ActionEnglish Notes

ActionEnglish 1
1. sound engineer 录音师

2. Rumor has it that
* 人们都说…   据说…
* Rumor has it that Andy is a nice guy.
* Rumar has it that he is a rather difficult sound engineer.
* 类似的还有:It is said that…
* 类似的还有:it is generally considered that…

3. None of that matters
* matter to you, not matter to you
* 对…重要 用matter这个词
* Your opinion really matters to me.
* You matter to me.
* It doesn't matter if Mark isn't coming, Maybe he just doesn't do hip-hop you know, so let's go.

4. counterfeit watches, genuine scars
* 东西的假 counterfeit  东西的真 genuine
* counterfeit money  genuine money
* “true” love  爱情的真
* “real” friend  友情的真

5. worth
* Tibet is definitely worth seeing.
* This car isn't worth the money you paid for it.

6. Just keep your mind open and suck in the experience and if it hurts, it's probably worth it.  
* 只要你敞开心扉去体验新的生活和经历,哪怕有所疼痛,也是值得的。


ActionEnglish 2
1. cartoon 卡通片

2. Who do we like for this?
* 凭以往的经验,会是谁……
* we可以换成you,表示你认为会是……
* Who do you like for the soccer game tomorrow night? Brazil or Germany? 凭以往的经验,你认为明晚的足球赛会是谁赢?
* Who do you like for the best actress at tomorrow's Oscar's? 凭以往的经验,你认为今晚的奥斯卡花落谁家?

3. Oh, gee……
* 感情词,表示什么事情你没想到,表示惊讶
* 类似的,常用的这种词还有Gosh
* 还有Oh, my god. 相比前两者,这个语气最强烈,不要经常用。如果对方还有宗教信仰的话,常用这个短语会表示对对方的不敬。
* Oh, oops! 当你不小心,犯了一个小错误的时候,用这个,很常用。
* Oh, Gee…   Oh, Gosh...    Oh, oops!...     Oh, no…

4. Go ahead
* 请便  当然  没问题
* Can I use the bathroom? Go ahead.
* Do you mind if I smoke here? No, go ahead.

5. Love is All Around
I feel it in my fingers
I feel it in my toes
Love is all around me
And so the feeling grows
It's written in the wind
It's everywhere I go
So if you really love me
come on and let it show


ActionEnglish 3
1. Action Movie 动作片

2. You just can't get over…
* means “you can't forget something…”
* The French soccer fans can't get over the World Cup 2002.
* I just cannot get over Liz. (Liz is a girl)

3. dwell on
* 细想 抓住…不放
* We shouldn't dwell on someone's past.
* Hey Kenny, it's been five years since you lost the car. You shouldn't dwell on this forever.

4. get down
* 两个含义: 蹲下, 趴下  
* Freeze
* Duck  低头, 蹲下

5. What the hell is going on
* 究竟出了什么事
* What the hell are you talking about?
* Why the hell should I go there?

6. have the right to
* I have the right to stay here as long as I want.
* You have the right to keep silent.

7. attorney
* <美>律师, (业务或法律事务上的)代理人


ActionEnglish 4
1. Preview 预告片

2. play chicken
* Here chicken means just the name of a dangerous game or just a test of courage usually it's played with cars, you know.
* When you drive you'd better not play chicken with bigger cars.

3. Don't be a baby
* means “Don't complain”
* Don't be a baby. Go talk to your boss.
* He's such a baby.

4. keep my edge
* means “stay sharp”
* I have to speak English every day just in order to keep my edge.
* David Beckham is a great soccer player but if he doesn't practise every day, he will lose his edge.

5. Honing your skills
* Honing means “practice to prove your skills”
* Hone means “拼命练习以提高技能”
* Owning my own computer gives me the chance to hone my computer skills.
* Jane's new job requires her to talk to lots of people. She's really honing her people's skills.


Action English 5
1. Screen Adaptation 
改编(小说、素材 -> 电影剧本)

2. take your pick   随你挑
*We have enough money to buy any DVD player this store has so take your pick.

3. That was a bad line.
* Line here means 向异性套词的话
*I didn’t give her my phone number because she used a terrible line.
* I’m not good at meeting girls because I don’t have any pick up lines. (pick up lines --- 套词的话)

4. ladies man
* A ladies man is a man – I mean, Who’s good at attracting and talking to women.
* My cousin always has 2 or more women interested in him. He’s a real ladies man!
* My brother is a good looking guy and a smooth talker. Really he’s kind of a ladies man!

5. She’s totally buying it! 
* Buy here means “Believe”
* He said he could help me get a job at his company but I don’t buy it. He doesn’t have that much influence.
* She told me she loved me but I don’t buy it. I saw her at dinner with her ex- last night.  (her ex-  前男朋友, ex- wife 前妻)


ActionEnglish 6
1. log keeper 场记

2. It's up to you
* means "It is your decision, 你来决定"
* ...... is up to you

3. What do you mean
* 什么意思?

4. Can I get a minute?
* means "Hold on, wait a minute"
* Hey, Micheal, you walk too fast. I'm tired. Can I get a minute?
* 注意:打电话的时候如果要表达"稍等",不能用这个句子,要用"just a minute" ! Hold on也可以

5. What's the matter
* 类似的句子还有:What's got into you? What's going on?

6. propose
* 求婚 propose to sb.
* How did you propose to your wife?
* get engaged to -- 定婚
* 定婚一般发生在过去,所以常说A got engaged to B
* 结婚  get married to


ActionEnglish 7
1. crew 剧组

2. Why are you always busting my ass?
* bust sb. ass
* the first meaning is "make sb's life difficult"  "give sb. trouble"
* the second meaning is "work hard"
* I wish the directors just would stop, you know, busting my ass becuase I already have lots of problems.
* Every day I work, I bust my ass so my family can live well.

3. Those are some smooth aces.
* smooth
* first meaning is "to be cool", "be good at" 对...有一套  be smooth with...
* He's very smooth with women because he has dates every weekend.
* second meaning is "Just describe people, the kind of person who just can make a difficult task look easy." 某某很厉害
* He is smooth.
* third meaning is "be good at influencing people"  sb. has a smooth manner -- 某某非常有感染力
* He has a very smooth manner, polite interesting and a good talker.

4. The Navy'll sneak us about 400 miles off coast.
* sneak means "Move silently and without being seen"
* If I come home late, I sneak into my house so I don't wake anyone up.

5. head
* 动词用法, means "go somewhere"
* 可用将来时或现在进行时
* I am so tired, I'm heading home.
* Are you heading to class later?
* "home", "here" and "there"是英语中三个特例,在这些词前面的动词,要省略to
* 所以,对非上述三个词时,应该用head to这个词组
* head back

6. memorize
* 动词用法, means "to remember something"
* I have to memorize forty vocabulary words today.


ActionEnglish 8
1. actors 演员(男女演员) actress 女演员  star 明星

2. pass
* first meaning is "give"  pass something to sb.  pass sb. something
* Could you pass me that paper?
* Joe is thirsty. Pass him a drink.
* second meaning is "move in front of"  "go beyond" 超越
* I was running as fast as I could but that guy passed me.
* third meaning is "succeed in doing" 成功做...
* I'm free! I've passed the final exams finally.

3. Come on guys, I am killing you here.
* I am killing you here means "I'm winning by a large margin"  狂胜某某某
* In the soccer game last week, Chinese killed Japanese.
* I love playing cards with Bob, because I kill him every time.

4. sharp
* 原意是刀锋锐利,现在用来形容人有两个意思:1. 形容人smart  2. 形容人的穿着clean, stylish and new.
* That's really sharp looking suit.
* He is a sharp lawyer.
* That's a sharp presentation. 这句话就可以理解成两个意思,看上下文而定。第一是形容做演讲的人穿着很sharp,第二是形容这个演讲的内容很睿智

5. Boys tomorrow night we eat Chinese
* eat Chinese 吃中国菜
* eat American 吃美国菜
* Do you want to eat Italian or Japanese?
* I like to eat Indian.


ActionEnglish 9
1. editing 剪辑

2. the order of the day
* means "something should be a priority"
* 头等大事
* It will take three months to repair the house. Now patience is the order of the day for us.
* They won't start shooting for a month. Now, learning your role is the order of the day.

3. Beat us to the draw
* means "someone has done something faster than someone else."
* 抢先一步  Beat sb. to the draw 
* We lost the project. Rainbow Company beat us to the draw.
* John beats Leon to the draw.

4. shut up
* 闭嘴
* knock it off 比shut up更强烈
* Knock it off, would you? What are you trying to do? Jinx me?
* 对上司、家长,礼貌版本的闭嘴:Could you be quiet for a while?
* 还有一个cut it out,这里没提到,在Growing Pains中看到的
* knock it off和cut it out本意是停止的意思,用作闭嘴也可以

5. Make yourself useful
* means "do something useful, don't waste time and don't be lazy"
* Make yourself useful OK? Go to clean the room.
* I visit my friend and she's cooking dinner for me. So I ask her "Well, Can I make myself useful?" 我能帮上什么忙么?


ActionEnglish 10
1. thriller 惊悚片
* horrible 恐怖片

2. He's bluffing all day.
* bluff bluffing
* means "lie" 欺骗 骗人 说谎话
* Don't hit me! OK? I know KongFu. I'm not bluffing.
* You're bluffing.

3. get something under control
* Everything is under control.
* We've got the fire under control.
* The doctor told me she had(got) the disease under control.
* get something out of control 失控
* We finally called the cops when things got out of control.
* Gosh! My weight is out of control.

4. Any idea where they are?
* any idea... means "do you know"
* any idea 后面加一个正常的句子即可
* Excuse me, any idea what time it is?
* Any idea when the mall will be closed?
* Any idea why Lara is not here?
* 询问别人事情,这个很常用


ActionEnglish 11
1. close-up 特写镜头
* different from "close shot"
* close shot 可以指对任何东西拍近景, close-up 是专指对人的特写

2. Ready to roll?
* means "Are you ready to go?"
* I got every suitcase. Ready to roll?
* Thank God. Everybody is on the set on time. Ready to roll?

3. believe it or not
* 爱信不信
* I've given up smoking, believe it or not.

4. find out
* found out 发现... 一般用过去式
* I just found out I won the lottery.
* I finally found out who took my walkman.

5. I don't get it. 搞不懂


ActionEnglish 12
1. studio 制片公司

2. Hold on
* means “wait”
* May I speak with Joe? Hold on please, Joe is on another line.
* Hold on! Hold on! Could you move a little bit closer?

3. All in all
* 总之,总而言之
* All in all even though he has problems, he is a good soccer player.
* All in all, this really was paradise.

4. except 两种用法
* except for + 词/短语
* except + 句子(不用加that等任何词)
* She's a very nice girl except she is a little bit selfish.

5. tease
* tease + sb. means “not serious” 玩玩,戏弄
* She's always talking to men but she never gives them her phone number. She's just teasing them.

6. must have done…
* …一定是…
* You must have been hungry.
* Leave him alone. He must have been drunk.


ActionEnglish 13
1. western 西部片

2. Straight up
* “Straight up” is a slang phrase meaning “absolutely” or “correct”
* 时髦的年轻人用语,正式场合不要用这个
* 正式场合可以用:absolutely, exactly, right, correct, You said it, You can say that again  都是一个意思

3. gorgeous
* 顶级的”漂亮”,一般形容女人,现在也有些场合用这些词形容男人
* 如果分一二三名的话,那么形容女人漂亮,第三位的是pretty, 第二名的是beautiful,第一名顶级的就是gorgeous
* 常用的形容人或东西的形容词还有:cool,可形容男人、女人或东西; killer,She has killer legs(她的腿太美了); hot 性感的 She is so hot; personality  He has a strong personality 个性很强; nice 形容人表示这个人很好,形容东西的话表示东西漂亮,和cool差别不大。

4. feed
* 本意是喂,还可以表示”助长”,这个词难用一些
* You have to feed your dreams.
* Would you stop feeding her perfectionism?


ActionEnglish 14
1. camera 摄像机
* crane 升降机
* cameraman 摄像师
* cinematographer 摄像技师 放映技师

2. Can I get a lift
* means “Can you let me ride in your car”
* 搭车
* I can give you a lift. 我可以搭你一段。

3. Better luck next time
* 下次祝你走运
* good luck
* just my luck = bad luck 走霉运,真被

4. make it up to sb.
* 对sb.进行弥补
* What I can do to make it up to you?
* make up for + sth.  人用to,事情或物用for
* make up with sb. 与谁重归于好
* Jenny and I made up with each other and are still very good friends
* make up & makeup
* makeup是名词,表示化妆品; make up是动词,表示化妆
* She is making up.


ActionEnglish 15
1. bootleg 盗版

2. whacked out
* means “completely insane”, “very very craze”
* That girl is whacked out.
* Don't get whacked out!
* chill 镇定,  和whacked out相反

3. Armageddon
* 世界末日  the end of the world
* 来自圣经

4. have/has/had a hunch on that…
* 有预感
* I have a hunch that I'll never see the money again.
* Hey man, why did you bet all the money on the horse? I had a hunch on that.

5. I'm turning over a new leaf.
* means “to get a new start, to change everything about yourself”
* I used to be really lazy, my boss fired me. I am working hard from now, I am turning over a new leaf.

6. I'm at a loss for words.
* 我没话可说了
* I'm at a loss for words, How dare you accuse me of stealing!
* This is the most wonderful gift I've ever received. I'm at a loss for words.


ActionEnglish 16
1. science fiction 科幻片
* fiction 虚幻的

2. I'm telling Dad on you.
* tell sb. on sb. 向某人告某人的状
* Give back my toy, or I will tell Dad on you.
* I broke the vase, please don't tell on me. 我把花瓶打碎了,请别告我的状。
* I lost the computer disk, please don't tell boss on me.

3. That was idiotic. I'm an idiot.
* Mary is quitting university to became a singer. She's not an idiot but this is the most idiotic plan I have ever heard.
* Don't listen to what he says. He's an idiot.

4. I'm a little edgy.
* a little edgy
* means "to be nervous" or "to be impatient or angry"
* He's got a job interview tomorrow. He's a little edgy right now.  // here means nervous
* Erin hasn't slept for two days. So stay away from her, she is a little edgy. // here means impatient, angry

5. body guarder 保镖

6. bitter-sweet 甘苦参半


ActionEnglish 17
1. sound track 原生碟 music in the movie

2. a head start
* means "an early start"
* 走在别人前面, 笨鸟先飞
* You should get up early and study. Get a head start on your classmates.
* Craig is a slow runner, but he got a head start on the others, so he might win the race.

3. I had no idea = I didn't know
* 比I didn't know语气更强烈

4. mad at
* here means "angry", originally it means "crazy"
* mad at = angry
* You'd better talk to Frank. He's really mad at you.
* 以前的用法是be mad about,这个词组已经过时了,现在用mad at

5. What's up
* two meanings
* 熟人之间打招呼(熟人之间哦) = How are you
* The second meaning is "What's the matter?" 什么事


ActionEnglish 18
1. costume 行头,装束,有特色的服装
* costumer 服饰供应商
* wardrobe 服装,通常指常规服装

2. make a difference
* means "to matter"
* 做了一些事情,使事情好起来...
* My friend Joe gives money to the poor because he really wanna make a difference in people's lives.
* I wonna be a doctor so I can help people. I really wanna make a difference.

3. Your heart is still in it.
* means "爱干...事"
* Hey, David! Your business is really doing well, your heart is really in it.
* I'm gonna quit the job. My heart isn't in it anymore.

4. You're up
* means "it's your turn"
* 这个phrase来自美国棒球
* I just tried the spicy dish. Now you're up.
* Hey, Mark. They just finished introducing the main speaker, That's you. You're up.

5. Ain't
* slang, means "There is no", 不是

6. Ain't no mountain high enough
* 哪怕山再高


ActionEnglish 19
1. stunt 替身
* stunt man, stunt woman

2. You tried to pawn her off on me and I didn't go for it.
* pawn = sell something cheaply
* pawn something or somebody off on...
* 把...东西廉价卖给...   把...谁推给谁...
* go for = like to do, be willing to do
* You cannot pawn your old car off on me. I didn't go for it.
* If you don't like my company just tell me. You don't have to pawn me off on your friends.They don't go for it anyway.

3. We're close to something here. We're on the verge.
* verge = edge
* on the verge = very very close to something
* I'm really angry at you. I'm on the verge of hitting you.
* Don't interrupt me. I'm on the verge of a great discovery.

4. hold someone back = prevent somebody from doing
* 拖谁的后腿
* I'm doing well at work but the fact that I can't speak English is holding me back. I never get promoted.
* Don't marry him. He is only holding you back.

5. tear sb. away from sb. 把两人分开

6. cuz = because  非常口语化


ActionEnglish 20
1. director 导演

2. tiger
* 在美国俚语中父亲经常叫自己的小孩 tiger(男孩)
* Go help your mom, tiger.
* 女孩的话美国人喜欢叫pumpkin, Growing Pains中也叫男孩是pumpkin
* 叫伴侣、小孩都可以的常用词:honey, sweat heart, darling

3. strip
* to strip = to take off your clothes
* The doctor said to go into the exam room and strip.
* Strip the shirt off, it's a terrible color on you.

4. we'll go over their heads.
* go over = contact someone's superior
* go over one's head 越过他向他上级汇报
* The DVD player I bought is defective. I wrote a letter to the complaint department, but they didn't do anything. I'm going to go over their heads.
* I know you don't like your boss but you cannot complain to his boss about it. Becuase you cannot go over his head.

5. Gimme = give me


ActionEnglish 21
1. screenplay 剧本
* screenplay writer 编剧
* script 拍摄剧本  script writer

2. birthday suit = naked
* suit 正装,职业套装
* You are wearing your birthday suit = You are naked

3. fault
* It wasn't my fault.

4. on one's side
* to support someone in a conflict
* 在...的一边
* My co-worker wants to have me fired but that's okay becuase my boss is on my side.
* Don't worry about it Jane. We are always on your side.


ActionEnglish 22
1. tragedy 悲剧  comedy 喜剧

2. make a crack about...
* means "因为...而取笑..."
* Frank's new hat looks kind of stupid but don't make any cracks! Because he really likes it.
* Yesterday a cab driver made a crack about my pronunciation because my English is poor.

