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We are happy to announce the release of kbmMW v. 4.50.00 Beta
Professional and Enterprise Edition with XE6 support.

 4.50.00 Beta 1 May 12 2014

        New stuff
        - Added XSD parser support and code generator. A demo is
          included, showing how the XSD parser is used
          in combination with the code generator, to generate Pascal
          objects that kbmMW can use for marshalling
          to and from objects.
        - Added CaptureMode to kbmMW RemoteDesktop client/server
          classes to allow for selecting between GDI and DirectX.
          Default is GDI.
        - Added new ViewMode types including mwrdvm_Device to kbmMW
          RemoteDesktop client/server classes to allow for using
          the best fitting view mode, compared to the current screen
          bitdepth on the server end.
          By using the best fitting view mode, the RemoteDesktop server
          part use less CPU.
        - Added support in kbmMW RemoteDesktop to detect if screen
          capture is to slow to be useful (typically
          on old graphic cards like Matrox G400 with Hardware
          accelleration enabled).
        - Added new kbmMWNullable generic. If you need to define a
          simple datatype that should be nullable, you can
          define it as var myInt:kbmMWNullable<integer>; for example.
          It can be used as any regular variable.
          Use myInt.IsNull to check if its null. If you have compile
          error due to conversion problems you can
          use myInt.Value to access the value directly.
        - Added new TkbmMWDateTime type to replace TDateTime. It works
          similar to TDateTime except it is timezone and null aware,
          and knows if its being used to store a time, a date or a date
          time value, and thus can
          provide correct matching string conversion automatically.
          It supports more than 760 different timezone abbrevations,
          and has full support for ISO8601 formats.
          Internally it always store time as UTC with a timezone
          difference, depending on the chosen timezone.
          On assigning a TDateTime value to it, it always assumes not
          timezone given (and thus its UTC).
          When assigning Now to it, you will want to use the LocalTime
          property to assign now.
          Eg. mytime:TkbmMWDateTime; mytime.LocalTime:=Now. By doing
          so, it will autodetect the appropriate
          local timezone.
        - Added new very fast TkbmMWLockFreeHashArray to kbmMWGlobal.
          Its as the names imply a lock free
          hash array which stores an integer value with a uint64 key.
        - Enhanced TkbmMWLock to automatically detect lock escalation,
          and allow finetuning of spin/sleep time.
          Tests show that TkbmMWLock is now the fastest implementation
          of a MREW with lock escalation handling for
          Delphi/C++Builder. In addition it allows for checking which
          threads holds which locks at any time,
          via the kbmMWConcurrentMREWReadLocks hash array.
        - Added to kbmMWGlobal.pas
            function kbmMWExpectChars(var APChar:PChar;
               const AChars:TSysCharSet):boolean;
            function kbmMWSearchChars(var APChar:PChar;
               const AChars:TSysCharSet):boolean;
            function kbmMWSearchDigit(var APChar:PChar):boolean;
            function kbmMWSearchNonDigit(var APChar:PChar):boolean;
            function kbmMWGetDateFromWeek(const AYear:integer;
               const AWeekNo:integer;
               const ADayInWeek:integer):TDateTime;
            function kbmMWGetDateFromDayOfYear(const AYear:integer;
               const ADayOfYear:integer):TDateTime;
            function kbmMWRoundToPowerOf2(
               const AValue:integer):integer;
            function kbmMWMurmurHash3(const AValue:cardinal):cardinal;
            function kbmMWMurmurHash3(const AValue:int64):int64;
            function kbmMWDigestToString(
               const ADigest:TkbmMWDigest256):string;
            procedure TkbmMWStringBuilder.Append(
               const AStringBuilder:TkbmMWStringBuilder);
        - Added function TkbmMWRegisteredTransportStreamList.
        - Added support for multiple statements in SQLite adapter
          function TkbmMWSQLiteConnection.Query(
            const AClass:TkbmCustomMemTableClass;
            const ASQL:string):TkbmCustomMemTable;
          Only last will however be returned.
        - Added to kbmMWXML.pas:
            TkbmMWXMLNativeDataType to handle true native XML datatype
            (TkbmMWDOMXMLNode) property
              ChildrenByName[AName:string]:TkbmMWDOMXMLNodeList read
            (TkbmMWDOMXMLNode) property
              ChildrenByID[AName:string]:TkbmMWDOMXMLNodeList read
            (TkbmMWDOMXMLNode) function GetNativeDataType(
              AType:string = ''):TkbmMWXMLNativeDataType;
            (TkbmMWDOMXMLNode) function GetDataTypeName(
              var ANameSpace:string; AType:string=''):string;
            (TkbmMWDOMXMLNode) property AttribByNameIsNil[
              const AName:string]:boolean read GetAttribByNameIsNil
              write SetAttribByNameIsNil;
        - Added support for ftShortint as parameter and field type.
        - Added support for int64/uint64 versions of CompareAndExchange
          for pre XE.
        - Added support for XE6.
        - Added new HTTP FastCGI able custom service and demo

