Fix the right alt(altgr) problem with putty

Putty is the best ssh client I can find in windows platform. But unfortunately, it has it's own interpretation of the keyboard layout and it treats the right alt key on my pc keyboard as altgr, this breaks the yank while I'm using emacs. I surfed around the internet tried to find the solutions, but with no luck. So I decide to sit down and make a modification to have it work for me.

My change is very simple, I just disabled the altgr translation, so the right alt key will be treated the same as left alt key, this way the desired right alt key is back. (But it might also breaks the altgr if you try to use it with a altgr keyboard)

This is the file where I made the fix:
This is all the source packed together, (compilable, check the README inside on how to compile):
This is the already built binary:

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