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支持Delphi 10.4


New stuff

        - Added RAD Studio/Delphi/C++Builder 10.4 support.
        - Added new TkbmMWUpdateClient and TkbmMWPooledUpdateClient components which communicates with a
           file service (default named KBMMW_UPDATE) to handle automatic update of Win32/Win64 software.
        - Added OnBeforeConnect event to TkbmMWCustomTCPIPIndyClientTransport and descendants.
           Useful for setting up SSL connection.
        - Added new SSL client and server demo.
        - Added kbmMW ORM function QueryDataset(const ATable:TkbmMWORMTable; const AQueryString:string;
                                               const AParams:TParams; const ATransaction:TkbmMWTransaction = nil;
                                               const AOptions:TkbmMWORMQueryOptions = []):TDataset
        - Added elevation features to TkbmMWProcess for Windows.
        - Added HopCountHandleResponse property to kbmMWCustomClientMessagingTransport. It is default 1
           It can be used to define how many hops are allowed in the hop trace for a return response
           in a messaging setup before it is no longer handled as a response for the local client.
           Usually the hopcount will be 1 when forwardrequest and forwardresponse methods are used.
           However if simple message forwarding is used, the hopcount will continue to increase, and
           may thus be 2 or 3 or similar when the response arrives at the originating request client.
        - Added kbmMWGenerateUniqueTempDirectory to kbmMWGlobal.pas
        - Added overloaded kbmMWImplode to kbmMWGlobal.pas
        - Added IgnoreException to IkbmMWScheduledEvent. If set exceptions will allow RunDone methods to run,
           else RunDone methods will be skipped on exception.
       Changes/minor additions
        - Refactored TkbmMWFileClient and TkbmMWPooledFileClient.
        - Added OnSubscribedMessage and OnUnsubscribedMessage to TkbmMWCustomSAFServerTransport.
           Useful for detecting/debugging/logging if the node is subscribing for an incomming message or not.
        - Updated FileService to be able to desribe blockSize, rootPath and maxFileSize in Smart service format.
        - Changed function kbmMWUnsignedDigitCount to support cardinal and uint64.
        - Changed function kbmMWSignedDigitCount to support integer and int64.
        - Changed TkbmMWSQLXMLData.GetFieldValue to return nil on unknown field reference rather than except.
        - Changed kbmMW_Arg attribute to use 'name' rather than 'index' for its naming.
        - Fixed WaitRun executed in main thread, to correctly continue after scheduled event has excepted due to user code.
        - Fixed WaitRun executed in main thread, to correctly continuedespite one of the Synchronized forms are used and
           thus may happen "later" to avoid thread stalling conflicts between main thread and synchronized thread.
        - Fixed Params not provided for all relevant calls internally in kbmMW ORM.
        - Fixed Pro compilation errors.
        - Fixed bug not setting size on autodetected fields containing only NULL values in kbmMWSQLJSONAPI.
        - Fixed incorrect free's in AMQP client.
        - Fixed SmartBind to datasources to detect dataset structure changes.
        - Fixed SmartBind dateTimeStyle variations bug.
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