New stuff

        - Added fluent syntax support to TkbmMWORM via the new Using methods.
        - Added LINQ support to TkbmMWORM via the new fluent support.
        - Added UTCEpoch and LocalEpoch conversion methods to TkbmMWDateTime.
        - Improved custom datetime format conversion in TkbmMWDateTime.
        - Added support in SmartBind to binding with TkbmMWDateTime values
        - Added support for sub property binding in SmartBind. Eg. Font.Color
        - Added support for binding with TStrings in SmartBind.
        - Added support for binding with Objects list on ListBoxes and ComboBoxes in SmartBind.
        - Added statesupport in SmartBind, used for example to determine Date/Time validation.
           Public methods exist: GetState, ClearState, SetState, ResetStates.
        - Added generic versions of DefineData to SmartBind.
        - Added support for reference to record binding in SmartBind.
        - Added new features to kbmMWRTTI.pas
        - Added new beta CompileTool for easier compilation and installation in Embarcadero environments.
       Changes/minor additions
        - Made SQL rewriter components available as components for all target platforms
        - Improved SmartEvent shutdown detection.
        - Fixed various hints and warnings
        - Fixed TkbmMWSmartServiceSupport.CallMethod owner ship issue.
        - Fixed Interbase SQL rewriter with regards to describe table and describe index.
        - Fixed kbmMWSmartStubGenerator.pas methods to work in C++Builder only installations.
        - Fixed compilation issues from XE5 and up.
        - Fixed FileClient and FileService huge file support.
        - Dropped using inline on pre XE7 compilers since inlining of generics were faulty.
        - Added support for Epoch and DateTimeFormat conversion on ORM fields.
        - Fixed not attempting to define indexes which have been defined on calculated fields only
           in ORM Delphi class generator.
        - Fixed illegal characters in field names in ORM Delphi class generator.
        - Fixed UIB adapter compilation.
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