3. What's up?
* means "How are you"
* means "What is wrong with you"

4. want a word with somebody
* means "want to talk to somebody"
* There's a reporter on the phone. He wants a word with you.

5. make time
* means "抽时间, 挤时间"
* I don't get enough exercise. I need to make time to get to the gym.
* You work too hard. Make some time for your family.


ActionEnglish 23

1. make-up 化妆 make-up artist 化妆师

2. be spiked, spiked something
* When somebody is "spiked", it means that alcohol or narcotic substances have been added to a drink or food.
* Somebody spiked your orange juice and took away your paintings.
* What? Somebody spiked her Coke?

3. mark
* 原意是"打个记号", 引申意为"一眼就看出来"
* I marked the spot where I buried the money.
* I marked you as a girl-chaser the minute I saw you. 我一眼就看出你是个花花公子.

4. This is classic Mac
* Mac is a people's name
* means "XXX的惯用手法"
* This mess is just classic Adam.
* This writing style is just classic Mr. Jin.
* classic flavor 最正宗的,最经典的,在香烟、衣服上很多时候能看到


ActionEnglish 24
1. screen 银幕

2. ten-four
* Ten-four is used in radio communication to state that you've heard and understood something.
* 救护人员和警察常用这个专业词汇
* We found him under the bridge. His leg is broken. Ten-four.

3. want to
* 在口语中发音为wanna
* 而且这个phrase用在非疑问句中意思不是想干...,意思是"你最好干什么", "你必须干什么"
* I'm not gonna call him. But you want to.

4. You owe me ...
* 欠谁...钱,欠谁...人情
* Hey, bro, you owe me 100 bucks, remember? When will you pay me back?
* I owe her a lot. 我欠她(人情)很多

5. Gs = $1000
* 英语中的钱
* penny 1美分  nickle 5美分  dime 10美分  quarter 25美分
* coin 硬币  bill, note  钞票
* 口语中的Gs=$1000,还有buck, 1块钱


ActionEnglish 25
1. role 角色  staring role 主角  supporting role 配角

2. in vogue
* means "it is very fashionable"
* Long skirts are in vogue nowadays.
* Korean dramas are in vogue.

3. What a pleasant surprise.
* "按耐不住的惊喜"
* Helen! I didn't know you were coming to the party! What a pleasant surprise!
* Helen! I didn't know you worked here too! What a pleasant surprise!

4. There isn't a girl in town who wouldn't love to be in your shoes.
* in one's shoes = in one's situation 成为谁
* The boss is mad at you. I wouldn't want to be in your shoes.
* You won the lottery! I'd love to be in your shoes!

5. speechless
* You are getting married! That's so wonderful! I'm speechless!
* How could you be so stupid! I am speechless.

6. did sb. wrong
* 侮辱、伤害 sb.


ActionEnglish 26
1. directorial debut 导演处女作

2. finest = the best
* 可以形容东西,也可以形容人

3. You have my word.
* means "我向你保证", 非常常用, have one's word on ...
* The project will be finished on time. You have my word.
* I will pay your money back. You have my word.
* 以此类推,如果想说“你向我保证过...”,就可以说 you gave me your word on...

4. Done
* means "something you say when you agree to something"
* That's a little expensive. Could you sell it to me for $5? Done.(成交)
* Can you lend me your car on Saturday? Done!

5. the time of your life
* means "it's a very important time in your life, an exciting time of your life.


ActionEnglish 30
1. pan 摇镜头, 移动镜头

2. nuts 
* "to be nuts" means "to be crazy"
* Are you nuts? 你有病啊?不是sick的意思哦
* What? Quit college? Are you nuts? How would I get a good job?

3. freaky
* 非常通俗的一种说法,means "strange",怪
* freaky looking 看起来很怪
* Hey, that guy has some really freaky looking hair!
* Wow! Those are freaky looking shoes!

4. I mean
* Before you explain something further, you can use "I mean..."

5. What the heck is it anyway?
* "the heck" This is used for emphasis. Make a statement stronger. You can also use "the hell"
* "the hell"的语气更重,在长辈前不要用the hell,可以用这个the heck
* This house is a mess. What the heck happened here?
* You're fired! Get the heck out of my face!


ActionEnglish 31
1. producer 制片人 big boss of a movie

2. It's just that I got a little bit sidetracked.
* sidetracked means "to be distracted", 偏离轨道,分神
* Peter thought he would go to college right after high school, But he got sidetracked. He spent four years in the army first.
* got sidetracked
* Hey, I'm sorry I didn't have time to buy your book. You know, there was a sale going on at the CD store. I got sedetracked.

3. come up with
* means "to find, solve, or think of"
* Hey, I couldn't find your brother. All I could come up with is some footprints.
* Well, I've been working on this problem for hours, and haven't come up with a solution.
* Hey, It's a great idea, but I didn't come up with it by myself.

4. keep up
* means 赶上,追上
* Hey, could you talk a little slower? I cannot keep up.
* Hey, he's driving very fast but, we can keep up.

5. Pull yourself together
* First meaning "calm down, relax"
* Stop screaming. Pull yourself together, OK? The car didn't hit me!
* Second meaning "振作起来,重新找回自己"
* I know your dog died and you are sad. But that was three years ago! Pull yourself together, OK?


ActionEnglish 32
1. epic 史诗片

2. bang
* means "重击" 当bang用作动词
* means "很吃惊,没有想到" 当bang用作名词

3. give sb. a heart-attack
* means "People say this about something really scare them"
* Well, he was ok but I thought he was dead. He nearly gave me a heart-attack.
* My girlfriend loves sky-diving. Every time I see her do it, it gaves me a heart-attack.


ActionEnglish 33
1. cast 全体演员  casting director 选演员的人  talentscout 星探

2. thick in the head
* means "stupid"
* You're going to steal a car. Are you thick in the head?
* Hey, I'm sure Jim doesn't understand. He is a little thick.

3. miss
* first meaning is "想念"
* I am homesick. I am missing it.
* second meaning is "错过"
* Sorry, I'm terribly sorry I missed your birthday party.

4. I suppose
* means "I think" or "I guess"

5. step on it
* If you want somebody moves faster, say "step on it"  "hurry up"
* 在密友之间用,在亲人和老板之间不要用,这个词太随意了
* Hey, man. I can't wait all day. Could you step on it?


ActionEnglish 34
1. Action, Cut

2. give it everything you've got
* means "Just to try as much as possible", 竭尽全力
* If you give it everything you've got, the team will win the game.
* Don't worry about it. I'm sure if you give it everything you've got, you'll pass it.

3. just in case
* means "以防万一"
* Well, it may be sunny outside but bring an umbrella just in case if it rains.
* I brought some extra money just in case you don't have enough.

4. standoff
* means "僵持不下", 不能解释为"平局"
* Two guys are equally strong. The fight ended in a standoff.
* tied means "平局", be tied
* The score is two to two, the game is tied.


ActionEnglish 35
1. widescreen 宽银幕  = letter box

2. shut me down = defeat me
* shut sb. down 打败某人
* shut down or shut sth. down means "关闭, 倒闭"
* Jane is a very good chess player so she shut me down easily.
* That company was doing illegal things so the police shut it down.

3. You're missing the bigger picture.
* bigger picture means "the full truth of a situation", "长远考虑,全局"
* Well, it may seem that Bill made a big mistake by quitting the job, but if you look at the bigger picture, you will see that guy made a good decision.
* Well, you might think I spent too much money, but if you look at the bigger picture, you will see that I made a good investment.

4. That's the spirit.
* means "好样的,就这样干下去"
* 和"good work, nice job"不同的是,这两个短语非常generic,哪里都能用
* That's the spirit一定要用在对话双方有阶级差别的场合,如老板对属下,长辈对晚辈
* In the past, you never studied. Now, you study all the time. That's the spirit.
* Now you are working really hard. That's the spirit.


ActionEnglish 36
1. biographical movie 传记片

2. what a rush!
* 非常的兴奋,带给人快感
* I get a rush from snowboarding.
* Driving my car very fast really gives me a rush.

3. nerd
* 近义词 geek  书呆子
* Don't work too hard. Come on and Play. Stop being such a nerd.

4. We'll call it square.
* 我们扯平了,谁也不欠谁.
* Hey, you took me out for dinner last night. Tonight, I'll take you out. We'll call it square.
* fair and square = no cheating 光明正大的
* We won the game fair and square.

5. I think he'd fold.
* fold -- 弃权,放弃  放弃也可以用give up
* 过去式folded, 过去分词fold
* There was too much pressure on him, so he folded and lost the game.


ActionEnglish 37
1. blood curdling 惊恐片
* blood curdling including thriller and horror movie

2. come off as + adj.
* means "giving the impression that" 带给谁...感觉
* I hope I didn't come off as rude to your mom. I really want her to like me.
* What he said came off as very mean. But if you knew the bigger picture, you know the reasons he said it.
* "very mean" means "尖酸,刻薄"

3. get to sb.
* means "让...烦"
* The way she spoke to me really gets to me.
* It really gets to me that he stole my money after I had shown him so much generosity.

4. So you wonna do it the hard way, huh?
* 你想敬酒不吃吃罚酒,huh?
* Hey, you! Do you want to do this the easy way or the hard way? You can pay the money right now, or I will beat you up!
* The general says to the enemy, you can surrender now or do it the hard way.


ActionEnglish 38
1. box office 票房,原意是售票处
* box office hit 高票房
* box office flop 票房毒药

2. draw -- means take out the weapon,前面讲过

3. You back-stabbing murder!
* back-stabbing 暗箭伤人的,阴险的
* Don't trust that back-stabbing guy. He will steal all your money as soon as he has a chance.
* I was in love with my girlfriend until I found out that she told all her girlfirneds that I were stupid. She is such a back-stabber. 

4. A lesser man would have talked under such torture.
* a lesser man 不正直的人
* You are a lesser man than he is because you lied to me.

5. turns me on means "make me exciting"


ActionEnglish 39
1. sound stage 摄影棚  set 布景
* sound stage has several sets

2. That's using the old noodle
* noodle here is a slang means "brain"
* use the noodle  动动你的脑筋   or use your smart 也是一样的意思

3. snap out of it
* 振作起来,重新找回自己
* I know you broke up with your girlfriend, and you're depressed. But snap out of it, that's not the end of the world.
* I don't know what you are thinking about but snap out of it! There are lots of work to do.

4. sham
* fake phony  假冒的 adj.
* sham  假冒品 n.
* That company is a sham. They promise to help you but they only steal your money.
* I am a sham, I can't really do all the things that I said I can do.

5. losing one's marbles
* means "going crazy" or "lose one's mind"
* Have you lost your marbles? Don't tell your girlfriend that you think she is ugly.
* Are you losing your marbles? Are you really gonna marry with that guy?

6. take a spill
* means "fall down" 跌倒


ActionEnglish 40
1. fan  buff  影迷
* buff 也是 fan的意思,不过非常slang, eg. movie buff 铁杆影迷
* 但是buff不能用于...人的buff,只能说是一件事情的buff,如movie buff, music buff

2. Is that your version of a pep talk?
* a pep talk means "talks to sb. with the intension to cheer sb. up or encourage sb.
* My boss gave me a great pep talk before the big meeting. I think it really helped me close the deal. (close the deal 签单)
* Angela needed a good pep talk after she didn't get asked to the prom.
* prom 不等于 party, party是非常泛泛的聚会,而prom是针对西方中学生和高中生一个非常重要性质的舞会,甚至比考试都要重要

3. She's in pretty bad shape.
* pretty bad shape means "poor condition"  状况很糟,可以形容人也可以形容事物
* That bicycle is in pretty bad shape, I'll only give you 30 bucks for that.
* He was in pretty bad shape after his girlfriend broke up with him.

4. This is gonna to be tough on both of you.
* tough means difficult
* be tough on sb.  对sb.很苛刻  对sb.来说很难   two meanings
* Now I know all this studying is tough on you, but when you get accepted to college, you'll be happy.
* The coach was just being tough on you because he can see your potential.

5. Let's not make this any harder than it has to be.
* make sth. harder than it has to be   把事情搞复杂,多此一举
* Dave is making it harder than it has to be by insisting we wait for the red light before we cross the street.
* Don't make it harder than it has to be, just do what the boss says so we can all get out here early.


ActionEnglish 41
1. Out Takes 不选用镜头     Bloopers 洋相 花絮

2. Ya Right
* means "I don't believe you, you are lying"
* Ya right you got perfect on the test, you didn't even study.
* I just made first string(首发) on the soccer team. Ya right, you can't even run a mile without losing your breath.

3. Here's the deal
* means "你看这样行不行"
* Here's the deal: I'll give you half the money now, and half the money when the DVDs are safely delivered.
* These T-Shirts are in bad condition. Here's the deal, I'll buy all of them for 30% off.

4. I'm prepared to give it a go
* "give it a go" means "give it try"
* I'm not so sure I'll be able to fix your skateboard, but let's give it a go and see if it works.
* We only have 20 minutes left to finish the report. But, let's give it a go, maybe we can finish in time.


ActionEnglish 42
1. credits   片头/尾字幕
* opening credits 片头字幕
* closing credits 片尾字幕

2. you bet
* means "当然了"
* You bet we're going to the concert, we just got a great deal on tickets!
* Can you help me with my homework? You bet. I just took this course last year.

3. go round and round
* means "兜圈子"
* 补充:cut to the chase -- means "直接切入主题",和round and round相反
* Look, we can go round and round this all afternoon, but we have to make a decision about the investment.
* You keep going round and round on the subject, Do you want to join the team or not?

4. see sb. way clear of sth.
* means "avoid trouble" "避免麻烦"
* If you want to get caught in that storm, you better see you way clear of Highway 27.
* To be that successful in life, you really need to see your way clear of a lot of temptation.

5. have/has a gift
* means "有天赋"
* You should really continue with your tennis lessons. You have a gift. I think you could make it all the way to the pros one day.
* He really has a gift with the ladies. He always has a date on Friday night.


ActionEnglish 43
1. build up 铺垫   climax 高潮

2. hang on
* means "wait patiently"
* 在打电话的时候也可用这个短语,表示稍等
* I'm almost done cleaning my room. If you hang on, we can go to the mall together.
* Hang on, last week you said you were gonna pay me $10/hr. Now you pay me 8/hr, it's unfair.

3. I can't get in the middle of this
* "get in the middle of" means "你卷入了一个事情,你插手了一个事情"
* It has nothing to do with you, why are you getting in the middle of their argument?

4. get lost in something
* 在...中迷失自己

5. He's a good man.
* means "人的人品不错,人很好"


ActionEnglish 44

1. cameo 友情客串  cameo roles

2. Can you fill me on what's going on?
* "fill me in on" means "tell me details about something"
* I can't understand the new computer system. Can you fill me in on how it works?
* I'd like to get filled in on what kind of company this is before I invest.

3. with all due respect
* means "恕我直言,我冒昧说一句"
* I understand what you're saying, but with all due respect, I've been studying this topic for a lot longer than you have.
* With all due respect, you're just not ready to take responsibility for the entire project.

4. I've worked my tail off
* work my tail off "工作非常非常卖力(工作的尾巴都掉了,HOHO)"
* I've worked my tail off for this company. You can't fire me now.
* Mom, I think I deserve a night out(出去玩一晚上). I've worked my tail off to get into Beijing University.


ActionEnglish 45
1. screen test 试镜   camera shy 怯场

2. rendezvous
* means "meet at a specified place and time", n. and vt.
* 来自法语
* They weren't allowed to be seen together, so they made a renderzvous for Wednesday afternoons.
* Let's rendezvous tonight for some drinks.

3. look up to
* means "to admire or respect"
* I really look up to Michael Jordan. He's a great basketball player.
* A lot of people look up to you. You'd better know what you're doing.

4. lay something on the line
* means "拿...下注,拿...去冒险"
* lay 这个词在赌场上用的很多,表示下注;line表示赌桌上的那条下注线
* I was really laying it on the line when I told my coach I couldn't go to the game. He could have kicked me off the team.
* She was laying it on the line when she bet $5000 on the boxing matach.(拳击赛)

5. If you're wrong, you suffer the consequences
* suffer the consequences means "后果自负"
* After he refused his family's help, he had to suffer the consequences alone.
* You either plead guilty now, or suffer the consequences.


ActionEnglish 46
1. ensemble cast  全明星阵容

2. that radio's history
* sth. or sb. is history means "the power is lost or sb. sth. is not important"
* That girl's history, I dumped her three months ago.
* That apartment's history, I really hated that. So I moved here.

3. Fire off a Mayday signal
* Fire off means "do it quickly"
* Mayday signal "在海上或空中有情况,发一个信号"
* Tell the boss I'll fire off that fax ASAP.
* Why don't we go to the arcade first, and fire off a few rounds of virtual golf.

4. get out of this mess
* means "find a solution when encountered a confused situation" 脱离困境
* I don't know how to get out of this mess. It seems difficult.
* get into the mess 陷入困境
* How did I get myself into the mess?

5. take our chances
* means "冒险去试一把, 试一下, 碰运气"
* The store closes in half an hour. Let's take our chances and see if we can make it in time.


ActionEnglish 47
1. musical 音乐歌舞片

2. see to it
* means "负责,关照"
* You'd better see to it that the report gets done on time. Otherwise the boss is gonna be angry.
* Don't worry about Grandma, I'll see to it that she takes her medicine everyday.

3. go up against
* means "跟对手碰上了,而且一般这个对手都比我们强大,所以翻成遭遇比较好"
* I can't believe I have to go up against Agassi. He's won the tournament 3 years in a row.
* It's very hard to make it as a pop star. You have to go up against a lot of competition.

4. It doesn't get much prettier than that
* means "再好不过了"
* Look at the guy. He swings at the ball. It doesn't get much prettier than that.
* This deal is perfectly laid out. Everyone's gonna get a good share of the profits. It doesn't get much prettier than that.

5. a busted motor
* busted means "broken, be caught" "坏的、被抓住"
* One of the wheels on my car is busted. so I have to take the bus today. 
* I got busted by my parents last night because I was staying out too late.


ActionEnglish 48
1. sit-com 情景喜剧  situational comedy

2. sweet dreams chief
* sweet dreams means "做个好梦"
* 我们要讲的是chief这个slang,means "首领、老大,表示对人的尊重,是一个敬词"
* Hey chief, where do you think we should go dancing tonight?
* I don't know what to say to the girls, you're the chief, why don't you go talk to them?

