBehavior.FixedGroups property is set to True
  • T334182 - Table View and Banded Table View - A column whose Options.Moving property is set to False can be dragged within the Quick Column Customization drop-down window
  • T329046 - The "Stack overflow" exception occurs on focusing a cell in the Filter Row or New Item Row if the View's OptionsBehavior.FixedGroups property is set to True
  • T324747 - The grid configuration wizard doesn't add data sources located on a frame to the Data Source list box
  • T331860 - Wrong icon is displayed for the "Hide Group By Box" item in the Group By box popup menu

ExpressQuantumTreeList Suite
  • T328345 - Clicking the selected node while holding down the Ctrl key does not deselect the node
  • T336006 - Export to XLS or XLSX - A numeric value of a column's footer summary is always exported as text
  • T325843 - Node state images are clipped in certain cases

ExpressRichEdit Control
  • T327288 - Actions designed to be linked to in-place toolbar editors are not executed in child forms
  • T328409 - General format switches provided for field codes are ignored
  • T327581 - Numeric format switches provided for field codes are ignored
  • T334698 - The LookAndFeel.SkinName property is not displayed in the Object Inspector

ExpressScheduler Suite
  • T324762 - An AV occurs on removing an event whose in-place editor is currently active
  • T312104 - Dates in a custom format are not updated in day headers if the cxFormatController.UseDelphiDateTimeFormats property is set to True
  • T330367 - The All-day event area gets scrolled to the top on selecting an all-day event

ExpressSkins Library
  • T326793 - Skin Editor - "Invalid operation in GDI+ (Code: 2)" error occurs on saving a project that contains a number of skins

  • T333048 - A worksheet's GetCellValue procedure returns a NULL value instead of a zero for the cell whose formula returns a NULL value
  • T314528 - A worksheet's Options.ActualZeroValues property value doesn't control the visibility of zero function results in cells
  • T327723 - Actions designed to be linked to in-place toolbar editors are not executed in child forms
  • T309483 - Aggregate functions return an intermediate result if a cell range passed as their parameter includes a cell that contains an error
  • T309479 - Aggregate functions return zero for a column and/or row reference passed as their parameter
  • T337319 - An AV occurs on loading an ODS document that contains a formatted text in comment and/or text box containers
  • T337311 - An AV occurs on loading an ODS document that contains charts
  • T337225 - An AV occurs on using the ROW or COLUMN function in a conditional formatting rule
  • T326291 - An AV occurs when undoing/redoing actions on floating containers
  • T331146 - Certain changes to the spreadsheet control's DefaultCellStyle option set are not applied to the currently active worksheet
  • T309492 - Conditional aggregate functions are unable to compare a cell value formatted as text and a cell value formatted as a number
  • T332830 - Executing a TdxSpreadSheetCustomChangeSelectionVisibilityAction descendant causes the "Out of memory" exception if all cells are selected in a worksheet and the Undo/Redo history of actions is enabled
  • T323974 - Export to CSV - Each line in the exported file contains a trailing delimiter character
  • T330126 - ExpressSpreadSheet Features Demo - The Insert | Picture command creates a picture container with zero dimensions
  • T312173 - Populating cells using the Ctrl+D or Ctrl+R key combination merges cells outside the selected cell range if this range contains merged cells
  • T328182 - Pressing the Alt+Left Arrow or Alt+Right Arrow key combination rotates the focused floating container by 1 degree instead of 15
  • T337222 - The comment mark is painted in the corner of the first cell containing data in a merged cell rather than the merged cell's corner

Installation (VCL)
  • T326137 - The cxFireDACAdaptersRS18.dpk package cannot be compiled with VCL 15.2.2
  • T327982 - Trial version - Demo projects include recently removed cxBarEditItemRS~.dpk packages
Common Libraries

  • T211453 - Server Mode - Selecting None in the context menu for a summary item whose FooterFormat property is specified displays a Count summary instead

ExpressEditors Library
  • T326273 - Alert windows don't pop up on the monitor displaying an application (in systems with multiple monitors)
  • T328138 - ColorComboBox, FontNameComboBox, and MRUEdit repository items - Clicking a cell within the same column doesn't open the drop-down window for this cell while another drop-down window is open
  • T333169 - Documentation - The TcxCustomEdit.DataBinding and TcxCustomEdit.Properties properties are marked public rather than protected
  • T332985 - Ribbon - TcxBarEditItem - DateTimeWheelPicker doesn't comply with the currently active Ribbon style
  • T284408 - The cxDateToStr, cxGetDateFormat, and cxGetLocalMonthYear functions declared in the cxDateUtils unit return incorrect results if the format string starts with an apostrophe and a date notation character
  • T326333 - The Properties.PasswordChar property setting is ignored if the Properties.Alignment.Horz property is set to a value other than taLeftJustify

ExpressExport Library
  • T327350 - Memory leaks when exporting images from an ImageComboBox grid column whose Properties.ShowDescriptions property is set to False

ExpressGDI+ Library
  • T332394 - The "List index out of bounds" exception occurs on opening the design-time editor for a TdxSmartImage type property if the DevExpress GDI+ library is compiled while the DXREGISTERPNGIMAGE conditional directive is not set

    • T333002 - An empty string assigned to the Hint or Caption property of Rich Edit Control and Spreadsheet Control actions is not stored to a DFM file
    • T337294 - Errors occur on loading XLSX or ODS files that don't contain size information in FileEntry records
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