New stuff

        * kbmMW Community Edition (CE) made available.
          CE contains most Enterprise Edition features and is FREE
          to use under certain circumstances.
          The application produced with CE may not directly or indirectly
          have a revenue of more than US$5000 per year (12 months).
          The company that are responsible or creating the applications
          produced with CE, may not have a yearly turnaround of more than
          There are technical limitations built in CE compared to
          kbmMW Professional or Enterprise Edition, some artificial constraints
          and some related to feature set.
          CE can be used as a trial for 60 days.
          Read the full license in license.txt (point 3).
        - Added support for kbmMW_DatasetRowId attribute on TkbmMemTable properties
          that are to be marshalled in object notation format.
          Controls the RowId property of TkbmMWMarshalONStreamFormat.
        - Added SQLiteDateTimeStyle and SQLiteDateTimeFormat to TkbmMWSQLiteConnectionPool
          to control how strings should be converted to and from datetime values.
          Default use ISO8601 format.
        - Added block cipher ECB support.
        - Added Shutdown method to TkbmMWBindings. Call Binding.Shutdown
          when shutting down application to ensure nice exit.
        - Added Shutdown method to TkbmMWEvents. Call Events.Shutdown
          when shutting down application to ensure nice exit.
        - Added GetDefAsValue to TkbmMWONObject.
        - Adding auto padding and unpadding support to ciphers.
          Following methods exist:
          It defaults to how it operated in previous versions.
        - Added Start, Stop and Shutdown method to TkbmMWScheduler
          Call Shutdown on app shutdown, to make clean and nice shutdown of application.
       Changes/minor additions
        - Changed TkbmMWCustomThread.Stop to behave the same in NextGen as in non NextGen.
        - Changed TkbmMWCustomThreadPool.Clear to use DisposeOf instead of Free.
        - Enhanced TkbmMWMarshalledVariantType.Clear.
        - Increased debug levels for debug logs in binary parser.
        - Improved UniDAC with suggestions from users.
        - Fixed issue with hopcount in TkbmMWCustomSAFClientTransport.DoOnResponse.
        - Fixed TkbmMWMarshalledVariantType.Copy to ensure clear
          of destination to prevent memory leak.
        - Fixed and improved CDATA and comment parsing in kbmMWXML.
        - Fixed VCL SmartBinding flickering bug.
        - Fixed TkbmMWCircularBuffer off by one bug.
        - Fixed ANSI92 and Oracle SQLRewriter quoting of fieldnames for RewriteExistsTable.
        - Fixed TkbmMWRTTI.SetValue for setting value on a record.
        - Fixed kbmMWNullable.GetSafeValue:T on empty/null instance.
        - Several SmartBind improvements.
        - Several SmartEvent improvements.
        - Several fixes and minor improvements to the ORM.
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