3. be a little fuzzy about/on sth.
* means "对...不清楚,对...不明白"
* I saw the movie Run Lora Run a long time ago. I'm a little fuzzy about what happends in the end.
* I'm a little fuzzy about the instructions your dad gave me.

4. go get them
* means "give sth. your best try", 给人打气,尽你的最大力量去...
* You've been training for this tournament all year. Go get them.
* I know you're a little bit nervous about your job interview, but I think you'll do great. Go get them.

5. running out of time
* means "时间快没有了,机会快没有了"
* We're running out of the time. The report is due in 15 minutes.


ActionEnglish 49
1. sequel 续集

2. cute act
* means "小伎俩"
* I've heard all these excuses before. I'm not falling for your cute act this time. I know you were out last night till 4 am.
* Listen, if drop the cute act and ask me honestly, I'll tell you the truth.

3. He had them swapped out to fool the scanners
* swap sth. means "exchange or trade sth."
* I didn't like the color of my jacket, so I went back to the store and swapped it for another one.

4. crawl your way out of one hole, just to find yourself in another
* 祸不单行,前半句的意思是“摆脱困境”
* Your girlfriend found out that you lied to her. I'de like to see you crawl your way out of that hole?
* First, I sprained my ankle, and now I broke leg! Talk about finally crawling your way out of one hole, just to find myself in another.

5. dig up the past
* means "旧事重提"
* Every time I see Lily, I get very upset. She's always trying to dig up the past.
* Let's not dig up the past. I'm sick of fighting about things that happened 10 years ago.


ActionEnglish 50
1. child star 童星  child actor

2. tagged
* means "get caught", get tagged, tag sb.
* He got tagged last night for drinking beer in the park.
* I hope the principal doesn't tag us for skipping classes.

3. tap into
* means "get inside and uncovered sth." "深入了解...,进一步了解..."
* I'd really like to tap into the overseas market. I think there is a lot of business oppotunities there.
* To understand American slang, you really need to tap into the whole culture.

4. see the light
* means "明白真相"

5. when the chips are down
* means "最无助,最脆弱的时候..."
* You're always there for me when the chips are down. I know I can always count on you.
* When chips are down, you have to rely on your family for support.


ActionEnglish 51
1. slapstick 闹剧

2. set up
* means "陷害" in slang
* I didn't steal your DVD player. I know I'm being set up.
* He was set up by the mafia to look like he was guilty.

3. you're on the lam
* be on the lam means "潜逃"
* He was on the lam from the police after they found out he was using stolen credit cards.

4. hack into sb. or sth.
* means "侵入, 非法侵入"
* I need you to hack into the computer and find the missing files.
* Let's try to hack into the building by going up the fire escape.


ActionEnglish 52
1. commercial film 商业片

2. break it up
* two meaning, the first meaning is "stop doing...", 语气有点强硬
* Come on guys, let's break it up! We don't want to get in trouble for fighting.
* the second meaning is "divide a task"
* That's a huge project. If we break it up, we'll finish faster.


ActionEnglish 53
1. extras 群众演员

2. Come on hot stuff
* "hot stuff" means somebody or something that is really impressive attractive or exciting
* stuff means 东西, 口语中常用stuff来代替thing
* hot 性感的, hot stuff 可翻成宝贝,美人等
* 不过hot stuff这个词有些贬义,It's often used to make fun of someone who's trying too hard to look good, 有一点讽刺的味道,可形容人或东西
* Hey, come on hot stuff, don't playing too hard on your hair, we'll be late.
* Wow! That cell phone sure is hot stuff. It has so many new features.

3. you'll always have next year
* means "they're trying to make you feel better by saying you'll have another chance"
* Don't worry about not making the varsity team, you'll have the next year.
* Ahhh, I missed my favorite band. Well, I guess you'll always have next year.

4. before you know it
* means "不知不觉的"
* One day your daughter's crawling around diapers before you know it, she's dating a guy that drives a motorcycle!
* If you start saving now before you know it, you'll have enough money for college.

ActionEnglish 54
1. preproduction 前期制作   production 拍摄期   postproduction 后期制作

2. watch it
* means "want you to move out of the way" or "be careful"
* Come on, watch it! The trunk is coming really fast. You might get hit.
* Watch it buddy! You almost stepped on my new shoes.

3. show some backbone
* backbone means "脊椎"
* show some backbone means "拿出勇气来"
* Mom is good at keeping everyone together. She is the backbone of the family.
* Come on buddy, why don't you show some backbone and ask her out. I know you like her.

4. clear something right up
* clear up means "天气转晴"
* clear something right up means "消除疑虑,解决问题"
* If you start taking Vitamin C, it will clear that cold right up.
* There's obviously been a mistake. Let's clear this right up. so we can all start working together as a team.


ActionEnglish 56
1. experimental film 实验电影

2. Okey Dokey
* means "OK"
* Can you help me with my homework? Okey Dokey.

3. I brought a spare
* a spare means "an extra one of something in case the first one breaks"
* The tire is flat. It's a good thing I have a spare.
* Do you have a spare dictionary I could borrow?

4. count on
* means "depend on"
* Don't ask Jeff to drive you to the airport. He's always late. You can't count on that guy.
* Beth and I are both injured. We need you to go call an ambulance. We're counting on you.

5. Don't worry father, I won't let you down.
* let sb. down means "让sb.失望"
* The team needs you to score the winning goal. Don't let us down.
* Russ said he could help me fix my car but he never showed up. He really let me down.


ActionEnglish 57
1. gangster movies 黑帮片

2. Let's get this show on the road
* means "let's get started, let's go"
* Is everyone here? Good. Let's get this show on the road.
* It's late and we still haven't left yet! Let's get this show on the road.

3. nice work
* means "good work, nice job, well done"
* You finished the beautiful painting in one day? Nice work.


ActionEnglish 58
1. silent movie 无声电影

2. Let's move it
* the first meaning is "快点,hurry"
* the second meaning is "get out of the way,让开",语气有点硬
* Don't stand in the doorway please, Move it, I need pass.

3. Those boys are no more fit to be soldiers than you are to be captain.
* no more...than...  没有比较的意思,他的意思是两者都不. 上面的句子的意思就是“他们不适合当士兵,你也不适合作校尉”
* be fit for, be fit to do...   适合...
* You never come to class and you never do your homework. You are not fit to be a student.
* You are very sick. You are not fit for work right now, go home and relax.

4. This guy is messing with my plan
* "mess with" means "搞砸, 毁了",很常用
* My Dad was messing with my computer so it isn't working properly right now.
* Don't mess with my papers! If you do, I will lose something.


ActionEnglish 59
1. romance 浪漫片  romantic  romantic comedy 浪漫喜剧

2. blonde  blond
* means "金发" blonde用来形容女人, blond用来形容小伙子
* 千万不要用yellow, gold这些词哦

3. dumb blonde
* dumb means "愚蠢,笨"
* Stop giving the wrong answers in class. They will think you're a dumb blonde.

4. dicking around
* means "瞎玩,瞎闹,混日子,在男女关系上的话,就表示玩玩,不认真",很常用,也可以用 mess around
* Quit dicking around! We have a lot of work to do. You need to stay focused.

5. break up
* means "to divide or seprate" 分手,分开,分清楚
* I can't believe she broke up with me. We've only been going out for 2 months.


ActionEnglish 61
1. documentary movie 纪录片

2. spill
* means "把自己的所思所想讲给别人",另外一个引申意义是"泄露秘密"
* Janny was so upset about the fight she had with her husband, she had to spill all the details to her mother.
* Who spilled the news about the surprise birthday party? Now everyone knows, including the birthday girl!

3. walking felony
* means "危险人物,恐怖人物"
* That girl is a walking felony in that dress. She's so sexy that she makes all the other girls look bad.
* There's a walking felony! That guy is so drunk, he look like he's about to ride his bike into the back of the bus.

4. Am I on glue?
* on glue means "犯傻"
* She must have been on glue to wear that dress to the party. It makes her look so bad!
* Are you on glue? I've told you a million times that I don't like eating seafood. Why did you order lobster?

5. be serious


ActionEnglish 62
1. splatter movie 暴力片

2. I blew it
* means "搞砸了"
* I really wanted to go to law school, but I blew the exams, I can't get in right now.
* I really blew the chances with Marilyn when I told her she looked fat in the dress she was wearing.

3. talk sb. out of sth.
* means "convince sb. to change mind"
* David wants to drop out of school, I am trying to talk him out of it.
* I can't talk her out of marrying him. She won't listen to me.

4. a good look for you
* a good look for sb. means "...很适合你,...你穿上很漂亮"

5. the first cardinal rule
* means "最基本的原则"
* The first cardinal rule of driving is that you must obey all traffic lights.
* The first cardinal rule of speaking good English is keeping practising.


ActionEnglish 63
1. release 发行

2. a stunt
* means "耍特技",可引申为做蠢事
* I don't like it when you drive your motocycle really fast. I'm not interested in those kinds of stunts.

3. out of one's mind
* means "昏了头了,疯了"
* What do you mean you're dropping out of school to join a rock band? Are you out of your mind?

4. a little bell goes off in your mind
* means "突然想起了一件很重要的事", 闹钟响的时候叫go off
* a little belll didn't go off in your mind 就表示 没想起来...
* How could you forget to watch Action English? That's our program. Didn't a bell go off in your mind to remind you?(难道就没有什么提醒你么?难道你就没想起来什么么?)


ActionEnglish 64
1. dissolve 叠化  两个画面淡入淡出

2. boogie
* another words of "dance"
* Wow, that girl sure knows how to boogie! She's got great moves.
* I love this song. Let's boogie.

3. make it easy on sb.
* means "让你觉得事情简单一些,放你一马"
* Instead of climbing all these stairs, I'll make it easy on you, we'll use the elevator.
* I'll make it easy on you - if you promise to be on time for work from now on, I won't fire you for being late today.


ActionEnglish 65
1. montage 蒙太奇,一个法语词,可以理解为剪辑,就是将一组图片连接在一起,表达一个意思

2. you're nuts
* nuts means "somebody saying or doing sth. crazy",相当于中文中的“你有病阿,你疯了阿”
* Are you nuts? You can't go out dancing tonight. You have a big test in the morning.
* She is nuts if she thinks I'm gonna buy her that dress. It costs $2000!

3. dropped me
* drop sb. means "把...抛弃"
* As soon as I told my girlfriend that I didn't have a lot of money, she dropped me.
* The coach dropped me from team after I missed 2 practices in a row.


ActionEnglish 66
1. a hot idea
* is another way saying "very very good idea"
* I have a hot idea. Why don't we pack a lunch and go to the beach today?
* That idea you came up with for the new campaign is really hot. I think the public will responsed very well.

2. no kidding
* 前面讲过这个词语的一个意思,表示"really",不骗你
* 这里的第二个意思是"of course, sure, that's obvious"
* We have to buy mom a present for her birthday. Ya, no kidding.
* No kidding Prinston's a hard school to get into.

3. that's close
* means "真够险的,真够悬的"
* That car almost ran right into you! That was close.
* Wow, that was cloase. My girlfriend almost saw me talking to another girl.

4. brace yourself
* another way of saying "prepare yourself for what's coming, 做好准备"
* Brace yourselves, the economy might not get better for a while. Start saving money now.
* This roller coaster is really wild. Brace yourself!


ActionEnglish 67
1. boom 话筒,拍电影的时候悬挂在演员上方的带长杆子的那种microphone

2. bimbo
* means "花花公主", playboy 花花公子
* I don't like that girl, She's always handing at the bar in tight clothes, waiting for men to buy her drink. She is such a bimbo.
* You can't wear that dress. It's so low cut. I don't want you to look like a bimbo.

3. Hit me big time, baby.
* big time means "一种程度,非常多的,非常大量的", 这个词意思很多,后面会陆续介绍
* I am gonna get in trouble big time if I don't do my homework.

4. barking up the wrong tree
* means "找错人了, looking for sb. in wrong place"
* You're barking up the wrong tree if you think I'm gonna give you guitar lessons. You know I can't play.

5. catch you later
* another way of saying good bye   "see you later"
* 不过这个词语肯定表示的是"当天再找...",所以小心使用, 其他的词不一定能表示当天
* I am late for the meeting so I'll catch you later. Maybe we can see each other tonight.
* I don't want to go to the movies so I'll catch you later.


ActionEnglish 68
1. first AD 第一副导演  AD=assistant director

2. take a rain check
* means "改天",可以这样理解:在一个rain下雨天我们的票据check无法兑现(比如一个露天音乐会),那么,我们可以留好check,将来可以再去看,所以,这个phrase means “改天”
* I can't make it to dinner tonight. Can I take a rain check?
* I have to take a rain check on going to the movies. I have too much work to do tonight.

3. not just a babe fest
* a babe fest means "a gathering of good looking man and woman"
* babe means "漂亮的,可用来形容靓女"
* fest is the abbreviation of "festival"
* fest可用来表示聚会,meat fest, jazz fest, film fest
* Let's go to the beach, it's a babe fest.
* The "O" bar is full of beautiful people. It's a total babe fest.

4. grease some wheels
* grease some wheels with sb.   grease some wheels to do sth.
* means "make things run faster or smoother",可引申为“套近乎,拉关系”的意思
* If you want to make sure your firm gets the account, you should grease some wheels with the client.
* We had to grease some wheels to get into the VIP room.


ActionEnglish 69
1. computer graphics  电脑动画

2. clueless
* means "脑子不够快,有点木,有点笨"
* That American tourist is so clueless.She thinks 100 kuai is a good price for a cup of coffee.
* I am clueless when it comes to women. I have no idea what they want.
* I am clueless when it comes......  句型

3. buddy up to her
* "buddy up to sb." means "become friends, stay very close to sb."
* Can I buddy up with you? I need a new lab partner for chemistry class.  -- here means "become friends"
* You should buddy up to someone. You don't want to get lost in the crowd, do you?  -- here means "stay very close to sb."

4. drawing a blank
* means "脑子一片空白"
* I can't remember the name of that restaurant we went to last night. I'm completely drawing a blank.
* I'm drawing a blank, what was your brother's name again?

5. beat it out of sb.
* means "逼sb.说出什么东西,一般是开玩笑的说法"
* She wouldn't tell me the name of her new boyfriend. I practically had to beat it out of her.
* He didn't want to tell me the address to the party. I had to beat it out of him.


ActionEnglish 70
1. best picture 最佳影片

2. creepy
* means "有点怪,有点吓人的"
* That girl is really creepy. She is always staring at me funny.
* I am afraid to go into that store. That guy who works there is really creepy.

3. you people got nothing on me
* means "你没有抓住我的什么把柄"
* You can't prove that I was the one who stole your bike. You got nothing on me.

4. right back at you
* means "彼此彼此",一般用在有人夸自己时,自己可以说这句话,表示你也很棒
* You are really good teacher. Right back at you.
* You look really nice tonight. Right back at you.


ActionEnglish 71
1. feature movie 故事片

2. Don't blow it all at once
* blow -- To "blow" something means to use it carelessly, or just waste it. 可翻为挥霍
* You shouldn't blow all your money on beer, rent is due next week. -- blow sth. on ...

3. turf
* "Turf" is a land or territory belong to someone, usually a gang. 就是“地盘”的意思
* The garden is my Mom's turf. I wouldn't go digging around in there.

4. help you settle a score
* settle a score means to clear up some old debt, usually with violence.  找谁算帐
* Either you pay up now, or I'll send in my bodyguards to settle the score.

5. a chance to get even
* "get even" means to take a revenge on somebody
* She wanted a chance to get even with him after he broke her heart.


ActionEnglish 72
1. digital 数字化

2. bankroll
* means "provide money necessary to do sth" 出资金
* I found some foreign investors to bankroll our new nightclub.
* That company is bankrolling our office party this year. Everything's free!

3. seeing things in black and white
* means "刻板,简单,把事情看的很简单"
* I am seeing things in black and white, you're either with us or against us.
* You have to stop seeing things in black and white, there are many ways to look at a situation.

4. in no time at all
* means "to do sth. very very quickly"
* I can't believe I finished my work so fast, it took no time at all.

5. tread carefully
* means "do sth. 非常小心, handle a situation with caution"
* The situation is very serious. Tread carefully.


ActionEnglish 73
1. analog 模拟

2. jinx
* means "不吉利的东西,扫帚星"
* I think this watch is a jinx to me. Every time I wear it, something bad happens.

3. turn up next to nothing
* "next to nothing" means "very little", "next to" here means "almost"
* I asked you to help me to find a new apartment, but you've turned up next to nothing. I have to ask someone else next time.

4. mix things up
* means "try new things where old ones are failing", 用新的方法,新的花样
* Let's try and mix things up today in our program, and see if we can get better result.


ActionEnglish 74
1. movie goer 电影观众

2. dead end
* means "死胡同"
* This route is a dead end. Let's find another way to go.
* She was stuck in a dead end job. There was no opportunities for advancement.

3. bring us up to speed
* means "to be informed of all the important points in a matter"
* If you bring us up to speed on the proposal, we will be able to make a decision better.
* Now that I am up to speed on how this machine works, I'll actually be able to use it.

4. get down to business
* means "get to work"
* You need to stop wasting time, and get down to business.

5. leave something in the hands of sb.
* means "由sb.去处理..."
* Why did you leave dinner in the hands of Dad? He's terrible cook.


ActionEnglish 75
1. key light 主光 - 打到人物脸上的一束主光

2. stay cool
* means "stay relax and in control of your emotions, 镇静点"
* When we go to the party tonight, stay cool. You don't want the ladies to think you are a geek(书呆子).
* Stay cool. This is an important meeting. I know you can handle it.

3. save the day
* means "fixed an emergency situation", 引申意为“力挽狂澜,在一天内帮sb.大忙”
* Our team was losing the game until Duren scored 3 goals in a row! I saved the day!

4. He's all talk
* "all talk" means "形容人光说不练"
* You are all talk. There's no way you got five girl's phone numbers tonight.
* You think you can beat me at tennis? You are all talk. I've seen you play, and I can beat you playing with my left hand.

5. off the record
* means "非正式的,我们现在谈的事情,只是我们两人之间的事情,别再跟其他人说了,这就是off the record"
* Our boss is a very important man, but off the record, I think he is a lazy fool.


