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  New stuff

        - Added OnException event property to TkbmMWScheduler. Will be called if
          some scheduled event internally excepts and the exception is not caught
          by the user code.
        - Added Read and Write functions to TkbmMWLock.
          Calling Read/Write will impose a read or write lock until the end of
          code block scope. (experimental)
        - Added more functions to TkbmMWRTTI class.
        - Added Insert, Append and Delete methods to SmartBind navigator.
          They support generic list and dataset navigators.
        - Added Refresh method to SmartBind navigator. Will
          force a structural refresh of bindings refering to the same navigator.
        - Added Value[const AName:string]:TValue property to SmartBind navigator.
          Provides and sets the named current record/item value property.
        - Fixed TkbmMWFireDACResolver missing from non Win32 platforms.
        - Fixed TkbmMWBoyerMoore.
        - Fixed and improved TkbmMWSmartEvent.
        - Fixed compilation of kbmMWDebugStackTrace.
        - Fixed Windowed ListView SmartBind for VCL and FMX.
        - Fixed and improved SmartBind.
        - Fixed various range errors.
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