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和xe8 几乎同一天出来,但是目前官方不支持xe8.

The following sections list all minor and major changes in DevExpress VCL 14.2.5. Note that products, controls and libraries which aren't mentioned in the list below are included in the unified installer for compatibility, but have not been updated.

Enhancements and Updates


New Features/Updates

ExpressBars Suite
  • T188240 - Make locking the main form for repainting updates on merging an MDI child form optional

ExpressDocking Library
  • S35541 - Documentation - Mark the TdxDockingManager.OnCustomDraw~ and TdxDockingManager.OnCustomDraw~ events as deprecated

  • T224612 - Implement the INDIRECT function
Common Libraries

ExpressEditors Library
  • T215551 - Make the camera manager start recording a video using an initialized camera without a delay

Resolved Issues

ExpressBars Suite
  • T225687 - Ribbon - Customization Form - A bar manager's SaveTo~/LoadFrom~ methods do not persist subitems created at runtime
  • T216484 - Ribbon - Customization Form - Saving changes to the form after removing an item from the "Customize the Ribbon" list and adding it back to the same group in this list duplicates the item
  • T226110 - Ribbon - Loading bar manager settings from an INI file or the registry creates an additional shallow GroupButton item per each GroupButton item residing in the QAT if this item's Toolbar property is assigned
  • T216476 - Ribbon - Quick Access Toolbar Customization Form - Switching the "Show Quick Access Toolbar below the Ribbon" option doesn't enable the OK button
  • T220946 - TcxBarEditItem - The "Control has no parent window" exception occurs when handling the editor's Properties.OnValidate event if a bar manager's AlwaysSaveText property is set to True

ExpressDBTree Suite
  • T225542 - An AV occurs when destroying a frame that contains the TdxTreeViewEdit component

ExpressGauge Control
  • T221270 - Circular and Linear scales - 0 (zero) assigned to the OptionsView.MaxValue property is not stored to a DFM file
  • T219072 - Circular and Linear scales - Certain styles paint scale minor ticks whose values match major tick values twice

ExpressLayout Control
  • T214450 - The "List index out of bounds" exception occurs when activating a tab in a tabbed group whose currently active tab hosts a tabbed group that contains a focused tab

ExpressMap Control
  • T218638 - The OnSelectionChanged and OnSelectionChanging events are raised even if clicking a map item doesn't modify the current selection 

ExpressPivotGrid Suite
  • T219960 - OLAP mode - The "OLAP Connection" dialog doesn't allow end-users to select a cube other than the first one in the Cube drop-down list

ExpressQuantumGrid Suite
  • T213154 - Layout View - Assigning Layout View items to another Layout View hides newly created layout items until the Layout View's layout is changed
  • T211446 - Server Mode - Calling the View's ViewData.Expand method hides group summaries

ExpressScheduler Suite
  • T215972 - Clicking the Cancel button doesn't close the Event dialog after handling an exception that occurred on posting an event to a database
  • T219362 - TcxSchedulerAggregateStorage - A reminder cannot be created for an event being customized using the Event dialog if the aggregate storage's Reminders.Active and a linked storage's Reminders.Active property are set to True and False, respectively
  • T219174 - TcxSchedulerHolidays - The caption of the Recurrence button located in the "Holiday editor" dialog and cxGetHolidayRecurrenceDescriptionString function results cannot be localized

  • T218526 - Borders of adjacent cells are incorrectly painted
  • T226931 - Format Cells dialog - Captions of the Font page and the Sample area located on the Fill page cannot be localized
  • T226933 - Format Cells dialog - The height of the Notes area located on the Font page is too small to contain certain localized texts
  • T222967 - Functions that perform value comparison operations consider empty cells neither a zero nor an empty string
  • T224096 - In certain cases, an AV occurs when the TdxSpreadSheetFormula instance containing a function with the open-ended list of parameters is destroyed
  • T226830 - In certain cases, the COUNT, COUNTA, COUNTBLANK, AVERAGE, and AVERAGEA functions return wrong results when the cell range, accepted as a parameter, contains at least one empty cell
  • T224641 - Inserting a column/row next to a hidden one whose DefaultSize property is set to False hides the inserted column/row
  • T226960 - Reference to a cell or cell range outside the worksheet content area returns zero instead of the #REF! error
  • T225365 - Relative references refer to wrong cells if the R1C1 reference style is applied
  • T224542 - The "Out of memory" exception occurs when merging all cells in one or more columns
  • T223094 - The hourglass cursor is not shown while saving a large amount of data
  • T224319 - The IF function returns an error resulting from evaluation of a formula expression accepted as a second or third parameter without performing a logical test
  • T222704 - The OnProgress event doesn't work correctly when saving data to an XLS file
  • T226432 - Worksheets allow users to merge intersecting cell selections
Common Libraries

ExpressEditors Library
  • T219291 - Clicking the Pause button in the Camera Preview dialog disables the button
  • T215903 - cxCheckBox - It is possible to switch the checked state using the mouse or touch gestures when focus cannot be moved to the editor
  • T212122 - cxColorComboBox - The color name displayed by the input field doesn't match the name selected in the drop-down  list
  • T211308 - cxComboBox - The editor with certain font settings initially displays the bottom part of its text cropped
  • T211304 - cxComboBox - The left border is misplaced if the Properties.DropDownListStyle property is set to lsFixedList and the native style is applied
  • T209409 - cxTrackBar and dxZoomTrackBar - Hot-tracking change buttons or releasing the mouse over pressed change buttons has no effect if the native style or skin is applied - the buttons still appear normal or pressed
  • T220466 - dxToggleSwitch - It is possible to switch the checked state using the mouse or touch gestures when focus cannot be moved to the editor
  • T200854 - dxToggleSwitch - The editor is not scaled based on the system DPI setting
  • T219819 - TcxButton - The TcxButtonViewInfo class has no equivalent for the removed ContentRect property
  • T200118 - TcxDBMaskEdit - Mask functionality fails after raising an exception in a bound field's OnValidate event handler if the Properties.MaskKind and Properties.AlwaysShowBlanksAndLiterals properties are set to emkStandard and False respectively
  • T215035 - TdxCameraControl - Making all camera controls that access one camera inactive stops recording a video from this camera

  • T218528 - The "Integer Overflow" exception occurs on displaying a Customization Form for a layout control, a grid's Layout View, or a grid's in-place Edit Form in certain cases
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