    Changes/minor additions
        - Updated object marshaller (incl. JSON and XML) to support new
          kbmMWNullable and TkbmMWDateTime types.
          Internally there have been made many changes to also support
          objects defined by XSD import.
        - Dropped own implementation of TkbmMWEvent, and instead
          aliases TkbmMWEvent to fastest Delphi/C++Builder
          for given Embarcadero version.
        - Removed from kbmMWGlobal.pas
            function kbmMWDateTimeToISO8601String(
              const AValue:TDateTime):string;
            function kbmMWISO8601StringToDateTime(
              const AString:string):TDateTime;
            function kbmMWDateToISO8601String(
              const AValue:TDateTime):string;
            function kbmMWISO8601StringToDate(
              const AString:string):TDateTime;
            function kbmMWTimeToISO8601String(
              const AValue:TDateTime):string;
            function kbmMWISO8601StringToTime(
              const AString:string):TDateTime;
            they have been replaced with TkbmMWDateTime.
        - Removed from kbmMWXML.pas:
            function kbmMWXMLTryStringToDateTime(AValue:string;
              var ADateTime:TDateTime):boolean;
            function kbmMWXMLDateTimeToString(AValue:TDateTime):string;
            function kbmMWXMLStringToDateTime(AString:string):TDateTime;
            function kbmMWXMLDateToString(AValue:TDateTime):string;
            function kbmMWXMLStringToDate(AString:string):TDateTime;
            function kbmMWXMLTimeToString(AValue:TDateTime):string;
            function kbmMWXMLStringToTime(AString:string):TDateTime;
            Instead use TkbmMWDateTime functionality.
        - Modified in kbmMWGlobal.pas
            class function TkbmMWPlatformMarshal.UTF8Decode(
              const ABytes:TkbmMWBytes; ACount:TkbmNativeInt =
               Added optional ACount.
        - Made general use of TkbmMWLock and TkbmMWDateTime internally.
        - Performance optimized XML parser.
            Large XML files now parses 20-fold faster.
            (example 165 MB XML now parsed in 7.6 secs. Before parsed
            in 3.5 minutes)

        - Fixed bugs in kbmMWCipherHash.pas:
            procedure TkbmMWCustomHash.UpdateString(const Str:string);
            function TkbmMWCustomCipher.EncryptString(
              const Str:string):string;
            function TkbmMWCustomCipher.DecryptString(
              const Str:string):string;
            function TkbmMWCustomBlockCipher.EncryptString(
              const Str:string):string;
            function TkbmMWCustomBlockCipher.DecryptString(
              const Str:string):string;
        - Fixed bugs in kbmMWMime.pas:
            function kbmMWMimeEncodeString(const S:string):string;
            function kbmMWMimeEncodeStringNoCRLF(const S:string):string;
            function kbmMWMimeDecodeString(const S:string):string;
            function kbmMWMimeDecodeString2Bytes(const S:string):
            procedure kbmMWMimeEncode(const InputBuffer:TkbmMWBytes;
              var InputBufferOffset:cardinal; const InputByteCount:
              Cardinal; var OutputBuffer:TkbmMWBytes;
              var OutputBufferOffset:cardinal);
            function kbmMWMimeDecodedSize(const InputSize: Cardinal):
        - Fixed bug in SQLite adapter when query didnt result in fields.
        - Fixed function kbmMWEncodingToString(
            const AEncoding:TEncoding):string; to use correct lowercase
            encoding names.
        - Fixed bugs in kbmMWCustomClientMessagingTransport.pas
        - Fixed multi database operation on user transaction bug.
        - Fixed compilation for pre XE.
        - Fixed transport backwards compatibility support.
        - Fixed client app automatically linking in TkbmMWServer in
          kbmMW Ent Edition.

The Professional and Enterprise Edition is available for all with a current active SAU.
If your SAU has run out, please visit our shop to extend it with another 12 months.

An earlier version of kbmMW CodeGear Edition is available for free for
Delphi XE3/Win32 and includes kbmMemTable CodeGear Edition.

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