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kbmMW is a portable, highly scalable, high end application server and
enterprise architecture integration (EAI) development framework for
Win32, ..Net and Linux with clients residing on Win32, .Net, Linux,
Unix, Mainframes, Minis, Embedded and many other places.
It is currently used as the backbone in hundreds of central systems, in
hospitals, courts, private, industries, offshore industry, finance,
telecom, governements, schools, laboratories, rentals, culture
institutions, FDA approved medical devices, military and more.

4.84.00 September 6 2015

        Important notes (changes that may break existing code)
        * Removed kbmMWMurmurHash3 from kbmMWGlobal.pas.

        New stuff
        - Added support for RAD Studio 10 Seattle and Delphi 10 Seattle.
        - Added LZ4 compression support.
        - Added JPEG compression support via TurboJPEG via the new
          units kbmMWJPEG and kbmMWJPEGDefs.
          Installer includes optimized precompiled Win32, Win64 and
          Android libJpeg DLL/.so libraries.
        - Added support for DirectX11 for Remote Desktop Server.
        - Added multimonitor support (max 8 monitors) in Remote Desktop.
        - Added clipboard sharing in Remote Desktop.
        - Added 4 bit and 8 bit grayscale view modes to Remote Desktop.
        - Added auto detect compression modes in Remote Desktop.
          Some of them are called "xxxFullScreen" and will attempt non
          tiled compression, which may be preferable if running for
          example video in full screen for best non tearing
        - Performance optimized Remote Desktop including tile based
          texture detection compression, better thread handling and
        - Added FireMonkey Remote Desktop client component and limited
          demo app which runs on NextGen.
        - Added PassedTimeDiffUS to TkbmMWTiming. Works as PassedTimeUS
          except it returns passed time in uS.
        - Added kbmMWHashMurmur3.pas, kbmMWHashFNV1A.pas and
          kbmMWHashXX.pas units for 3 different high performance
          hash algorithms.
        - Enabled ZIPPED stream support for NextGen.
        - Added mwmqoPurgeOnCongestion to TkbmMWMessageQueueOption
          which will clear messages below a certain priority from the
          messagequeue when congestion is detected.
        - Added mwmqoPurgeAllPrioritiesOnCongestion to
          TkbmMWMessageQueueOption which will clear messages of all
          priorities from the messagequeue when congestion is detected.
        - Added Purge method to TkbmMWCustomMessageQueue and all
          descendants (memory and file). Removes messages from the
          queue optionally based on priority leaving only N messages.

	Changes/minor additions
        - Dropped PNG compression mode in Remote Desktop.
        - Dropped Huffman compression mode in Remote Desktop.
        - Removed kbmMWMurmurHash3 from kbmMWGlobal.pas.
        - Deprecated kbmMWHashString32 and kbmMWHashString64. Instead
          use kbmMWHashFMV1A32 or kbmMWHashFMV1A64.
        - Added Options:TUniDataSetOptions to UniDAC adapter.
        - Modified UniDAC adapter to convert field types:
           ftOraBlob->ftBlob, ftOraclob->ftWideMemo, ftDateTime->ftDate.
        - Improved performance in HTTPGetContents in
        - Dropped DirectX9 screen capture support in Remote Desktop.
        - Updated .Net kbmMWSpider with user suggestions.

        - Fixed compilation/runtime issues for IOS64.
        - Fixed kbmMWString2Variant to return local time in variant if
           a datetime value was given, instead of UTC time.
        - Fixed potential TkbmMWMemoryStream issues in mobile and 64
           bit code.
        - Fixed Unicode memo issues in UniDAC adapter.
        - Fixed Android compilation issues.
        - Fixed issue when dynamically modifying path in OnFileAccess
           in file service.
        - Fixed object marshalling for NextGen.
        - Fixed resetting timezone when setting
           TkbmMWDateTime.ISO8601DateTime given only a date.
        - Fixed initializing timezone offset to 0 when creating empty
        - Fixed FIB adapter when moving blob/memo data.
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