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支持xe6 了,但是承诺的功能在哪里?

What's New in 13.2.5 (VCL Product Line)


New Major Features in 13.2

What's New in VCL Products 13.2

Feature Highlights

To learn about feature highlights in this version, please refer to the following page:

Feature Highlights in 13.2.5 (VCL Product Line)

Known Issues

To learn about known issues in this version, please refer to the following page:

Known Issues in 13.2.5 (VCL Product Line)

The following sections list all minor and major changes in DevExpress VCL 13.2.5. Note that products, controls and libraries which aren't mentioned in the list below are included in the unified installer for compatibility, but have not been updated.

Enhancements and Updates


New Features/Updates

ExpressVerticalGrid Suite
  • S173543 - Introduce a property providing access to the FNewLoadMode field declared in the TcxCustomVerticalGrid class
Common Libraries
ExpressEditors Library
  • S173677 - Documentation - Add a note that resizing an alert window via the standard window size API (properties or methods inherited from TdxAlertWindow ancestor classes) is not recommended

Resolved Issues

ExpressBars Suite
  • Q584524 - Ribbon - QAT doesn't display the double arrow if the Ribbon control's PopupMenuItems set does not include items
  • Q581962 - Ribbon - Switching between maximized MDI child windows using the Ctrl+F6 key combination doesn't make them occupy the entire main window if Ribbon controls on these windows are merged
  • Q468576 - Switching a floating toolbar's Visible property to True in the BarManager's OnMerge event handler does not show this toolbar on screen
ExpressDocking Library
  • Q468199 - The Zone parameter is always initialized with nil in the OnEndDocking event raised for dock panels
ExpressLayout Control
  • Q574591 - A locked group cannot be resized using a splitter item
  • B255095 - Customization Form - The Layout Tree View and Available Items panes are not populated for an invisible layout control (that has no handle)
  • Q574065 - Performance regression when loading an inherited form that requires scaling if this form contains a number of controls whose AutoSize property is set to True
  • B255061 - Layout control colors space between tabbed group tabs rather than keeping it transparent
  • Q581184 - TcxPageControl - Clicking tab buttons on a page created using a drag-and-dock operation has no effect
ExpressPrinting System
  • Q583365 - PDF Export - 16-bit or lower images appear miscolored
ExpressQuantumGrid Suite
  • Q580916 - An AV occasionally occurs when calling Application.ProcessMessages within the View's BeginUpdate/EndUpdate block
  • Q582957 - In Delphi 7, the grid configuration wizard doesn't add data modules to a list of data sources available for data-aware Views
  • B255004 - Server Mode - Incorrect skCount summaries are calculated if the soNullIgnore flag is set within the data controller's Summary.Options property
  • B254765 - The SortIndex and SortOrder properties are not published in the TcxGridLayoutViewItem class
ExpressQuantumTreeList Suite
  • Q583166 - Restoring the tree list from an empty or corrupted store using RestoreFrom~ method calls assigns incorrect Coilumn.Position.BandIndex property values, and as a result, hides these columns
  • Q574440 - TcxDBTreeList - The "EDatabase error" exception occurs when opening a bound dataset and populating it with data within the BeginUpdate/EndUpdate block
  • Q587123 - TcxDBTreeList - The "Expression expected but nothing found" exception occurs when clicking the Append navigator button
  • Q586815 - TcxDBTreeList - The Insert and Append navigator buttons are enabled if a bound dataset is closed
  • B255279 - TcxDBTreeList flickers when changing a bound dataset's active record within the tree list's BeginUpdate/EndUpdate method block
ExpressScheduler Suite
  • B254726 - AV when calling the scheduler's EditEventUsingDialog method for a non-recurring event if True is passed as the AForcePatternEditing method parameter
  • Q583393 - The H2443 hint about the TcxSchedulerEventEditorFormManager.GetItem function is displayed when compiling the cxSchedulerCustomControls unit
ExpressSkins Library
  • Q578041 - Form - The non-client area is partially visible in a maximized MDI child form when certain skins are applied
  • Q581725 - Ribbon Form - Borders of MDI child windows are incorrectly painted if certain skins are applied
  • Q583680 - Skin Editor - Changes to the Borders.Left, Borders.Top, and/or Borders.Right property sets are not stored to a skin project if these are the only changes made to a skin element
  • Q573512 - SkinExplorerBarView does not paint group header signs (expand buttons) whose width is greater than their height
ExpressTile Control
  • B255286 - Background texture is not displayed when applying a skin
  • Q582807 - The StoreTo~/RestoreFrom~ methods do not keep tile group captions
ExpressVerticalGrid Suite
  • B254307 - Documentation - The OnEdited and OnEditValueChanged events declared in the TcxCustomVerticalGrid class are not described
ExpressWizard Control
  • B254081 - Clicking the Back or Next button that appears disabled on the first/last page raises the OnButtonClick event
  • Q574985 - Design-time changes to a wizard page's PageIndex property made on an inherited form are not saved
Common Libraries
ExpressEditors Library
  • B255189 - dxZoomTrackBar - AV when closing an application after the Properties property set is assigned from another zoom track bar if FastMM is in use
  • B254896 - dxZoomTrackBar - The "List capacity out of bounds" error occurs when setting Properties.Min/Properties.Max greater/less than 100
  • Q468799 - In-place cxRichEdit - The width taken into OptionsBehavior.EditAutoHeight calculations is two pixels wider than the editor
  • Q583946 - TdxColorPicker - The background is not painted in Windows XP
  • B254882 - TdxShellBreadcrumbEdit - Navigation to a valid path assigned to the edit value fails if the editor's Properties.ShellOptions.Root.BrowseFolder property is assigned a value other than bfDesktop
  • Q581933 - At design time, modifying any property of a control selected on the parent form selects a control on an inherited form if the parent form contains TdxWizardControl and/or TdxRibbonBackstageView
  • Q583783 - TcxImageList - Clicking the Replace item located in the Image List Editor's context menu has no effect
Installation (VCL)
  • B253957 - Documentation - A number of members declared in the cxDateUtils unit reference the dxCalendarUtils unit in their declarations
  • B254499 - Documentation - Incomplete list of class members and their visibility levels in pme (Properties, Methods, and Events) topics about TcxControl descendants
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