ActionEnglish 76
1. back light 背面光

2. don't make things worse than they already are
* means "错上加错,别把事情越搞越糟"
* He is already rejected by three universities. Don't make things worse than they already are by telling him you have been accepted to Harvard.
* If you keep pressuring him, he might not ask you to marry him. Don't make things worse than they already are.


ActionEnglish 77
1. fill light 辅助光

2. I'll give you a shot
* "give sb. a shot" means "give sb. a try"
* "give sth. a shot" means "I wanna try sth."
* I am not sure if I'll be able to help you with your homework, but I'll give it a shot.
* You are not really qualified for this job, but I like you, so I will give you a shot.

3. ugly display
* means "行为恶劣"
* Can you believe the ugly display he put on at the dinner party last night? He kept saying the food was bad.

4. stop kicking yourself
* "kick yourself" means "自责, 对自己要求很高"
* I know you are upset about failing that test, but stop kicking yourself. You tried your best.

5. think twice
* "think twice about sth." means "reconsider, 好好考虑"
* I took the job as soon as they offered it. I didn't even think twice.


ActionEnglish 78
1. high angle shot 俯角拍摄

2. itching to do something
* means "非常急切的去做...."
* Oh man, I am itching to get off work. I have a hot date tonight.

3. pull this off
* means "克服重重困难来干成..."
* I don't know how we are gonna pull this meeting off. We still don't have all the facts.

4. leave you hanging
* means "把sb.晾在一边,不管sb.了"
* Why did you ignore me at the party last night? I can't believe you left me hanging.
* They never told me why they turned down my application. They just left me hanging.

5. play dumb
* means "装傻"
* Stop playing dumb! I know you know who ate the last piece of cake.
* When the police get here, let's play dumb. I don't want to get in trouble for something I didn't do.


ActionEnglish 79
1. low angle shot 仰角拍摄

2. silly
* means "愚蠢,冒傻气"
* Don't be silly. I don't have to go to scholl today. It's sunday.
* That song is so silly. The words don't make any sense.

3. turn off the charm
* turn on/off the charm
* 释放/关闭 魅力
* If you want that girl to like you, you better turn on the charm.
* I am not gonna buy you a new pair of shoes, so you can turn off the charm. It doesn't work on me.

4. break something/somebody in
* "break something in" means "磨合(新衣服或鞋穿上后需要磨合一段时间才能合身)"
* "break somebody in" means "训练sb.适应...环境"
* I need to break in these shoes. They're a little tight for my feet.
* We need to break in the new guy. He doesn't understand the way things work around here.


ActionEnglish 80
1. independent film  独立制作电影,独立制片(indy film)

2. a hoot
* means "有趣的人, 事或东西"
* How did the party turn out? The party last night was a hoot. I had a great time.
* What do you think of Dave? Dave sure is a hoot. He is always got a funny story to tell.

3. wind knocked out of you
* means "cannot breath properly." "喘不过气来"
* Tommy punched me really hard in my stomach, it knocked the wind right out of me.
* I got the wind knocked out of me when I fell off my bike.

4. bad news sports fan
* means "我有个坏消息要告诉你"
* Bad news sports fan, your favorite TV show just got cancelled.
* Bad news sports fan, I just ate the last piece of cake.

5. mess with sb.
* means "to get involved with sb.", "惹sb."
* Don't mess with Steve. He is trying to finish his homework.
* You shouldn't mess with those guys. They are very dangerous, you could get hurt.


ActionEnglish 83
1. I just work here
* means "我只是打工的,我做不了决定"
* I cannot tell you how to run the company, you are the boss, I just work here.
* Don't ask me how we choose the movies for this show, I just work here.

2. He's cutting it close.
* "cut it close" means "干...几乎来不及了,临时抱佛脚"
* The test is tomorrow morning, and we haven't even started studying yet, That is cutting it too close.

3. I don't know, gut feeling
* "gut feeling" means "预感"
* I have a gut feeling she likes me, so I am gonna ask her out.
* I have a gut feeling this landlord is honest. So I think we should move in here.


ActionEnglish 84
1. short movie 电影短片, 30分钟内的电影展示片

2. hot shot
* means "很自大的人, 自大狂", 很多时候不用翻译,是一个俚语
* Ok hot shot, if you're so good at picking up women, why don't you go talk to that group of models.
* I know you're a good tennis player, hot shot, You don't have to remind me that you won the championship everytime I see you.

3. you've got blinders on to the world
* "to the world" 在俚语中 means "极度地,完全地"
* "get blinders on" means "带上眼罩"
* "you've got blinders on to the world" means "周围发生了什么,你都不知道"
* Don't you know that today is a holiday or have you got blinders on to the world!

4. nest egg
* means 1. "养老金"  2. "为...存的一大笔钱"
* We have been building our nest egg for years, it wouldn't be wise to waste it on a bad investment.

5. think ahead
* means "早做安排,早做打算"
* If you wanna have enough money for retirement, you gotta think ahead and start saving now.


ActionEnglish 85
1. Avant Garde 先锋派电影

2. I had to bail on the freeway.
* "bail on" means "放弃", slang版本的"give up"
* We had to bail on our golf game. It's pouring rain outside.
* Why don't you bail on your girlfriend tonight and come out with the boys?

3. out of harm's way
* "a harm way" means "危险"
* out of harm's way <--> in harm's way
* If you walk home alone at night, you're putting yourself directly in harm's way.

4. an act of faith
* means "对...很有信心"
* Moving to Shanghai required an act of faith. I didn't know if I would be able to find work. But I did!

5. show a little charity
* means "大方一点..."
* Your business is doing very well. Why don't you show a little charity and donate some money to our community?
* You have so many girlfriends, can't you just introduce me to one of them? Show a little charity, man.


ActionEnglish 86
1. Black & White film  黑白片

2. floor it
* If someone asks you to "floor it", it means they want you to drive really really fast.
* We are gonna be late for the movie. If you floor it, we might make it in time.
* Floor it Mr. Taxi driver. I have a train to catch.

3. a step ahead
* means "棋先一着, accomplish something before anyone else"
* I can never beat my dad at chess. He's always thinking a step ahead.
* It seems like you've been a step ahead of me our entire lives, and now you've enen getting married first!

4. This is it
* means "This is your one and only chance"
* This is it, the moment we've all been waiting for. Can he make this shot and win the championship?
* This is it, now or never. You either ask me to marry now or I'm leaving you for good.

5. freak
* 非常口语化的一个词,表示怪异,不礼貌,怪诞,甚至可以表示cool
* Freaks come out at night  怪人晚上活动
* 还可以当动词使用,表示做怪异的事情


ActionEnglish 87
1. theme song 主题曲

2. sick
* means "令人做呕的", "生病"
* She is sick. 她生病了。
* That movie was sick - it was too violent. 令人做呕的
* Don't invite Dave to the party. He always offends the guests by telling sick jokes.  "offend sb. 冒犯sb."

3. Is any of this ringing a bell?
* means "你难道没有想起点什么么?"
* Do you know Marry? Her name rings a bell.  你认识玛丽么?听起来有点熟悉。
* We made plans last night to meet today at 2pm to go food shopping, is any of this ringing a bell?

4. I can take it from here.
* "take it from here" means "接手干..."
* Don't worry mom, I'll finish doing the dishes, you go sit down, I'll take it from here.
* "do the dishes" means "洗盘子"


ActionEnglish 88
1. silhouette 剪影

2. wipe out
* means "彻底的去除..."
* If we don't stop hunting elephants, the whole species is gonna be wiped out forever.

3. an odd couple
* means "奇怪的一对, 不般配"
* I wonder if people think we're an odd couple: you like Elvis and I like the Beatles.

4. Nice try bucktooth
* "Nice try" means "你这么做(试)很好, 不过结果不是很好"
* 可以做褒义用,表示"你这么做(试)很好, 不过结果不是很好",是安慰人的话
* 做贬义用也可以,表示讽刺和嘲笑
* It was a nice try to send me flowers but I am still mad at you for forgetting our anniversary. 这里就是做贬义用

5. fellow man
* means "同胞"


ActionEnglish 89
1. bring sb./sth. down
* means "削弱...的优势,抑制"
* That newspaper is starting to have too much influence, we need to try to bring it down.
* How are we gonna bring down that team? They are so good, they've won the championship 3 years in a row!
* "in a row" means "连续的,成一排的"

2. a shortcut
* means "近路,捷径", "take a shortcut" means "抄近路"
* If we take the shortcut and hop the fence, we won't have to walk all the way around to the front of the building to get there.

3. What do you take me for?
* means "你把我当什么?"
* I can't believe you think I'd like about where my family comes from, what do you take me for, a liar?

4. check this out
* means "来看一看", 一般你有好东西要别人看的时候,用这个phrase
* Hey, check out my new skateboard, it's got custom made wheels.


ActionEnglish 90
1. weird
* means "奇怪的,莫名其妙的"
* That girl is really weird. She sits alone at school and never talks to anyone.
2. set someone up
* means "陷害someone"
* I didn't steal your book, someone must have put it in my bag. I was set up.

3. knock it off
* means "停止干...."
* Come on guys, knock it off. We need to be serious and figure out a strategy for the game tonight.
* Can you please knock it off! I have lots of homework to do, but you're distracting me.

4. shot
* 在口语中可以表示“浪费”
* The day is shot. -- 浪费了一天


ActionEnglish 91
1. shutter 快门

2. drunk
* adj. means "喝醉"
* He was so drunk last night that he forgot where he lived.
* After drinking 10 bottles of beer, she was very drunk.
* 还可以当名词用,表示酒鬼 His dad is a drunk.

3. They has a change of heart.
* means "改变想法,改变主意"
* I was going to break up with my girlfriend, but had a change of heart and decided not to.

4. The Chief's give me the go ahead.
* "sb. give sb. the go ahead" means "sb.允许sb.去干...事,许可"
* I just got the go ahead from my boss to take the weekend off. -- take weedend off 周末不用来了
* I can't go golfing with you until I get the go ahead from my wife.

5. Do you follow my drift?
* "follow my drift" means "understand what I mean"
* I didn't pass my exams so I can't go to university. Follow my drift?
* That movie was confusing. I couldn't follow the drift.


ActionEnglish 92
1. fade 渐变

2. I.D.
* the slang of "identification"  身份,身份证
* I couldn't get into the club last night because I forgot my I.D.. The bouncer thought I was underage.
* "bouncer" 酒吧保镖
* You need to show your I.D. when you borrow book from the library.

3. pay for
* here means "to be punished for sth."
* 以前说过pay for还可表示为...付账
* If we get caught, someone's going to have to pay for it.
* Why should I pay for your mistakes?

4. out of hand
* means "out of control",  get out of hand
* The soccer match got out of hand when people started fighting.
* My dog gets out of hand when other dogs are around. Be careful.

5. hush
* means "嘘, be quiet"


ActionEnglish 93
1. first take  第一场戏的第一个镜头

2. dumb
* means "slang for unintelligent, 傻"
* My brother is so dumb, he thinks New York is the capital of America.
* I am not dumb, I know that bike is only worth $20. The front wheel is broken.

3. an angle
* means "从另外一个角度干/看....,法子,方法"
* By being nice to the boss, John was working an angle to get a promotion.
* I tried calling her everyday, but that angle doesn't seem to work. She still won't go out with me!

4. play somebody
* means "操纵sb., 玩sb."
* My girlfriend is playing me. She doesn't love me. She just wants my money.
* We have to play this salesman just right, so we can get a good deal on the new car.
* "just right" means "恰到好处"

5. a look alike
* means "一模一样的sb./sth.", notice "look alike" 是个名词
* Saddam uses many look alikes to take his place and protect him from his enemies. 萨达姆 "many look alikes" means "替身"
* I have a pair of jeans that look exactly like yours. If I wore them, we'd be look alikes.

6. urge
* means "欲望, desire"


ActionEnglish 94
1. parallelism 平行主义,两件不同的事情在同时发生

2. go way back
* means "很有交情,旧交",非常棒的一个slang
* My friend Amy and I go way back. We've been friends sice elementary school.
* My grandfather and his friends go way back, they were in the Army together during WWII.

3. A-number-one hot shot
* means "头号人物, 老大"
* After Cobey dunked 3 basketballs in a row, everyone thought he was the team's A#1 hot shot.
* She thinks she's the A#1 hot shot just because she's on television.

4. take sb. out
* means "kill sb., defeat sb.",是一个黑话,表示干掉某人, 击败...
* The assassin was sent to take out the President.
* If that guy doesn't keep his mouth shut, we'll have to take him out.

5. play ball
* means "cooperate, 合作"
* If you play ball during the meeting, I'll help you out with anything you want.
* Are you going to play ball or do I have to ask someone else for help?


ActionEnglish 95
1. tempo 节奏, 影片的节奏

2. E.T.A.
* means "Estimate Time of Arrival"
* The plane's ETA is 8:45 this evening.

3. on leave
* means "已经获得批准可以休假"
* "leave" 在做名词用的时候表示"许可, 同意, 请假, 休假"
* I was going to go to Hawaii next week but I couldn't get my leave. 这里用was going to,表示我原以为,过去时 :)

4. rowdy
* means "noisy, out of control",把这两个意思揉在一起就是rowdy的意思
* The football match was incredibly rowdy. 这句话就表示这个足球赛很闹,而且out of control
* After a few beers, he always becomes very rowdy. 这个人喝完酒之后很闹,而且out of control

5. all that
* 形容东西表示"特别, special", 形容人的话如果用在自己身上,表示"自己很棒,有骄傲的语气在内",如果是形容别人,表示夸别人,别人很棒
* He kept on talking about his new car, but actually it isn't all that.
* After winning that game, he definitely thought he was all that. 他以为自己很棒


ActionEnglish 96
1. freeze frame 定格

2. pick it up
* means "to improve or do something faster or 捡起......"  很多意思的一个词组
* If you want to get into Harvard you're gonna need to pick up your work. -- Here means "improve"
* Since he's been training every day, his football skills have been picked up. -- improve

3. tight schedule
* means "there is not much time to waste"
* I was going to go sightseeing when I passed through Chicago but my schedule was too tight. sightseeing 观光
* I'm worried about completing the project. I think the schedule is too tight.

4. handle
* means "处理,解决,应付"
* I don't think I could handle having more than two children.
* He had to leave the party early to handle some problem at work.


ActionEnglish 97
1. underwater filming 水下拍摄

2. fat lady sings
* means "something is over"
* 西方的歌剧要结束之前都会出来一个胖女士出来唱高音,所以用这个词语来表示“事情干完了”
* We shouldn't really make any plans until the fat lady sings.
* My boss said, you're not finished with today's work until the fat lady sings. Then you can go home.

3. banged up
* means "damaged, cannot work"
* My bike is pretty banged up. It's very old.

4. who's the man
* means "夸奖人的话,表示谁这么棒",注意只能用来形容男人
* I really like Mike Jordan. He's the man.
* He scored three goals - he is the man.

5. Where you at?
* means "where are you?", 省略了一个be动词are,口语用法
* She gave me directions but I just couldn't find where she was at.


ActionEnglish 98
1. youth film 青春电影

2. a crash course
* means "brief introduction to some topic or skill", "速成班", course means 课程
* Before taking up her job in Paris, she took a one-month crash course in French.
* He only took a crash course in sailing so I don't think he likes to sail too far from the shore.

3. payback
* means "revenge", "报复", 当名词使用
* Since his enemies got him put in jail he's been looking for payback.
* He attacked me, now I want payback.

4. I won't let you down
* "let you down" means "让...失望", let sb. down
* I specifically asked you to get here by 12:30. Now you're an hour late. You really let me down.
* He is going to bring me back a present from Mexico, I'm sure he won't let me down.


ActionEnglish 99
1. bully sb.
* means "欺负sb.",做名词表示"爱欺负别人的人"
* He is such a bully. He pushes the other kids around at school.
* "push around" means "摆布"
* I'm not gonna tell you my secret, so stop bullying me.

2. a thorn in one's side
* means "一个人/事让someone不舒服"
* The dog next door is a thorn in my side. It never stops barking.
* I wish I could stop thinking about my ex-girlfriend. She is nothing but a thorn in my side.

3. I have but one pet cause
* "pet cause" means "爱好"
* I am trying to fix this old motorcycle. It's my new pet cause.
* Stop telling me how to live my life! I am not your pet cause.


ActionEnglish 100
1. schmoe
* means "a stupid or insignificant person", "笨人、蠢人"
* I wouldn't let just any schmoe work for me. He'd have to be well qualified.

2. bum rap
* means "受到不公平的责备,受冤枉"
* Just because you gained 10 kilos doesn't mean it's my fault. What a bum rap to blame me!
* It was a bum rap, Eddie didn't steal those paintings.

3. get the picture
* means "Do you understand?"
* If you ask your mother for $5 and I ask mine, we'll have $10, Get the picture?
* I can't come out because I have to study, I need to pass the test, Get the picture?

4. take for granted
* means "把...认为是理所当然的"
* His support cannot be taken for granted, we must ask him first.
* I never thank my mum. I take her love for granted.


ActionEnglish 101
1. Reaction Shot 反应镜头

2. no sweat
* means "no problem, 一点也不麻烦"
* It is no sweat for me to drive you to work. I am going in the same direction.
* A: Thanks for helping me with my homework.  B. No sweat. 这里的no sweat相当于you are welcome

3. take care of
* means 除了表示"照顾"之外,也可以表示"负责, 处理..."
* I will go buy the movie tickets, you take care of the popcorn.
* The police really need to take care of the crime in the city so that people can be safer.

4. pinhead
* means "傻冒,笨蛋"
* I have told you a million times what my address is, you pinhead!
* Don't listen to my little brother, he is a pinhead.


ActionEnglish 102

1. hand held shot  手持镜头

2. jerk
* means "foolish or rude person", “笨蛋”、“古怪”、“粗鲁,让人不舒服”三种人
* That guy is such a jerk. He told me I was fat.
* My boss is a jerk, he always make us work late every night and doesn't pay us for it.

3. I just couldn't live with myself. 
* "live with oneself" means "我不会感到内疚, 感到心安理得", 常用在否定句中,表示oneself感到内疚。非常地道的一个短语live with
* If I ever got kicked out of university, I wouldn't be able to live with myself.
* I can't believe you swore at your dad. How can you live with yourself?  -- swore是swear的过去式,swear有宣誓和诅咒两个意思。本句中swore是诅咒的意思。swear做诅咒意思的时候是不及物动词,所以要加上介词at: swear at sb.

