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New Major Features in 14.2

What's New in VCL Products 14.2

Breaking Changes

To learn about breaking changes in this version, please refer to the following page:

Breaking Changes in 14.2.3 (VCL Product Line)

Known Issues

To learn about known issues in this version, please refer to the following page:

Known Issues in 14.2.3 (VCL Product Line)

The following sections list all minor and major changes in DevExpress VCL 14.2.3. Note that products, controls and libraries which aren't mentioned in the list below are included in the unified installer for compatibility, but have not been updated.

Enhancements and Updates


New Features/Updates

ExpressGauge Control
  • T191142 - Implement a design-time selector to access scale properties and display them in the Object Inspector

  • T106582 - Documentation - Add a TdxCustomMemData.Filter property description

ExpressQuantumGrid Suite
  • T184960 - Add Find Panel functionality to server mode grid Views

  • T171218 - Add the capability to control cell navigation using the Enter key or Shift+Enter key combination in a protected worksheet
Common Libraries

ExpressEditors Library
  • T169949 - Add the capability to customize an editor's validation behavior in response to Properties.ValidationOptions changes made within the editor's Properties.OnValidate event handler

Resolved Issues

ExpressBars Suite
  • T189719 - Ribbon - An AV occurs when opening a form or pressing Alt+F12 to switch the form back from the text view when the form contains the Ribbon with unassigned BarManager property
  • T182753 - Ribbon - Customization Form - Certain customized item settings are not reset
  • T200704 - Ribbon - TdxBarApplicationMenu - The "Invalid Window Handle" exception occurs when clicking outside the menu after the customizing popup menu has been invoked for an item of the menu's submenu and closed by clicking another submenu item
  • T203602 - Ribbon Form - Inactive MDI child forms are incorrectly skinned when restoring them down from the maximized state
  • T202965 - Ribbon Form - Window button glyphs are illegible if the Ribbon control's Style property is set to rs2013 and one of the High Contrast themes is applied
  • T193446 - TcxBarEditItem - BlobEdit - The bar item located on a form whose FormStyle property is set to fsMDIForm doesn't stores its value
  • T202976 - TcxBarEditItem - CheckGroup - Item captions are incorrectly painted if one of the High Contrast themes is applied

ExpressGauge Control
  • T189738 - Circular and Linear scales - A range's ValueStart and ValueEnd property values are not updated in response to changes made to the associated scale's OptionsView.MinValue and OptionsView.MaxValue property values

ExpressLayout Control
  • T165495 - An AV occurs when closing an application while the Customization Form is open if the OnCustomization event handler accesses the layout container
  • B255473 - At design time, the "Catastrophic failure" exception occurs when invoking the Customization form from the context menu of layout elements displayed in the Structure window of the IDE
  • T199460 - Dropping a layout item or group between two layout items/groups assigns an incorrect parent to it in certain cases

  • T190200 - The "Invalid stream format" exception when the LoadFromStrings method loads data that includes one or more blanks in the last column

ExpressPivotGrid Suite
  • T188311 - Customization Form - An exception occurs when displaying the form with the FormStyle property set to cfsAdvanced

ExpressQuantumGrid Suite
  • T203855 - Activating a grid level whose GridView property value has been replaced with the View that displays the Find Panel causes the "Control has no parent window" exception
  • T190908 - An AV occurs when searching lookup grid items using the Find Panel
  • T200504 - Banded Table View Customization Form - The Columns page does not display columns and appears inactive if the View's OptionsCustomize.BandMoving property is set to False
  • T201100 - Layout View - The first click on a button of an in-place editor located in a cell that is currently not focused doesn't fire the Properties.OnButtonClick event if the View's OptionsBehavior.ItemHotTrack property is set to False
  • T203079 - Pressing the Tab key doesn't move focus from the grid control if the Find Panel is currently visible but not focused
  • T195976 - TcxCustomTextEdit incorrectly handles mouse wheel events
  • T199847 - The ApplyBestFit method doesn't take into account error icons displayed by cells whose value failed validation
  • T191219 - The Find Panel processes the percent ("%") and underscore ("_") wildcards regardless the FindPanel.UseExtendedSyntax property setting  

ExpressQuantumTreeList Suite
  • T200946 - The "List index out of bounds" exception occurs when hiding all columns using the Quick Column Customization dropdown if the OptionsBehavior.FocusCellOnCycle property of TreeList is set to True

ExpressScheduler Suite
  • T201038 - Customizing a task's properties using the Tree Browser erroneously modifies the Start and Finish properties of this task if it is linked to another task
  • T200505 - Set values of the scheduler's ViewTimeGrid.Scales property are not persisted with the StoreTo~/RestoreFrom~ methods
  • T192692 - TcxSchedulerDBStorage - Reminders for events stored in the underlying dataset are not displayed on an application startup if the storage is not linked to a scheduler control
  • T200907 - The Event dialog invoked for recurring events opens slowly if the scheduler whose EventOperations.SharingBetweenResources property is set to True is linked to a storage that contains thousand of events
  • B194518 - The scheduler's ViewGantt.Active property value is not persisted with the StoreTo~/RestoreFrom~ methods  

  • T198077 - An AV occurs when saving or loading a workbook file if an in-place cell editor is currently open
  • T124197 - Documentation - TdxSpreadSheet reference topics are incomplete
  • T192303 - ExpressSpreadSheet Features Demo - The Enter and Cancel buttons do not perform associated operations
  • T190329 - In a formula copied from a cell, replacing #REF! with a reference to the cell that was in the formula prior to copying does not update this formula
  • T199491 - Incorrect navigation using the Tab, Enter, and Shift key combinations within cell selections
  • T172190 - Loading a spreadsheet with customized default format settings creates cell objects for all columns and rows
  • T191748 - Spreadsheet Report Link - An AV occurs when previewing a worksheet after making the report link inactive, switching from another worksheet that was previously previewed, and activating the report link again

ExpressVerticalGrid Suite
  • T175478 - Vertical row scrolling using the Up Arrow or Down Arrow key doesn't fire the vertical grid's OnTopRowIndexChanged event
Common Libraries

ExpressEditors Library
  • T203363 - Breadcrumb controls - The Visible property is not published
  • T187606 - cxCheckBox - The error icon is not displayed if the Transparent property is set to True
  • T203047 - TcxSplitter - Opening a form that contains a splitter bound to a control whose parent doesn't match the splitter's one freezes the IDE or misplaces the splitter at design time in certain cases
  • T189187 - TcxSplitter - The "Error reading <Splitter>.InvertDirection" exception occurs at runtime in certain cases
  • T190392 - TdxGalleryControl - Memory leaks when navigating items using the keyboard

ExpressGDI+ Library
  • Q424175 - The "Declaration terminated incorrectly" error occurs in certain cases when compiling Dxgdiplusapi.hpp in C++Builder due to a redeclared PixelFormat32bppPARGB constant
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