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已经快到2015 年了。 14.2.1 beta 才出来了。



VCL Gauge Control


Designed to clearly convey information at a glance, gauges are a significant data visualization part of dashboards. Communicate appropriate intelligence with a variety of circular, linear and digital gauges that help depict data varying with time.

This version ships with three gauge types (both unbound and data-aware versions are available):

  • Circular (full, half and quarter)
  • Linear (horizontal and vertical)
  • Digital (7 and 14 segments)


You can select from a dozen built-in gauge styles or create your own if required.

VCL Rich Edit Control (CTP)

Word® Inspired Rich Text Editor

This release includes the community technology preview of our VCL Rich Text Editor. It enables your users to create or edit rich text documents with ease using a set of text formatting commands. Programmatically, these commands are implemented by Action objects. By simply liniking the Action objects to elements of your UI, such as ribbons, menus, and toolbars, you can easily create a powerful word processor in your application.

This initial version ships with the following features:

  • Character and paragraph formatting
  • Images
  • Styles
  • Lists (bulleted, numbered and multilevel)
  • Undo/Redo history
  • Clipboard operations
  • Overtype mode
  • Text highlight
  • Formatting marks visualization
DevExpress VCL Rich Edit Control

Please note that the initial version of the Rich Edit Control is only supported using RAD Studio XE or later, and, furthermore, only in 32-bit apps. You are free to use this control in your applications today. However, be aware that it is a preview version and therefore the API, methods, properties, and/or features may change before the final release.

VCL Data Editors and Controls

Camera Control

The DevExpress ExpressEditors Library now ships with a new Camera Control. This allows your users to capture video and images from a built-in or connected camera (such as a webcam).

DevExpress VCL Camera Control
Toggle Switch Editor

Another addition to the ExpressEditors Library is a Windows UI-style check editor, a touch-friendly control designed to replace a traditional check box. Provided are unbound, data-aware, standalone, and in-place versions of the editor.

DevExpress VCL Toggle Switch Control

VCL Grid Control

Find Panel

With this release, our VCL Grid introduces a Find Panel – delivering an easy and straightforward way for end-users to locate information within the control. To execute a search, simply enter text within the Find box and the grid will display those records that have matching values.

Various options are available to control the display and behavior of the Find Panel. You can specify searchable columns, choose between delayed automatic and manual search modes, allow search strings to be highlighted within located records, etc. The Find Panel is available within all grid Views, except for Chart Views.

DevExpress VCL Grid - Find Panel

VCL Map Control

Take users where they want to go.

This version adds support for:

  • Bing Maps services (Geocode and Routes)
  • Location-based queries to Bing Maps services
  • Shapefile format files

VCL Spreadsheet Control

Deliver Excel-inspired capabilities with ease.

The DevExpress VCL Spreadsheet Control now supports the following features:

  • Print settings stored in and loaded from spreadsheet files
  • Array formulas
DevExpress VCL Spreadsheet Control - Array Formulas

VCL Layout Control


The VCL Layout Control now supports float groups. This feature makes it easy to implement docking capabilities with your layout elements.

DevExpress VCL Layout Control - Float Groups

Icon Library


We've extended our icon library with new Microsoft Office 2013 inspired icons. The library now includes about 2,000 icons.

DevExpress Icon Library - Office 2013 Inspired Icons
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