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What's New in 14.2.4 (VCL Product Line)


New Major Features in 14.2

What's New in VCL Products 14.2

Breaking Changes

To learn about breaking changes in this version, please refer to the following page:

Breaking Changes in 14.2.4 (VCL Product Line)

Known Issues

To learn about known issues in this version, please refer to the following page:

Known Issues in 14.2.4 (VCL Product Line)

The following sections list all minor and major changes in DevExpress VCL 14.2.4. Note that products, controls and libraries which aren't mentioned in the list below are included in the unified installer for compatibility, but have not been updated.

Enhancements and Updates


New Features/Updates

Common Libraries
ExpressEditors Library
  • T210868 - TdxCameraControl - Simplify the manner in which to record a video

Resolved Issues

ExpressBars Suite
  • T203158 - Activating an MDI child form makes its Ribbon flicker when this Ribbon is merged with the main form's one
  • T208186 - Ribbon - Customization Form - An AV occurs when dragging several items in the "Choose commands from" list if the "Commands Not in the Ribbon" option is selected in this list
  • T207697 - Ribbon - Customization Form - The OnShowCustomizingForm and OnHideCustomizingForm events of BarManager are not raised in response to switching the form visibility
  • T206559 - Ribbon - TdxRibbonGalleryItem - Copying an item in the Ribbon gallery designer causes the "Invalid class typecast" exception
  • T212205 - Ribbon Form - Office 2013 style - An incorrect form border color is painted if the High Contrast White theme is applied
  • T207145 - TcxBarEditItem - Drop-down editors - Opening the drop-down window twice causes the "Control has no parent window" exception after closing all MDI child forms
ExpressDBTree Suite
  • T212453 - An AV occurs when destroying the TdxDBTreeView component
ExpressGauge Control
  • T206622 - Circular and Linear scales - In RAD Studio XE3 or later, the default value of the Value property is erroneously stored in a DFM file
  • T210182 - Circular scales - The OptionsView.AngleStart and OptionsView.AngleEnd property values are incorrectly restored from a DFM file if the latter value is greater than the former one
  • T206624 - In certain cases, a scale anchored to another scale is incorrectly visualized both in the scale hierarchy and gauge control
  • T206640 - Pressing the Esc key doesn't close a scale's context menu
  • T207469 - The gauge control is available for copying in the design-time Scales editor
ExpressPivotGrid Suite
  • T113539 - OLAP mode - Data detailed by month is empty in cube with calculated measures
  • T198261 - OLAP mode - The "Field '[Measures].[MemberName]' not found" exception occurs on expanding a grouping value of a field whose values are filtered if its SortMode property is set to osmNone
ExpressPrinting System
  • T212990 - Spreadsheet Report Link - Cell borders are always printed in black
ExpressQuantumGrid Suite
  • T211418 - Hiding columns of the grid residing on an MDI child form causes the "Control has no parent window" exception if the grid View's OptionsBehavior.ImmediateEditor property is set to True
  • T207052 - Layout View - An AV occurs when recreating a form that contains the grid control with this View
  • T214996 - Layout View - View settings copied with the "Copy Settings from View" context menu item erroneously include an in-place Edit Form's layout
  • T202527 - Master-Detail - An AV occurs when scrolling the grid that contains a number of nested Views by dragging the thumb and then releasing the mouse button
  • T204196 - Pressing the Enter key while a button located on an in-place Edit Form or Find Panel is focused results in clicking the first visible default button instead
  • T207079 - Pressing the Space key while a button located in an in-place Edit Form or Find Panel is focused does not click this button
  • T168768 - Server Mode - Moving focus may cause the "List index out of bounds" exception if data is grouped and the OptionsSelection.MultiSelect property is set to True
  • T206370 - Server Mode - MSAccess adapter incorrectly filters data using DateTime field values if the date and/or time separator doesn't match the English locale's one  
  • T204983 - Table View and Banded Table View - An in-place editor's minimum size is calculated incorrectly if the OptionsBehavior.EditAutoHeight and OptionsView.CellAutoHeight properties are set to eahEditor and False, respectively
  • T209520 - The for loop in the TcxGridColumnLayoutItemPropertyFilter.FilterProperties method has an incorrect ending value
ExpressQuantumTreeList Suite
  • T205240 - Clicking an expandable column's cell in a highly nested node tree incorrectly scrolls the cell into view and does not repaint scrollbars
  • T209956 - The Checked property of a parent node is incorrectly updated if at least one hidden child node has this property set to a value that doesn't match the visible child nodes' one
  • T211995 - The focus rectangle is not painted for a cell with an open in-place editor if the OptionsSelection.InvertSelect and OptionsView.GridLines properties are set to False and tlglBoth, respectively
  • T212386 - The node height unexpectedly increases for ImageComboBox cells that display long item descriptions if the OptionsView.CellAutoHeight property is set to True  
ExpressScheduler Suite
  • T210535 - An AV occurs when saving a user event with the modal Event dialog if this event is filtered out by a data source linked to the scheduler storage
  • T205770 - Documentation - The "Bound Mode" topic does not specify that the GroupID field should allow NULL values
  • T206253 - Hidden rows are visible after loading from an XLS file
  • T116830 - Saving a spreadsheet to an XLS file causes the "Unsupported document format" error
Common Libraries
ExpressEditors Library
  • T211985 - cxShellComboBox - The shell tree view does not reflect changes made to the Properties.Root.CustomPath property of the editor
  • T187594 - Documentation - TcxSplitter - The Direction property is not described
  • T209408 - dxToggleSwitch - The read-only editor allows its thumb to be moved using drag and drop
  • T215038 - TdxCameraControl - Updating the status message doesn't repaint the control
  • T207828 - Export - A file name that includes one or more spaces and/or exceeds 30 characters makes the resulting XLSX file unreadable
  • T205306 - GDI resources leak when dragging grid rows when the OptionsBehavior.DragDropText property is set to False
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