Components4Developers has decided to let the world have the opportunity to play with the hundreds of thousands of lines of code, containing thousands of functions, procedures, methods, classes and types, covering the vast number of features that makes kbmMW the leader of n-tier development environments.

We have now released our first Community Edition which contains almost all features from Enterprise Edition, but limited in some areas, partly due to technical limitations, partly due to a few artificial limitations.

Community Edition is FREE to use as long as the applications it is used in provides a direct or indirect revenue not reaching US$5000 and the company distributing/producing the applications have a yearly turnover of less than US$50000.

Read the license.txt file for all details.

Community Edition can only be used for producing 32 bit Windows applications, but you have access to SmartServices, REST, WIB, kbmMemTable, SQL, ORM, SmartEvent, SmartBinding, Scheduler, Logging, Configuration, Ciphers, transports, XML, JSON, YAML, BSON, MessagePack and the countless of other features you have read about here on the blog!

Community Edition can thus also be used as a 60 day trial for kbmMW Enterprise Edition.

Community Edition also do not contain source code, and will only work together with the version of Delphi it was released for.

Current release match latest Delphi Rio 10.3.

If you want go further, then purchase kbmMW Enterprise Edition which really is the best value for money and while being the oldest existing, mostly backwards compatible, n-tier framework for Delphi, it is also the only one bringing you to the bleeding edge of current technology.

Sign up at and download immediately.

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