4. finish someone off
* means "kill sb.", "给someone致命一击"
* He has a horrible life, and when his wife died, it really finished him off.
* He has no bullets in his gun, so he couldn't finish you off.

5. one way to find out
* means "this is the only way to discover the truth"
* A: I wonder what this letter says.  B: There is only one way to find out - open it.
* If you want to know if she will go out with you, there is only one way to find out - you have to ask her.

6. tempt someone 诱惑someone


ActionEnglish 103
1. rating 分级,美国影片的分级制度
* 分为G(General)、PG(Parental Guidance)、PG-13、R(Restrict,17岁以上或17以下但有父母陪同)、NC-17(No Children, 17 up)

2. Like, chill out Scooby Doo
* "chill out" means "common saying of calm down", 冷静,放松
* He is been working very hard the past couple of months so I think he just needs to go on holiday and chill out for a bit.
* I am sick of studying at weekends. I just want to chill out.

3. Just, sort of, getting up to speed with it.
* "get up to speed" means   1. 落后了,要追回...   2. 了解最新的事态发展
* I really need to get up to speed on this project before I give my presentation next week. - 了解...
* We've only got one week of training. There is no way I can get up to speed with everything in that time. - 追回,赶上

4. lug
* "lug sth." means "carry something with difficulty", "拖,拽"
* If we go for a drink after work I want to go home first so I don't have to lug my briefcase around all night.
* Last week we went shopping I had to lug my wife's purchases all over Wangfujing.


ActionEnglish 104
1. focus  聚焦

2. call dibs
* means "你有权利...", call dibs on sth. , 非常地道的slang
* I paid for the beer so I call dibs on the last bottle.
* I get carsick in the back seat so I call dibs on the front seat.

3. fishy
* means "可疑"
* That guy over there in the hat and dark glasses looks very fishy.
* I thought it was supposed to cost 100 kuai, but the guy charged me 50. Very fishy.

4. DOs and DON'Ts
* He always dresses badly. It is like he's got no idea about fashion dos and don'ts.
* It's difficult travelling to new countries as it takes a while to learn all their cultural dos and don'ts.


ActionEnglish 105
1. spot light  聚光灯

2. We have three suspects as to who’s behind this evil hooty.
* 用behind这个词,非常形象。不要用support等这种直白的中国式英语
* behind being behind something or somebody 意思是对什么负责任,支持什么
* At school I was behind starting a debating society. It was my idea and I developed it.
* There are a few shareholders behind this new investment but all the rest are opposed.

3. sinking
* "have a sinking feeling" means "有一种不详的预感"
* I have a sinking feeling that we're going to lose the game today.
* I knew something was going to go wrong. I had a sinking feeling all yesterday that we weren't prepared.

4. "The time of your life" means "Best time of your life"  来自原声碟

5. "flaw" -- 缺点


ActionEnglish 106
1. Post Recording  后期录音

2. where in the world
* means "究竟在哪?",就是表示where的意思,加了in the world只是语气加强
* I think we're completely lost. We've been driving around for hours and I've got no idea where in the world we are.
* It's the middle of summer so where in the world are you going to go skiing?

3. nickname
* means "绰号,别名", 正规名字叫normal name
* I don't know him very well. We don't call each other by nicknames yet.
* He was very popular at school. Everyone knew his nickname.

4. part of the gang
* "gang" means "一群人,一伙人"
* "part of gang" means "一群人中的一份子"
* I really enjoyed university. I was part of a great gang of friends.
* He is been lonely recently since he moved out of the neighborhood, I think he feels like he is not part of the gang anymore.

5. gaze -- 凝视


ActionEnglish 107
1. super star  超级明星

2. dump
* "dump someone" means "slang for 甩掉,瞪掉,恋人之间"
* 以前学过一个委婉的说法 -- break up,表示分手
* He's been very depressed the last few days as his girlfriend just dumped him.
* He kept going out late to bars so finally his girlfriend got so fed up and dumped him. Now she is with somebody else. -- 词组: get so fed up: 受够了

3. have a huge flaw
* means "出了大问题,犯了大错误"
* This business plan has a huge flaw. We're never going to make any money if we follow it.

4. have high standards
* means "要求很高,眼光很高"
* She would never agree to go out with me. Her standards are far too high.

5. completely out of your league
* "completely out of one's league" means "不是一个等级的,双方差很多"
* She works in a great job, she's really intelligent and she is very good looking. Basically she is totally out of my league so I don't think I'll bother to call her.
*  She is out of my league, forget it.


ActionEnglish 108
1. subtitle  字幕

2. Call you back. Something came up.
* "come up" means "突发事件发生"
* We were supposed to go on holiday last week but something came up at work and we had to stay.
* I am sorry I was late for the meeting. Something came up at home.

3. Lbs
* means "pounds, 磅", Lbs是pounds的缩写
* All he eats at the moment are hamburgers and hot dogs. I think he's gaining a few Lbs.

4. I bet you're right.
* "I bet" means "I agree"
* I bet she's right about the Yankees wining the World Series this year.

5. set up with  向...提供

6. "curious" means "好奇, make you want to know more". curious about sth. -- 对sth.好奇


ActionEnglish 109
1. indoor shot  室内拍摄

2. Told me to grow up
* "grow up" means "成熟点"
* I think she should stop wasting her time with her make-up and men and grow up a little.

3. deep
* means "深度", "思想深刻"
* He is only interested in football, pizza and beer. He is not very deep.

4. break off
* means "分手, 中断", 和break up, dump一个意思
* They were engaged but they broke off the engagement when she had to move to Africa.

5. "gotta" is the slang of "have to"


ActionEnglish 110
1. war film  战争片

2. any minute
* means "very soon", "随时"
* The baseball game has been going on for 3 hours so it should be finished any minute now.

3. have a word with sb.
* means "talk with sb.", 一般时间不长,而且有点严肃
* Can I have a word with you?
* My son keeps getting home very late at night. I think I need to have a word with him about what the rules are.
* I think I need to have a word with my boss about getting a raise next month.

4. catch
* means "乘", 也可以用take,表示乘交通工具
* I am running late for the meeting so I think I will catch a taxi.


ActionEnglish 111
1. live for
* means "为了...而活, 最爱, 非常喜欢..."
* Our team has great fans. They live for soccer.
* I love going to the art galleries. I live for paintings.

2. beg your pardon
* 这个词组有两个意思:"对不起" & "劳驾, 打扰, 相当于execuse me", 根据上下文判断
* A: Hey, you just stepped on my foot!  B: Beg your pardon.
* A: Beg your pardon, but that's my bicycle you are trying to unlock. B: Is it? I thought that was mine.

3. alarm somebody
* means "吓到somebody"
* When I came home last night, I made a lot of noise and alarmed my mom.
* The amount of violence in the American media is alarming.

4. "Playing with the Big Boys now"
* 非常slang的一句话,表示"成熟一点, 严肃一点"

5. put someone on the run
* means "威吓someone, 使someone离开, make someone go away"


ActionEnglish 112
1. broken hearted
* means "难过,悲伤", 做形容词用
* After her boyfriend left, she was broken hearted.
* I do love you, I would be broken hearted if anything bad were to happen to you. -- 这里的were to happen to you, 是一个be to do sth.的结构,这个结构是用来表示将来时态的,所以,这句表示的是如果将来有什么坏的事情在你身上发生的话,我会很难过。以后可以用这个结构表示将来时。

2. come into
* means "得到", 不错的一个phrase
* How do you keep meeting so many girls? Have you come into some luck recently?
* Bob came into some money when his uncle passed away.  --  别轻易用dead, die,这是比较重的词,pass away比较适合,可翻成"过世"

3. You're finished
* means "你没有用了,你可以走人了"
* If you mess up another account, you're finished at this company.
* Walk off the stage now, you're finished. You will never be a professional actress.


ActionEnglish 113
1. lose one's charm
* means "不再有吸引力,魅力在丢失"
* I used to like riding on the train, but it's losing its charm. It takes too much time.
* Heaven used to be a popular night club, but it's losing its charm, it's too crowded now.

2. so far
* means "到目前为止"
* So far our team hasn't scored a goal. Hopefully we will in the next half of the game.
* So far no one's asked me to the dance. I don't want to go by myself.


ActionEnglish 114
1. sixth sense
* means "第六感"
* If you want to know if your husband is cheating on you, ask my grandpa. He is got a sixth sense about these things.
* My mother's got a sixth sense, she knows when it is going to rain.

2. in plain sight
* 这里的plain是清晰的意思, 词组means"很容易看得到, easy to see, 就在眼前"
* I can't believe I left my diary in plain sight. What if my girlfriend reads it?
* How could you not notice that girl? She was in plain sight all night.

3. the last laugh
* means "笑到最后,赢到最后"
* The other team had the last laugh, they scored 3 goals in the final minutes of the game.
* Everyone thought I was stupid, but I got the last laugh when I was accepted to Harvard.


ActionEnglish 115
1. pull-back dolly  拍摄移动镜头, dolly是四轮小车的意思,用来放camera

2. I'll be on my best behavior
* "on one's best behavior" means "behave perfectly, 很乖"
* She had too much to drink, she wasn't on her best behavior.
* I told him he would have to be on his best behavior all day if he wanted to go to the zoo tomorrow.

3. window-dressing
* means "装装样子, 用装饰门面的手段来达到吸引别人的目的"
* Those politicians talk about improving our society, but they are just window-dressing. They really only care about making money.
* She was telling me how much she has changed, but I think it is just window-dressing. Underneath she is the same.

4. get nailed
* 2 meanings: "get into a lot of trouble, 陷入大麻烦" or "重罚"
* They got nailed on that deal when instead they should have made a lot of money.
* The head master caught me smoking and absolutely nailed me.  --  nail-钉子,字面上是钉我,就是重罚的意思。

5. iron out our problems
* "iron out" -- iron有烫平的意思, 所以iron out就是消除,烫平的意思
* iron out our problems 就是消除我们之间的问题, fix our problems


ActionEnglish 116
1. film noir(黑色)  黑色电影

2. sob story
* means "骗取别人同情和眼泪的故事,有贬义"
* I can't be bothered talking to her anymore, all she has is sob stories.
* My brother told me a real sob story, so I lend him $10.

3. make a contact / make contact
* means "talk, communicate with someone, 和sb.打个招呼,联系一下"
* As soon as he lands in Singapore, he's going to make contact with us.
* I need to make contact with my boss before I leave.

4. This is very positive
* "positive" means "good"
* After they lost the match, he wasn't feeling very positive.
* This deal sounds very positive. I think it will work well.


ActionEnglish 117
1. Filter  滤色镜

2. clear out
* means "撤出..."
* We need to clear out of the room, so they can prepare for the next event.
* As soon as you hear the fire alarm, you need to clear out of the building as soon as possible.

3. put a magnifying glass on something
* means "仔细研究/思考sth."
* You really need to put a magnifying glass on any contract before signing it.
* The plan is good, but we're going to put a magnifying glass on it to look for any small mistakes.

4. The host with the most
* slang, host是主人的意思, means "主人非常的棒,非常细心", 非常地道的phrase
* My parties are excellent. I am the host with the most.
* There was no beer or food at his place. He is not exactly the host with the most.

5. content 做adj.是满足, satisfy的意思,名词是内容的意思
* I am not content to be with you in the daytime.


ActionEnglish 118
1. jump cut   跳切(就是要不要的剪掉)

2. hold out hope / hold out of...
* means "存有希望"
* The plan crashed four days ago, but they are still holding out hope of finding more survivors.
* We lost the game yesterday so we don't hold out much hope of getting to the finals.

3. step up for sb.
* means "在sb.需要帮助的时候,帮助/支持sb."
* When I was getting criticized in that meeting no one stepped up for me.
* If you get into trouble, I will step up and help you out.

4. briefing
* means "简要的汇报"
* We are going to have a briefing from the boss later on today.
* Don't miss the briefing tomorrow or else you will find the work very hard to do.


ActionEnglish 119
1. wardrobe  道具服装

2. mix up
* means "misunderstanding or confusing, 误解"
* I thought you said we were going to meet on Park Street, not on Main Street. What a mix up.
* If it wasn't for the mix up, I would have been here on time.

3. pee
* "撒尿, 小便"
* 过去式:peed
* 自己摘录的,HOHO

4. a chunk
* means "大量的"
* I won quite a chunk of money in the lottery.
* That hairdresser just cut a chunk of my hair off. It's so short now!

5. kick up
* means "kick over, transfer"
* After you have done reading the paper, will you kick it over to me?
* If you're not happy with those jeans, kick them up to me. I really like them.

6. no dice
* means "no chance, no way"
* I asked my Dad if I could borrow his car, but he said no dice.
* My sister said no dice when I asked her if I could come to the club with her.

7. get the blues -- 悲伤, blues是悲伤,抑郁的意思


ActionEnglish 120
1. soft light  柔光

2. come with
* means "come along, 一起去"
* We are going to the movies, wanna come with?
* I am going shopping. Why don't you come with?

3. slip my mind
* "slip one's mind" means "forget"
* I am sorry I forgot your birthday, it must have slipped my mind.
* You better remind Angela about the meeting. These things tend to slip her mind.

4. smooth
* 形容人的话表示人"圆滑, 有魅力能达成自己的目的"
* He is smooth! Did you see how he just got that girl's phone number?
* We need to be really smooth in the meeting today if we want to close the deal.

5. open up to sb.  --  对sb.敞开心扉


ActionEnglish 121
1. long take  长镜头, take means "拍摄"

2. calling the shots
* means "making the decisions, 拿主意,做决定,拍板"
* Why do you always get to call the shots? I want to make some decisions too.
* Don't ask me when we get off work, I don't call the shots around here.

3. lean to sb.
* means "倾向sb."
* 自己摘录的phrase,觉得实用
* I am leaning to Jerry's viewpoint here.

4. get mixed up in sth./sb.
* means "get involed and make danger, 卷进了...并遇到危险/麻烦"
* He got mixed up with the wrong people.
* I don't know how I got mixed up in their fight.

5. rough stuff
* means "暴力行为"
* If I leave you two alone, no rough stuff! You have to try and get along.
* The referee told the players to cut out the rough stuff.

6. a deal's a deal
* means "你得照合同办"
* We agreed to these conditions, you can't back out now. A deal is a deal. -- "back out" means "撤回, 停止不干"
* I don't care if you found a better price; a deal is a deal. You still have to pay me.


ActionEnglish 122
1. Hard Light  硬光

2. what's with your people?
* "what's with sb." means "what's wrong with sb."
* What's with you, you seem very sad today.
* I don't know what's with her today; she's been smiling all day. Must have been a good date!

3. real short
* means "quick"
* I am not staying long, this visit is gonna be real short.
* OK everybody, let's keep this meeting real short so we can all get home for dinner.

4. run a tight ship
* means "字面意思是经营一个紧巴巴的轮船,引申意思就是you are very strict, or 经营的非常严格"
* My mother runs a tight ship; she makes me mop the floor every day.
* Coach makes us run 10kms before every practice. He runs a tight ship.

5. get snippy
* means "to be rude, 无礼"
* My girlfriend gets snippy when I tell her I am going out with the boys.
* Just because you don't get your way, it doesn't mean you have to get snippy.


ActionEnglish 123
1. new wave  新潮流

2. sweat sth.
* means "sweat做动词有担心、沮丧两个意思"
* He is sweating his exams. He knows he hasn't studied enough. -- 担心
* We will definitely beat them next time around so don't sweat it that we lost today. -- 沮丧

3. get on somebody's nerves
* means "惹恼sb."
* My neighbors keep having late parties and the noise is getting on my nerves.
* When people smoke near me it really gets on my nerves.

4. bent out of shape
* means "气愤, 生气"
* He had a bad day at work and came home all bent out of shape.
* Don't get bent out of shape over something that's not important.

5. rack sb.'s brain 
* means "冥思苦想", from movie tunes

6. in vain
* means "徒然"
* search in vain  --  怎么也找不到


ActionEnglish 124
1. neorealism  新写实主义

2. wind up
* slang, means "两个人走到一起去了", wind up with sb.
* I hope to get married one day. I don't want to wind up on my own.
* I knew they were good friends at university but I never thought they had wind up together.

3. what's up
* 2 meanings: "how are you" or "what's happening"
* So what's up, are we going to the movies tonight?
* She's been really upset all day long. I don't know what's up with her.

4. watch your back
* means "be careful, 小心点"
* It's a very dangerous situation, you really need to watch your back to avoid getting hurt.
* If you don't watch your back in this company, you will find your colleagues taking advantage of you. -- "take advantage of" means "利用"

5. You feel me?
* means "你懂我的意思了么?"
* "sb. feel sb." means "sb.懂sb.的意思"
* I feel you my friend, I know exactly what you're saying.
* I've explained to him twice now but I am worried he doesn't feel what I am trying to tell him.


ActionEnglish 125
1. Art Director  艺术指导

2. fresh
* slang, 2 meanings: "不要脸的" or "行为举止不恰当的"
* If anyone acts fresh in class then the teacher send him straight out to the headmaster.
* He is very fresh; he's always asking girls he's just met to go out with him.

3. The drinks are on me
* means "喝的我请了"
* 摘录自影片

4. save face
* means "保住面子"
* He can't swim, but to save face, when they go to the lake he always says he's just eaten.
* After those big problems at the factory, to save face, the company had to blame the machinery. -- blame 责备,不要和flame(火焰)混淆

5. a sign of weakness
* means "弱者的特征"
* 摘录自影片,可以用a sign of表示...的特征


ActionEnglish 126
1. follow shot  跟镜头

2. break it down to somebody
* means "向sb.解释..., 向sb.解释明白了..."
* I don't understand this idea at all, you have to break it down to me.
* For his presentation he first gave us an overview then he broke down the ideas to help us understand.

3. take a hike
* means "go away, 哪凉快哪呆着去, 走人, 滚开"
* "hike" 是运动中的词,表示"徒步旅行"
* IMPORTANT: 如果要表示去一次徒步旅行,要用"go on hike", 不能用这里的"take a hike". take a hike 是 go away的意思。
* She was constantly being rude to me, so I told her to take a hike and leave me alone.
* He kept on getting into trouble at school so finally they told him to take a hike.


ActionEnglish 127
1. scheme
* slang, means "阴谋, 诡计"
* She's figured out a scheme to get us into the movies for free.

2. standoff
* means "僵局, 和局"
* Both sides would not give in. The debate ended in a standoff.

3. odd play
* means "一反常态的举动", odd是奇怪,weird的意思
* It was an odd play for you to vacation in Thailand, you don't even like to swim.
* Everyone thought that it was an odd play for her to quit her job - they didn't know she found a better one.

4. split up
* means "分开, break apart"
* The couple split up after 25 years of marriage.
* If we wanna find Angela, we should split up. It will be faster that way!

5. rush in -- 鲁莽, 做事不考虑


ActionEnglish 128
1. overdo it
* means "过火了, do something past accept limit"
* The doctor said I could play tennis if I didn't overdo it.

2. wouldn't dare
* means "不敢...", 后面加动词原型
* I wouldn't dare borrow my sister's car without asking. She'd kill me.
* He wouldn't dare lie to his mother - she always knows when he's lying.

3. can't afford to do sth.
* means "做...代价太高, 付不起代价做..."
* I can't afford to fail the test, it's worth 50% of my grade.
* They can't afford to fire him, he's a good employee.

4. side with someone
* side可以做动词,这个phrase means "偏向someone, 偏袒someone"
* The mayor decided to side with the workers in the strike.
* If the judge sides with me, I win the case!

5. linger -- 闲逛


ActionEnglish 129
1. off the charts
* means "破记录"
* His marks were off the charts. Nobody's ever scored that high on the test.
* She is the fastest swimmer on the team. Her time is off the charts.

2. someone is going nuts
* means "very excited, 可以是因为高兴,也可以是因为悲伤"
* The audience is going nuts. Their team just won the game.
* My husband is going nuts because I spent $500 on a pair of shoes today.

3. tidy up -- means "clean up"


ActionEnglish 130
1. go along with someone
* means "cooperate with someone, 赞成someone"
* Please go along with us on this. Why are you being so difficult?
* I will go along with you this time, but if you're wrong, I will never trust you again.

2. see through sb.
* means "看透sb."
* I could see through him, I knew he was a liar.
* Mom saw through me. She knew I skipped school today.


ActionEnglish 131
1. dialogue  对白

2. as nature intended
* means "to do sth. normal, 本能的要求, 身体的需要"
* Every weekend I drink beer as nature intended.
* 影片中的句子是:I must go do as nature intended. 指的是人物要去上厕所。

3. put sth. on the market
* means "sell"
* I put all of my old textbooks on the market for the new students.

4. a nest egg
* means "积蓄,储备金"
* His parents saved money for him since he was six so he would have a nice nest egg by the time he was 25.

5. I wanted it to be a surprise
* means "我想让你大吃一惊"
* 电影中的句子,摘录


ActionEnglish 132
1. scene  场景

2. no staying power
* means "没有长性,做事做不长"
* Her long resume with numerous jobs indicated that she had no staying power at any particular company.
* Tom was very passionate about his relationships at first, but he had no staying power and they ended quickly.

3. get under/underneath one's skin
* means "使...浑身不自在, 惹恼..."
* The crying baby on the airplane got under my skin and I couldn't wait to land.
* His bad habit of spitting got under my skin so badly that I finally had to say it.


ActionEnglish 133
1. director's cut  导演剪辑版

2. I get the picture
* means "understand the whole situation"
* After meeting his parents, Julie got the picture about her boyfriend.
* Once the managers explained all aspects of the project, I got the picture and understood my role much butter.

3. sb. know what sb. is doing
* means: 字面意思是sb.直到自己在干什么,引申意为"sb.很有经验,心中有数"
* When it comes to planning large events, she knows what she is doing.
* That team always wins. They really know what they are doing.

4. birthright
* "a person's birthright" means "应该继承的财产"
* As the oldest son, I will get the family farm as a birthright.
* The prodigal son claimed his birthright early and left home.


ActionEnglish 134
1. act like a clown
* means "扮小丑, 行为愚蠢"
* When the boys drink too much beer, they act like clowns.

2. bear with someone
* means "to be patient, 宽容, 容忍"
* This speech may take a while, so please bear with me.

3. French
* means "脏话, 这是一个专有意思"
* If I swear during the soccer game, please pardon my French in advance. -- 原谅我的脏话


ActionEnglish 135
1. done with
* 字典中的意思是"完毕", slang中有"够了, 腻了, 再也不想干..."的意思
* I am done with parties, I end up spending too much money so from now on I will be staying at home and reading.
* We graduated last week so now I am done with school forever!

2. grub
* slang中有“食物的意思"
* 摘录自电影 -- Come on, boys! It's grub time! 开饭了

3. niche
* means "一个很适合生存和发展的环境", find sb.'s niche
* My son has been at university for about six months but he is a little bit bored with ordinary university work. He is still having trouble finding his niche.
* He is been working as a journalist for many years but I think he has found that his true niche is travel writing.

4. steada
* equal to "Instead of", 用于口语, 字典上查不到这个词的


ActionEnglish 136
1. non-professional actors  非职业演员

2. get out
* means "泄露出去". This mustn't get out. 千万不能泄露出去
* It mustn't get out that I'm missing school tomorrow otherwise I will get in trouble.
* If we go to this party it mustn't get out as I told my other friends that I was staying at home.  -- as引出状语从句, 表因为

3. How about dinner?
* "how about...", 表 "建议" 或 "邀请"
* Seeing as your stove is broken, how about dinner tonight? -- "see as" means "鉴于", 电器坏了要说be broken
* If you finish work at 6:30, how about we go for a drink around 7?


ActionEnglish 137
1. clay mation  泥偶动画

2. while we're still young
* 就是"快点"的意思, 是个非常形象的说法。当我们看一个事情发展的太慢的时候,就可以这样说。字面意思就是“当我们还年轻的时候"
* I wish they'd finish the chess game while we're still young. They've been playing for three hours already.
* They need to score while we're still young. It's been a boring game so far.

3. be caught red-handed
* means "当场抓住"
* He'll definitely be going to jail. They caught him red-handed trying to take the jewelry out of the shop.
* He was just sneaking out the back door of the museum when the police caught him red-handed with the painting he'd stolen.

4. watcha == what are you
* So watcha gonna do?  ==  So what are you going to do?
* From "Movie Tunes"


ActionEnglish 138
1. single camera & multi camera  单机拍摄  多机拍摄

2. it's no good doing
* means "无济于事的..."
* It's no good going to the market right now. It's too late and it will be closed.
* I tried to get a cheap ticket to London, but it was no good. They'd already sold out.

3. in a tight spot
* means "身处困境", 后面可以加with表示身处...困境
* I've already spent all my wages this month so I'm in a tight spot with money.
* He hasn't done any review and there are only two days left so he's in a tight spot with his exams.


ActionEnglish 139
1. extreme long shot   大全景

2. show grit
* slang, means "show your determination/courage", grit是粗砂的意思,表示坚韧不拔
* Once the team started losing they didn't try anymore. They didn't show much grit.
* You need to show some grit if you want to succeed in the tough world of business.

3. track
* "track sth." means "follow sth., 跟踪, 追逐", track做动词用
* The police are secretly tracking the movements of a few suspects to try and gain some evidence.
* I've been trying to track down the book I lost last year.


ActionEnglish 140
1. aerial shot  航拍镜头

2. cross sb.
* slang, "cross sb." means "激怒sb., 惹恼sb."
* The gangster AI Capone used to get rid of anyone that crossed him.
* At our company if you cross him, he'll fire you right away.

3. check off
* means "核对, 核查"
* I need to go through the company's inventory and check off that everything is there.
* If you agree with the contract you can go through it and check off all the points and then just sign at the bottom.

4. beat someone up
* means "痛打someone"
* My younger brother and I always used to beat each other up, especially when we couldn't agree on what to watch on TV.


ActionEnglish 141
1. low key light  暗调照明

2. be left wide open
* means "状况很危险,容易受到攻击"
* With all their players down at the other end of the field they left themselves wide open for the other team to score a goal.
* He was always gossiping at work so he left himself wide open to be criticized by his colleagues.

3. forge --  伪造 v.    forger -- 伪造者

4. pick sth. up
* means "acquire sth."
* The course was one week long but I missed a few classes so I didn't really pick anything up.
* if you're going past the supermarket, could you please pick up some milk?

5. grieve -- v. 使悲痛,使伤心


ActionEnglish 142
1. eye-level shot  平视镜头

2. backtrack
* means "走回头路, 返回"
* Before the exam at the end of the year the teacher is going to backtrack over all the things we've learned.
* We got lost driving to Shunyi so had to backtrack quite a lot until we finally found the correct road.

3. something to be right under someone's nose
* means "就在眼皮下面,...显而易见"
* I can't believe you couldn't find your wallet. It was right under your nose sitting on the coffee table.
* I don't know why we're always looking for a new restaurant to go to when we've got an excellent one right under our noses near home.


ActionEnglish 143
1. omnivision  穹幕电影

2. fit in
* means "适应, 调和的很好, 融在一起"
* Many foreigners ride bicycles in China to fit in to society better.
* Because of her strange clothing, she didn't fit in well with the rest of the students.

3. upset sb.
* means "让sb.不喜欢,不安"
* Tommy upset his parents by failing his exam.
* She was upset when she broke up with her boyfriend.

4. raising you as my son
* here "raise" means "抚养", raise sb. as + 词组, raise sb. as if + 句子
* When his parents died, Kevin's auntie raised him as if he were her own son.
* I cared for my puppy as if I were raising a son.


ActionEnglish 144
1. A & B cutting   AB剪辑, 一次性拍完A和B的所有对白,然后剪辑成两人对话,这样可以节省拍摄时间

2. He's just impossible
* slang, "impossible" means "不可理喻"
* Your cat is simply impossible. He always runs around scratching things and does not listen to me.
* This science course is impossible! I will never get an A.

3. mark my words
* means "我担保, 我保证"
* The Houston Rockets will beat the Lakers, mark my words.
* You can mark my words he will never return.

4. pay
* 以前学过pay back
* 这次增加两个: pay for...(为...付出代价), pay off(还清, 得到报偿, 一般用被动式be paid off)
* He will pay for his crime in prison.
* My hard work was paid off and I got the position.

5. seal off
* means "封锁"
* The workmen sealed this area off so they could do some construction.
* When some chemicals leaked, the entire factory had to be sealed off.

6. frank, means "坦率的, 不修饰的, 自然的"
* frank old hills


ActionEnglish 145
1. NTSC制式, 每秒30 frames

2. a dime a dozen
* slang, means "不值钱的, 大把的, 多的是", 从字面意思看:一毛钱一打, dime == 10美分
* Bad managers are a dime a dozen but a good one is difficult to find.

3. stand up for sb.
* means "支持sb., 拥护sb., 为sb.辩护", 之前学过一个step up for sb., 相同的意思
* She stood up for me every time the bigger boys said bad things about me.
* Don't worry. In court, your lawyer will stand up for your rights.

4. jaws of death
* means "鬼门关, 死神"
* His drug addiction was so bad that it became his jaws of death.
* If you work too many hours, your job can become the jaws of death.

5. knight in shining armor
* means "骑士, 比光用knight生动一些"
* The princess waited in the tower for her knight in shining armor.
* I am waiting for my knight in shining armor to come help me with this math problem.

6. 两个电影中的词汇,很常用: insolence 傲慢/insolent 傲慢的,  innocence 清白/innocent 清白的

7. put sb. down
* "put down" means "不喜欢,不认同", 很常用


ActionEnglish 146
1. snap out of it
* slang, means "突然改变,突然变好起来, 摆脱不好的状态"
* I wish she would just snap out of it and get over her ex-boyfriend.
* Ben has been acting so strangely since seeing that film. I wish he would just snap out of it and be himself again.

2. seize sth.
* means "抓住sth., 掌控住"
* Seize the day because you never know what tomorrow will be like.
* He managed to seize the assets of the company before it went bankrupt. -- went bankrupt 倒闭

3. ransack our city
* "ransack" means "把...洗劫一空"
* Don't go out dating with that loser. He was so messy that his home always looked as though it had been ransacked.
* The rebel troops completely ransacked all the towns and villages in their path on their way to the capital.

4. fool around  鬼混,游荡,胡闹


ActionEnglish 147
1. keep on top
* means "in control of sth., 驾驭..., 掌控..."
* Studying isn't hard if you keep on top of it.
* I go to the bank twice a month to keep on top of my finances.

2. have a seat/take a seat
* means "sit down, sit down的语气要重一些,适合上司对下属讲。同级, 朋友之间适合用这两个phrase"
* Thanks for coming over, please have a seat.
* The boss pointed to a chair and said, "Have a seat".  --  这个boss还不错,没说sit down :)


ActionEnglish 148
1. blow sth.
* means "搞砸", 之前讲过blow,那时是挥霍的意思, blow这个词在口语中很常用
* This is your last chance to make the team, don't blow it.
* I blew my chances with Tina when I told her she looked fat.

2. setting an example
* means "树立榜样"
* By showing up early for work every day, the boss was setting a good example for his workers.

3. It must run in the family
* "run in the family" means "all the people in the family has the same feature, 世代相传, 遗传"
* Mark and his brother are both good musicians. Music runs in his family.

4. By all means, change it.
* "by all means" means "尽一切方法...,一定要..., 也可表示certainly, sure"
* If you're hungry, by all means, join us for lunch.
* May I use your cell phone? Sure, by all means.


ActionEnglish 149
1. tough break
* slang, means "不幸", 字面意思是"困难的休息, 休息也不容易",引申为不幸, get a touch break/is a tough break
* To lose a tennis match because of one bad call is a tough break.  --  bad call 误判
* Your girlfriend dumping you on your 40th birthday is a tough break.

2. wrap this one up
* means "打包, 在口语中这个词组的意思更多的是 尽快干完..., 比finish生动多了"
* Let's wrap this meeting up so we can all go home to our families.
* While we were winning the game, Coach told us to wrap this one up before the other team got ahead.

3. dead set on preventing it
* "dead set" means "another way of saying determing, 铁定了心",一般后面加on表示铁定了心...
* She was dead set on becoming a pop star, so she practised everyday.
* My mom is dead set on me going to graduate school. I guess I must go.

4. state of mind -- 心情,心境


ActionEnglish 150
1. duke it out
* "duke" in slang is "拳头", duke it out 打架
* We had to duke it out for the last piece of cake.
* There's only one shower in our apartment, my brothers and I had to duke it out to see who uses it first.

2. rub my nose in it
* "rub someone's nose in it" means "雪上加霜"
* Whenever Tim beats me at tennis, he rubs my nose in it. -- 每次Tim网球赢了我,他还嘲笑我(雪上加霜)

3. blow everything apart
* means "cause disorder and confusion, 把...都弄乱了", 之前学过了很多blow的词组
* When John quit the band, it really blew everything apart. He was the lead singer.
* We had all the details worked out for the party, and then Tony tried to help and blew everything apart.


ActionEnglish 151
1. property manager  道具管理员

2. chasing the skirt
* slang, means "追女孩", chase表追逐,也可以用pursue, pursue sb.也是追sb.的意思
* He never did well at university because he was always out drinking beer and chasing the skirt.

3. pull something off
* means "to do sth. beautifully, 努力实现, 搞定"
* I didn't think the dinner would go well, but we pulled it off beautifully.

4. get away with
* means "to escape the consequence of action, 逃避责任"
* Don't try to get away with cheating.

5. set someone up with someone
* means "介绍男/女朋友,搓合", set up的意思很多,以前说过一个是“陷害”
* My cousin is always trying to set me up with women from her office.


ActionEnglish 152
1. sword fighting  击剑

2. on the blink
* means "机器/仪表 出毛病了,坏了"
* I could not text message you because my mobile phone has been on the blink ever since I dropped it in the lake.

3. We go way back
* "go way back" 这个词组的真正意思和字面意思有点出入,字面意思是走回头路,这里的引申义是指两个人相识很久了,老交情了,走的路够多的了,都可以回头走了, HOHO
* Angela and I go way back, we've known each other since elementary school.
* My boss and I go way back. She was my boss at my first job.

4. We just clicked
* means "一拍即合, 一见如故, 一见钟情"
* I met my girlfriend at a party and we clicked right away. We ended up talking for five hours.


ActionEnglish 153
1. scene painter  布景师

2. the third wheel
* slang, means "person who is in the couple, 电灯泡, 多余的人"。轮子只有两个,硬要做第三个轮子
* It wasn't until I arrived at the party and met Suzie that I realized that I was the wheel on my friend's date.
* He felt like a third wheel because he doesn't know how to cook.

3. on to sb./sth.
* means "to know what someone is doing or plan to do, 识破sb./sth."
* After months of detective work, the police were finally on to the plans of the criminals.
* I want to keep the birthday present a secret, but I think she is on to me.

4. Take it on the chin
* means "忍气吞声"
* When I found out that you were lying to me, did you expect me just to take it on the chin and move on?
* When he was fired for no reason, he took it on the chin and looked for another job.

5. let down -- 失望, 伤心  以前学过let sb. down 就是让sb.失望的意思


ActionEnglish 154
1. supervisor  监制

2. Am I off base here?
* "off base" means "wrong about sth."
* The report was well written, but it was slightly off base.
* She was completely off base in thinking that I had lied to her.

3. grand
* means "a thousand dollars", 字典上查不到的
* At my first job out of university, I was only making twenty grand a year.
* If you have a child, it's very difficult to survive on thirty grand a year in New York City.

4. bust one's balls
* means "批评/嘲笑someone in friendly ways", 之前学过一个bust someone's ass
* My dad always busted my balls for being a terrible soccer player.
* Those guys busted my balls when I told them that I was going to marry the actress.


ActionEnglish 155
1. pre-recording  前期录音

2. treat
* slang, 做名词表示"小的奖励,一般是给宠物或孩子的"
* Our daughter Suzy was so quiet on the flight that we bought her ice cream as a treat.
* 做动词表示“款待sb., 请客”
* It was Nathan's birthday on Tuesday so we all treated him to dinner.
* 这里顺便提到了 吃饭AA制 -- split the bill,  my treat -- 我请客,我买单

3. off course
* means "偏离路线, 走错路"
* Because we didn't have an accurate map we went totally off course by mistake and arrived an hour late.
* I went off course during the boat race and got disqualified.

4. Line him up again
* "line up" means "排成一队, 排个队出来"
* The teacher lined up the naughty students and punished them.
* We've lined up five tickets for the soccer game tomorrow night.  --  我们排队买了五张票......

5. dead of night -- 深夜


ActionEnglish 156
1. stunt coordinator  武术指导

2. lose one's appetite
* means "没胃口了, 没了食欲"
* I think drinking too much beer this evening has made me lose my appetite.
* Watching this horror movie on TV has made me lose my appetite. 

3. have contact
* means "有联系, 有联络"
* I haven't had any contact with the boss recently so I am not sure what the company's plans are.
* You should contact with the professor before you leave for your vacation.

4. at all times -- always, 一直, 总是,不要老用always, often,用这个phrase好多了

5. long for sth. -- 渴望,极度想得到sth.


ActionEnglish 157
1. costume designer  服装设计

2. come for
* "come for sb./sth." means "arrive for particular sb./sth."
* The postman is going to come for the parcels around 3pm.
* My mother can't come for me because her car broken down.

3. take place -- happen, 发生,多用词组,比用happen生动

4. pick up
* 意思非常多的一个词组,前面讲过很多了,这次是一个新的意思
* 当这个词组和电子仪器使用的时候,词组的意思是“接收”
* My stereo isn't working very well, I can't pick up any radio stations.


ActionEnglish 158
1. tripod  三脚架

2. clear back
* "clear back/out" means "remove, get sth. out of the way, 去除..."
* I want you to clear out all the trash from your room before she comes over.
* The spectators had to be cleared back from the field because they were getting too close to the players.

3. make one's move
* means "perform an important/surprising action, 采取行动"
* We need to have all the necessary information on the company before we make our move and try to buy it.
* Tomorrow I'll make my move and ask the girl out to dinner.

4. let sb. be
* means "别打扰sb., 让sb.静一静"
* 来自Movie Tunes,很不错的phrase
* Will it let me be? 让我静一会好么?
* 如果有人烦你的时候,就可以说let me be


ActionEnglish 159
1. blind luck
* slang, means "撞大运"
* It was blind luck that I found 100RMB on the ground.
* Success is not gained through blind luck, you have to work hard for it.

2. I'm in
* means "I will take part in this activity, 算我一个"
* If you can find enough people to play base ball, I'm in.

3. draw straws -- 抽签, from move tune

4. birds of a feather -- 物以类聚, 一丘之貉, 我们都一样, from move tunes, 很实用 :)
* bird有很多种feather,颜色不同,形状不同,所以,birds of a feather就是同一类羽毛的birds,引申为一丘之貉


ActionEnglish 160
1. hold up
* two meanings -- slow down & delay
* I asked my tennis partner to hold up so I could tie my shoelace. -- slow down
* The plane was held up for 1 hour because of a snowstorm.  --  delay

2. hard to believe
* means "难以置信, incredible"
* It's hard to believe that you're a grandfather. You look so young!
* It's hard to believe that I'm graduating from college. It feels like I just started.


ActionEnglish 161
1. look sharp
* means "be alert, 机灵点, 提高警惕/注意力"
* Our boss told us to look sharp when the president comes for a visit.
* It's hard for the soccer team to look sharp when it's 40 degrees outside.

2. worth a try
* means "值得一试"
* Applying for that job is worth a try, you might get it.
* If you like her, it's worth a try to ask her out. She might say yes.

3. snap judgment
* means "做决定/判断太草率,太仓促了"
* I'm sorry I called your boyfriend playboy, it was a snap judgment. I don't even know him.
* You shouldn't have fired me without listening to my explanation. It was a snap judgment.


ActionEnglish 162
1. let's roll
* means "let's go", 之前讲过:Ready to roll?
* If the waitress doesn't take our order soon, we're rolling.
* I don't like this dance club, let's roll.

2. set up for life
* means "have enough money for rest of you life, 一辈子都衣食无忧"
* 以前学过很多set up的意思,这个词组意思很多
* If I win the lottery, I'll be set up for life.
* Marry him, and she will be set up for life.

3. nail someone to the wall
* means "punish someone seriously, 重重的惩罚someone"
* 以前学过:get nailed  一样的意思
* He got nailed to the wall for cheating on the test.
* If you get caught stealing, you will get nailed to the wall.


ActionEnglish 163
1. prop maker 道具制作人

2. get real
* means "to think reasonably, 现实一点"
* When I tell people that I want to be a billionaire, they just tell me to get real.
* I wish my parents would get real, they think that I will graduate with the best grades in the country.

3. shrink
* slang, 来自影片,Duren没说这个词,这个词本意是收缩,在美国俚语中用这个词表示“神经科医生”或本片中的意思“心理医生”

4. few and far between
* means "it's rare, 稀少"
* Fresh strawberries out of season are few and far between.
* It hasn't been a very wet summer, rainy days have been few and far between.
* Good men are few and far between in this world.  -- 好男人很少, 来自影片

5. Find yourself a keeper
* "keeper" means "人/东西你愿意和他长期在一起的, 伴儿"
* Ever since my dog followed me home when he was a puppy, I knew he was a keeper.
* The photos taken on my 18th birthday party are keepers. I've framed them and hung them on my wall.


ActionEnglish 164
1. gaffer  照明电工

2. He's hanging in there
* means "坚持,保持"
* At first, I didn't wanna finish the book because it was so long, but I hung in there and read it to the end.
* The hours of training everyday made the athlete want to quit, but he hung in there and won the competition.

3. flag you down
* "flag sb. down" means "attract sb.'s attention"
* When it begain to rain, I had to flag down a taxi.
* When I arrived at the crowded nightclub, my friend had to flag me down by yelling.

4. I'm wired
* "be wired" means "to be full of energy, 精力充沛"
* After three cups of coffee last night I felt totally wired.
* The coach did his best to make the team feel wired before their big game.


ActionEnglish 165
1. equipment staff   场工   

2. thanks a bunch
* means "thanks a lot"
* I thanked my parents a bunch after they gave me a present for my birthday.
* There were a bunch of reasons why I couldn't go to the marathon on the weekend.

3. show business
* means "做做样子", 以前学过一个类似的词:window-dressing
* The manager seemed full of confidence to the other executives, but that was just show business.
* It was just show business when the man tried to attract women by wearing expensive suits.

4. Slide over to my place.
* "slide" means "非常口语化的表示旅行, 去什么地方的说法"
* We had dinner at home first, then we wanted to slide into town for some more drinks.
* I had spent enough time in one place, and decided it was time to slide and go somewhere different.


ActionEnglish 166
1. period film  古装片

2. take it easy
* means "relax"
* The doctor told me to take it easy and get lots of rest.

3. propose a toast
* means "祝酒词, 用在敬酒的时候用"
* At my friend's farewell I proposed a toast to his travel and his new job.
* At the graduation party they proposed a toast to the end of the school and the beginning of adult life.

4. want a crack at
* "want/have a crack at sth." means "attempt to do sth.  企图想涉足...,想干..."
* I was never an athletic person, but I wanted to have a crack at basketball.


ActionEnglish 167
1. be jinxed
* means "被诅咒的, 不吉利的"
* After three divorces she started to believe the marriage was jinxed.
* He felt that the summer was jinxed because there had even been one hot day.

2. I have a feeling about you.
* "have a feeling about someone" means "对someone有一种感觉,可以是好的感觉,也可以是坏的感觉"
* 如果是对什么东西有一种感觉,那么要用句型 have a feeling that + sentence
* Even though the evidence proved otherwise, the judge had a feeling that the man on trial was guilty.
* After meeting my boss for the first time, I have a feeling that we would get along.  --  get along 表示处的不错,处得来

3. push
* means "引申意思,表示 惹恼someone"
* Don't push me when I am tired or I will get angry.
* The students pushed the teacher so much that he resigned. -- resign 辞职

4. maid -- 来自影片,slang,表示“马子,女朋友”,应该是比较粗俗的说法


ActionEnglish 168
1. a power trip
* slang, means "自我膨胀,自大", on a power trip
* It was a power trip for Tim when all his classmates began asking him for help with their work.
* When the employer is on a power trip, he thinks it gives him the right to be rude to everyone that works for him.

2. see someone's moves
* means "看看someone的表现"
* The cameraman told the model he wanted to see her moves for the music video.
* He loved going to nightclubs because all the girls could see his moves on the dance floor.

3. on the spot
* means "当场, 立即, 当机立断"
* When the boy told his girlfriend that he had cheated on her, she broke up with him on the spot.
* The woman started spending money on the spot after she found out she had won the lottery.

4. fence in
* means "控制, 原意是 以栅栏或铁丝网围着"
* to be fenced in / fence sb. in


ActionEnglish 169
1. Dustin Hoffman  达斯汀-霍夫曼

2. a one night stand
* means "一夜情"
* Although she only had a one night stand with him, she still thought about him often.
* He wished that it hadn't been a one night stand because he had left his bag at her house and wanted to get it back.

3. owe a favor
* means "欠个人情"
* I owe my sister a favor because she lent me money when I couldn't pay my rent.
* Just because he gave me a ride home he thinks I owe him a favor in return.  -- give sb. a ride home  送sb.回家

4. burst sb.'s bubble
* means "让sb.失望/沮丧"
* I got a second audition for the role in the movie, but it really burst my bubble when I didn't get the part.
* I didn't want to burst the boy's bubble by telling him that his favorite comic book characters weren't real.


ActionEnglish 170
1. a lifer
* means "...干一辈子, 做很久"
* My dream job is to be a lifer on a famous television show.
* The guilty criminal got a lifer, he was sentenced to forty years in prison. -- sentence做动词是宣判、判决的意思

2. You got me?
* means "Do you understand me?", get sb. means understand sb.
* I want you home before midnight, you got me?
* Sometimes I just don't get my friend. He hardly eats anything, but he's never hungry.

3. carsick  --  adj. 晕车的
* 影片中的,很常用


ActionEnglish 171
1. AVID  视频编辑系统

2. Monster Inc.  怪兽公司 Inc. means incorporated

3. natural
* means "天才, 天生就是干...的料", 做名词
* He is a natural sportsman. He never trains but still does very well.
* It was the first time he'd acted but he was very good, definitely a natural.

4. sweet
* means "nice, very good"
* He has got a sweet job. He just needs to sit and read books all day.
* He had a sweet season last year, he played great at every game.

5. I'm on a roll today
* "on a roll" means "越来越顺,字面意思是滚起来了,所以引申义就是越来越顺了"
* I've really been on a roll. I've had five dates in the last week.
* He's made 6 goals. He's on a roll this game!


ActionEnglish 172
1. monitor 监视器

2. to go
* means "外卖, get food take away"
* KFC问“在这吃还是带走”就可以说“for here or to go?”
* I'll have two Big Macs and a large fries to go, please.  -- Macs 巨无霸, fries 薯条
* I don't have time to eat at a restaurant so I'll order some food to go.

3. memo
* means "备忘录"
* After the conference I wrote a memo on the ideas we had discussed.
* When is the company trip to Beidaihe? I didn't get the memo.

4. It's dancing with joy
* "dance with joy" means "高兴的手舞足蹈"
* When I got my paycheck I was so happy I was dancing with joy.
* I was dancing with joy when I met my close friend at the airport.


ActionEnglish 173
1. stereo sound  立体声

2. a way out of this mess
* means "摆脱混乱的局面"
* The traffic is terrible today! We need to find a way out of this mess!
* I have 3 exams and an interview tomorrow. I really need a way out of this mess!

3. get over here
* means "come over, 来我这", get over to some place, here/there/home这些词前省略介词to
* 之前学过get over, means "forget"
* I need you to get over to my office to help me with this report.
* Can you get over to my place and then we'll go to the party together.

4. busy bee
* means 形容"又忙效率又很高的人"
* He's not much of a busy bee. It always takes him hours to do a small piece of work.
* I was a real busy bee yesterday and painted the whole house.

5. take off some pounds  --  "减肥" 来自影片,以前学过keep fit,但是感觉这个更形象和口语化一点


ActionEnglish 174
1. film projection  电影放映, projection是发射的意思

2. do the honors
* means "很有幸的做..., 有荣幸做..."
* Why don't you do the honors and open the bottle of champagne for us all?
* I will do the honors and open the gift, shall I?

3. undercover work
* means "秘密工作"
* The police have to work undercover to capture the drug dealers. -- dealer 经销商
* James Bond works undercover to get secret information from his enemies.

4. so long
* means "再见", 一般这个短语用在两人要有一段时间不见了,用这个“再见”
* I'll see you when you return to Beijing, so long.
* Take care and so long, I hope you have a good trip.


ActionEnglish 175
1. standard lens   标准镜头   lens是镜头的意思

2. throw it all away
* slang, means "浪费机会,白白浪费机会", throw it all away + doing sth.  浪费机会去做...
* He was a great success until he threw it all away gambling.
* You could do so much with your life. So don't quit school and throw it all away.

3. till the end of somebody's days
* means "直到sb.的最后一天,直到死的那一天"
* He lived in the same apartment till the end of his days.
* My grandparents were married till the end of their days.

4. I keep a low profile
* means "我很低调", low profile. 张扬,高调就是high profile
* I was late for work today. I should keep a low profile so the boss doesn't notice.
* Dave's keeping a low profile until his exam is over. He really wants a good grade.

5. speak of
* means "mention, 谈及, 提及"
* He speaks of you often.


ActionEnglish 176
1. color reversal film   彩色反转片 

2. be my guest
* slang, means "你想做什么就做什么"
* If you think you can do the job, be my guest and give it a try.
* Can I try your new badminton racket? Sure, be my guest!

3. I have to hand it to ya.
* means "I have to congratulate you."
* "hand it to ya" means "congratulations",   ya = you
* I have to hand it to ya, I mean that is a great party.
* I don't know how you meet so many girls, I have to hand it to ya.

4. come through
* means "帮了一把,帮了大忙, 在关键的时候帮助"
* My brother really came through when he lent me the money to pay for college.
* Thanks for driving me to work this morning, you really came through. I would have been late! -- 注意would have been虚拟语气


ActionEnglish 177
1. resolution capability  分辨率

2. not know any better
* slang, means "年纪小不懂事"
* Don't punish my son for stealing, he doesn't any better now.
* You can't get mad at the dog for ruining your shoes, he doesn't know any better.  -- get mad at, 用at这个介词/形容动物,不分公母的话,可以用he,不要用it

3. welcome to the club
* means "同病相怜/彼此彼此"
* Your girlfriend dumped you? Welcome to the club, mine dumped me last week.
* I hope my band gets famous. Welcome to the club - who doesn't want to be a rockstar?

4. get sour
* means "sth.变得让人不愉快了"
* The game got sour when all the players started yelling at the referee.
* The date got sour when my ex-girlfriend showed up last night.

5. hit the ground
* means "非常快的跑掉"
* If you stop me, I'll hit the ground.


ActionEnglish 178
1. sound studio  录音棚

2. I didn't catch it
* "catch it" means "understand or hear it", 不明白或没听到
* What did the weather report say? I didn't catch it.
* What was her name again? I didn't catch it when she was introduced.

3. We're on it.
* means "一件事情我们已经在做,或准备开始做了"
* The boss asked us if we could finish the report by 5pm, I told him we were on it.
* Did you remember to call your mother? No, but I'll get on it.

4. pain in the neck
* means "一个人/一个事情让你气恼,头疼"
* Her sister is a pain in the neck, she's always stealing Nancy's clothes.
* I really wish my ex-boyfriend would stop calling me. He's such a pain in the neck.


ActionEnglish 179
1. trick shot  欺骗性镜头

2. You are a sneak
* "sneak" means "鬼鬼祟祟,神神秘秘,神出鬼没", 可表示贬义和褒义,都可以
* You threw me a surprise party? You're such a sneak.
* You sneak! How did you get into the movies without paying?

3. good for a laugh
* means "人/东西很逗,很有意思"
* My uncle's always good for a laugh. He tells funny stories.
* The movie is worth seeing, it's good for a laugh.

4. Wow, heavy, Pilot and Philosopher.
* "heavy" means "人很深沉 / 东西很深刻"
* The book I am reading is heavy. It's making me think seriously about my life.
* Duran is a heavy guy, he's always talking about philosophy.


ActionEnglish 180
1. view finder  取景器

2. sugar coated
* means "粉饰"
* I told Jessica what happened, but I had to sugar coat it. She doesn't like to hear bad news.
* Don't sugar coat the truth, tell me everything.

3. It's like trying to find a flea on an elephant's ass.
* "a flea on an elephant's ass" means "海底捞针, real hard to find"
* Trying to find you in a crowd is like trying to find a flea on an elephant's ass, it's impossible.
* The studio is hard to find! I feel like I'm trying to find a flea on an elephant's ass.


ActionEnglish 181
1. time code  时间码

2. piss something away
* means "waste something"
* My father thinks I am pissing my life away because I am in a rock band.
* I could have gone to Sydney, but I pissed all my money away gambling.

3. never look back
* means "never regret your decisions, 不后悔"
* After I moved to Beijing, I never looked back. I love it here.
* I quit the band and never looked back. I made it as a rock star on my own.

4. bow out
* means "quit, 由...退出,从容隐退"
* from the movie directly
* bow的过去式是bowed

5. tear asunder
* means "扯碎,撕碎"
* from the movie tunes
* tear的过去式和过去分词是torn


ActionEnglish 182
1. material   素材

2. What's the deal here?
* deal 有很多意思,之前说过较多的意思是“交易,买卖”
* means "what's going on?/what's happen?"
* You said you'd pick me up at 10 and it's now 11, what's the deal?
* What's the deal, are you coming to the party or not?

3. be smart about something
* means "to be wise and practical, 聪明一点, 现实一点"
* You have to be smart about the kinds of friends you make. Not everyone is honest.
* If you wanna be a famous actress, you have to be smart about it and take good roles.


ActionEnglish 183
1. keep track of time
* means "掌控好时间"
* I have to be somewhere at 8pm so I'd better keep track of the time.
* Joe can't keep track of time and he is often late for important meetings.

2. slip away
* means "go away without notice, 溜走"
* I think I am gonna try to slip away from this party early tonight so I can have a good rest.
* As we get older, time seems to slip away much faster.

3. end up
* 可以用来形容地方或情感,形容地方表示“到了...地方”
* 加情感表示end with some emotion,比如"end up happy" mean "in the end, I feel happy"


ActionEnglish 184
1. West Side Story  西区故事

2. how come
* slang, means "Why?"
* 和Why的区别是Why后面要加一个疑问句的句型,而How come后面加陈述句的句型
* How come you are always late for work?
* I wonder how come Beth scored better than Bob on the exam when Bob's English is much better?

3. pass away
* means "a gentle and polite way of saying die"
* Jeff's grandparents passed away last year in an auto accident.
* Tom was very sad after his dog passed away after ten years.

4. Master's
* means "硕士学位", 同理Bachelor's 学士学位
* I'm thinking about going back to scholl to get my Master's.
* He has a bechelor's degree in Philosophy and a master's in Art History.

5. May it be
* means "但愿如此", from movie tunes


ActionEnglish 185
1. run around
* slang, two meanings: 在一段时间内去了很多地方, 东奔西跑, 很忙 & 沾花惹草, cheat on somebody
* After running around doing all of those errands, I just wanna relax and watch TV.
* He is a very good husband and never runs around on his wife.

2. She looked out for you
* "look out" means "关照, 照顾"
* I have three older brothers who look out for me.
* Lily is thankful to have such good friends who always look out for her.

3. call for sb./sth.
* "call for sb." means "来找 sb."
* "call for sth." means "predict, 预测 sth."
* Hello? Yes, I am calling for Ann. Is she there?
* They are calling for rain tomorrow so I don't think we will be able to visit the zoo.


ActionEnglish 186
1. a couple things
* "a couple" means "two or a few",两个意思,两个或一些(但不多) 
* I need to finish a couple things at the office and then I will come home.
* It took a couple weeks, but the letter finally arrived.

2. sweetheart
* means "亲爱的,宝贝,甜心",恋人或父母、小孩之间都可以用
* Sweetheart, what should we do on Valentine's day?
* I can't believe you baked his cake for me! You are such a sweetheart.

3. do the town
* means "看遍,玩遍这个城市"
* I am gonna do this town.


ActionEnglish 187
1. Easy on the fluids!
* "easy on"/"go easy on" means "悠着点,节制点"
* Easy on the beer. You don't wanna have a hangover tomorrow, do you?
* If you wanna lose weight, you should go easy on the fried foods.

2. suck up to
* "suck up to someone" means "讨好/献媚/阿谀奉承someone"
* Eve is always sucking up to her boss, telling him how wonderful he is.

3. take a toll
* means "很大的影响,一般是不好的影响"
* Eating too much chocolates will take a toll to you.


ActionEnglish 188
1. ditch
* means "摆脱/甩掉 someone/something"
* Your car is a worthless piece of junk, you should ditch it by the side of the road!

2. work on
* means "提高..., improve"
* You play tennis very well, but I think you should work on your backhand stroke.

3. Hold it right there!
* "hold it" means "stop, don't continue, 等一下"
* Hold it! This bottle is leaking. Use a different one.


ActionEnglish 189
1. drop in
* means "顺路拜访, 不事先通知的拜访", 后加someone要加介词on -- drop in on someone
* Drop in whenever you're in Haidian. I'd love to see you.
* My best friend lives in this neighbourhood. Let's drop in on her.

2. beat it
* means "go away or leave immediately", 很硬的一个词,中文可翻成“滚开,走开”
* Can you please tell your dog to beat it? I'm allergic to dogs.

3. have something in mind
* means "to have a plan or intention, 有了一个成熟的想法/计划/盘算"
* Do you wanna go out tonight? Sure. What do you have in mind?

4. every now and then
* means "sometimes, 有时"
* Do you eat meat? Every now and then.

5. reach out
* means "伸出"


ActionEnglish 190
1. mess with someone
* means "对待someone很惹人烦,滋事"
* 之前学过mess with sth.,表示搞砸sth.
* A drunk guy at the bar tried to mess with me, but the bartender kicked him out.

2. Put yourself in your kid's shoes
* "put yourself in someone's shoes" means "imagine if you are in that situation, 换位思考"
* Put yourself in your father's shoes. He works everyday. That's why he's always tired.

3. Hop in.
* "hop in/out" means "get in/out cool,quickly, 很酷, 很快的 进入/出来 交通工具"
* Can you give me a ride to the airport? Sure. Hop in.

4. have a ball
* means "狂欢"
* We are gonna have us a ball on the beach.


ActionEnglish 191
1. die down
* means "渐渐的平息下去", 事情、天气 平息下来等都可以用这个词
* The big fuss over Real Madrid playing in Beijing died down after the game.
* We're hoping for the storm to die down before we go out sailing. Otherwise it could be too dangerous.

2. make sb. look bad
* means "让sb.难堪"
* I had a job interview yesterday but I arrived late, which made me look bad.
* I didn't wanna look bad so although I hadn't started the project I lied to my boss and told him that I'd almost finished all my work.

3. grant sb one's request
* means "批准sb.的请求", 不能直接用grant one's request, sb.不能省
* I needed to take a few days off university to go home and my professor agreed to grant me my request, so I'm leaving tomorrow.
* The embassy granted me my visa request so now I can book my airline ticket.

4. out of place
* means "无所适从, 没有归属感"
* You'll be coming home soon, and you are out of place.


ActionEnglish 192
1. mixer  混音器

2. had it with
* "have had it with sb./sth." means "受够了, 无法忍受了"
* The trains are always running late. I've absolutely had it with them! -- run late 晚点
* I've had it with all this traffic. It's impossible to get across town these days.

3. take a job
* means "accept to do it",口语中,take经常可以做accept的意思
* I got offered a job at a bank but I didn't take it. The hours were too long.
* I've always wanted to travel so I wanna take a job that sends me overseas a lot.

4. too good to be ture
* means "it's very almost surprising good, 太棒了,难以置信的棒"
* I managed to pass all my exams. It was almost too good to be ture!
* I've been selected to play for the Beijing football team. I can't believe it, it's almost too good to be ture.

5. stand by someone
* means "支持someone"
* 之前讲过很多词组都是支持的意思了,比如:behind, step up for sb., stand up for sb.


ActionEnglish 193
1. animal training  动物训练

2. sweet
* 形容人的话,表示人真好
* I'm a very sweet son. Although I'm busy at work, I visit my parents every day.
* She was very sweet and bought me flowers and took me out to dinner for my birthday.

3. order another round
* "round" means "一轮,一圈,一个回合"
* Before we go we should play one more round of poker.
* I bought the last round of beers so now it's someone else's turn to go to the bar and get some.

4. Are you kidding?
* "kid" 作动词 means "make a joke or act silly"
* If you get caught kidding around in class and not concentrating on the work then the teacher will get very upset.
* My friend told me that the basketball game was off tomorrow. Luckily he was only kidding it's still going ahead.

5. reprise
* 这个词出现在歌曲中,表示“翻唱版”

6. 两个单词,常用:rejoice 狂欢,使高兴   embrace 拥抱,可做动词和名词


ActionEnglish 194
1. off-line editing 非线性编辑 

2. cheer sb. up
* means "让sb.高兴起来", 做名词的话是:cheering up
* After I failed my driving test I needed some cheering up so my friends took me out to a nightclub.
* I wanted to cheer my mother up when she was feeling sick, so I bought her a large bunch of flowers.

3. gall
* means "勇气,胆量"
* Tony never comes to work on time, I can't believe he has the gall to ask the boss for a raise.
* You sleep until noon everyday. How can you have the gall to accuse other people being lazy?

4. give away the ending
* means "泄露结局", "give away" means "送掉, 分发, 放弃, 泄露, 出卖, 让步, 陷下"
* I prefer to go to movies on my own because if I go with friends sometimes, they ruin it by giving away the ending.
* I read the book before I saw the film so I already knew what was gonna happen, the book had given away the ending.


ActionEnglish 195
1. there is much more to sb./sth.
* means "sb./sth. 不是看起来这么简单"
* John looks like a dumb athlete, but there's much more to him than that. He also has a law degree from Princeton and is a good painter.
* Many people expect Sue to be naive because she grew up in the countryside but there is much more to her than that. She has traveled all over the world.

2. offensive
* means "大规模的进攻", 军事术语, offensive against
* During the war the Japanese launched a large offensive to the south and were able to capture Singapore.
* Napoleon's offensive against Russia in 1812 failed because of the cold winter.

3. full retreat
* means "全面撤退", 军事中常用的词组, 日常也可以使用, make a full retreat/in full retreat,一个动态的,一个静态的
* They were trying to climb to the top of the mountain but when a storm came they had to make a full retreat and get back to the camp.
* The company tried to open branches in American but it has been in full retreat since it lost millions of dollars.


ActionEnglish 196
1. high stakes
* slang, means "生死攸关的, 紧要关头, 能决定好或坏的紧要关头"
* The company is playing for high stakes, if the takeover bid goes well then they'll make a huge amount of money, if not, they might go bankrupt.
* It's high stakes for the Beijing team in tonight's game. If they win they can make it to the finals, if they lose it'll be the end of their season.

2. lodge a complaint
* means "正式的提出起诉、诉讼"
* The airline lost my bags so I had to lodge a complaint to make sure I got them back.
* It is useless to lodge a complaint about the bad service at the bank. Nobody cares about the complaints.

3. What did you do for a living?
* means "what job you have, 你是干什么的?你是做哪行的?"
* I've been working as a writer for the four years, it's what I do for a living.
* I enjoy being a gardener, but it's not much for a living. I only get paid RMB 300 a month.

4. long time coming
* means "等待已久,等待了很久"


ActionEnglish 197
1. be thrown to the wolves
* means "被送入虎口, 被置入险境, 被抛弃", 中文说老虎,老外用的是狼
* After the Beijing soccer team did really badly last season they all blamed the captain. He was really thrown to the wolves by his teamates.
* When our chairman criticized the work of our company my boss told him it was all my fault. He totally threw me to the wolves and I was very upset.

2. be fond of
* means "like", be quite fond of -- 非常喜欢
* I am getting rather fat these days. It's because I am quite fond of chocolate ice cream and can't stop eating it.
* I am not very fond of drinking beer so I don't often go out to bars and nightclubs.


ActionEnglish 198
1. a rapport
* means "融洽, 和谐", build up a rapport
* My college roomate and I lived together for one year, but we never got on very well. I was never able to build up any rapport with him.
* Everyone at my office has a very good rapport we enjoy working together.

2. play one's part
* means "做份内的事"
* Five of us are going camping next week so I need to play my part and get the food organized. The others are looking after the tent and equipment.
* We had a conference at work today and were told that everyone needs to play their part if we're to successfully finish all our new projects.

3. confess to
* means "admit that you did"
* The criminal will definitely be going to jail because as soon as the police arrested him, he confessed.
* My parents weren't very happy because I had to confess to them that I didn't get home until four o'clock in the morning.


ActionEnglish 199
1. take the wheel
* means "掌控, 掌握住...,如某种局面", wheel是轮子, 谁拿走了轮子谁当然就能掌握这个东西
* My little sister is terrible at cooking! She should let me take the wheel for this dinner party.
* I really don't understand how to fix this computer. Can you take the wheel?

2. Who's with me?
* means 1."who wants to join me?"    2."谁同意我"   今天只讲第一个意思
* I am going to that new Japanese restaurant to eat some sushi. Who's with me?
* I wanna study English at Action English Program. Who's with me?


ActionEnglish 200
1. the boot fits
* 这里boot是靴子的意思, 做名词。所以这个词组在上下文中的意思是“按照某人/某物的个性,品行,做...很合适,很匹配”
* If the boot fits, you should take this new job. -- 按照你的个性,我认为这份工作很适合你。
* I am so glad Jane decided to become a dancer. The boot really fits.

2. take it back
* means "apologies for what you said, take back what you've said"
* It wasn't nice of you to make fun of your little brother. Take it back and never do it again.
* I can't believe you told your girlfriend she was fat! If you don't take it back, you may never see her again.


ActionEnglish 201
1. way to go
* means "干得漂亮"
* You got a perfect grade on your English exam! Way to go!
* Yao Ming had a great season. Way to go, Yao Ming!

2. point fingers
* means "推卸责任, 把手指指向别人"
* Children often point fingers when they don't wanna get in trouble.
* How was Bill's party last night? Oh, it was a disaster! Everybody started pointing fingers when Bill couldn't find his wallet.


ActionEnglish 202
1. I could use a hand
* means "我需要别人的帮助"
* Are you busy? I could use a hand with dinner.
* Lisa is moving into her new apartment this weekend. Let's go help her. She could probably use a hand.

2. It'll be fun while it lasts.
* means "过程是愉悦的"
* Don't be sad about graduating from college. It'll be fun while it lasts.
* Although true love might not last forever, it'll be fun while it lasts.

3. soar
* verb, means "fly high and graceful"


ActionEnglish 203
1. 《Glory》  光荣,荣誉

2. cut someone some slack
* means "原意是 -- 放松,引申义为 -- 放someone一马"
* The professor cut me some slack and didn't reduce my score for being late.
* Please cut me some slack in the rope so I can untie the boat.  --  这里是“放松”的意思

3. stand someone up
* means "放someone的鸽子", 以前学过是stand up for sb. 这是表示support sb.
* After she stood me up a second time, I never agreed to go on a date with her again.
* Don't stand us up, Phil. We expect you at the staff meeting tomorrow.  --  staff meeting 员工大会

4. will do
* means "another way of saying OK, 照办"
* Evelyn, will you please file these papers? Will do, Mr. Weng.  -- file做名词是 把...归档 的意思
* Please don't forget to call me when you arrive. Will do. Talk to you soon.


ActionEnglish 204
1. on second thought
* means "转念一想"
* On second thought, I will take the subway instead of a taxi.
* Let's go to the cinema. No, wait. On second thought, I would rather just go for a walk.

2. till your heart's content
* means "直到你满意为之", content本身就有满足的意思,出了“内容”这个意思之外
* Knock it off. After I leave, you can play loud rock music until your heart's content.
* The beer is free at the party so you can drink until you heart's content.

3. at one's disposal
* means "任意支配,任意指挥和操纵"
* I always like to have a car at my disposal in case I want to take a trip to the countryside.
* He was so rich that he never had less than ten servants and a million dollars at his disposal.


ActionEnglish 205
1. stay on sth.
* means "跟住sth., 关注sth."
* Please stay on this case. I don't wanna lose it.
* There's the car. Let's stay on it and see where it goes.

2. take sb. down
* means 1."defeat sb."   2."remove from power, 赶下台"
* Come on team! Let's take them down and go home!
* My boss is a terrible person. I'd like to take him down and take over this company.

3. Let's hustle.
* means "move quickly"
* We better hustle or we'll be late for the film.
* She hustled up to the gate just in time to see her plane take off without her.


ActionEnglish 206
1. Sean Connery   肖恩 康纳利

2. pull out
* means "leave, exit", pull out of...
* All of the trucks pulled out of the gas station at the same time.
* Three team members were pulled out of the game for fighting.

3. clockwork
* means "很守时,很准点"
* The trains at this station are like clockwork. They depart and arrive precisely on time every day.

4. get on board
* means 1. "join the team"    2. "get on a ship/airplane"
* Now that you have seen the plan for the project so are you on board?
* Let's get on board this plane quickly, so we can take off on time.


ActionEnglish 207
1. Tom Cruise   汤姆 克鲁斯

2. chilly
* means "cold, 气温低"
* Can I close the windows? It's getting a little chilly in here.
* It will be chilly tonight. You should bring a jacket when you go out.

3. none of somebody's business
* means "不关somebody的事", 这个词组有点粗鲁
* You are going on a date tonight? With who? It's none of your business.

4. leave one's husband/wife
* means "stop living with husband/wife"
* Cindy and her husband argued a lot. That's why she left him.

5. keep away from
* means "远离, stay away from"


ActionEnglish 208
1. Why didn't you say so?
* means "why didn't you tell me before? 为什么不早说"
* Can we finish this tennis game another time? I twisted my ankle yesterday. Of course! Why didn't you say so?

2. catch sb. by surprise
* means "unexpected and surprise sb.  吃了一惊,吓了一跳"
* Seeing Joe at the concert really caught me by surprise. I thought he hated opera.

3. It's no big deal
* "a big deal" means "something is important"
* I'd like to get a haircut this weekend. But if I can't, it's no big deal.  -- 无所谓, 无关紧要


ActionEnglish 209
1. put someone through to sb.
* means "接通sb."
* Hello, can you please put me through to Mr. Weng? He's expecting my call.
* I am sorry, I can't put you through to Mr. Weng right now. His phone is busy.

2. give you the chills
* means "make you very scared, 让你害怕"
* The best ghost stories are the ones that give you the chills.
* Have you seen the movie "Scream"? Yes, it was so scary. It gave me the chills.

3. drop/put in a good word for someone
* means "recommendation, 帮someone说好话"
* Meg is looking for a new job, so I told her I'd put in a good word for her at my office.


ActionEnglish 210
1. it'll cost/it's cost sb.
* means "very expensive, 很贵的, 代价很大"
* It'll cost you to have your car fixed.
* I don't know how Duran is gonna afford a vacation in Europe. It'll cost him.

2. smart move
* means "good/wise action taken to cause something happen, 聪明之举"
* Investing in that stock was a smart move. I think I'll be able to make a lot of money from it.
* It was a smart move to come to Beijing, there are so many job opportunities here.

3. I'm just a little on edge
* "on edge" means "紧张, nervous"
* Evelyn doesn't like going to big parties. She is on edge around new people.
* I am always on edge when I stay with pretty girls alone.


ActionEnglish 211
1. college material
* "... meterial" means "干...的料"
* My sister hates to study. She is definitely not college material.

2. what you don't know won't hurt you
* means "还是不知道的为好"
* Have you told your parents about your new tattoo? No. What my parents don't know won't hurt them.


ActionEnglish 212
1. Keanu Reeves  基诺-李维斯

2. catch up on things / catch up with sb.
* means "聊聊天, 叙叙旧"
* I am gonna stay at home with my sister tonight. She just got back from London and we really need to catch up on things.
* Dude, I haven't seen you for a long time! Let's get together and catch up on things.

3. a big fan of sth.
* means "like sth. very much"
* My parents are Italians, so I'm a big fan of pizza.


ActionEnglish 213
1. Bruce Willis  布鲁斯-威利斯

2. hold
* "hold sth." means "leave sth. out, ...别放", hold sugar 别放糖. "多放点"叫add more
* I'd like a big Mac, but hold the cheese.

3. stick up for sb./sth.
* means "support, defend sb./sth."
* A good friend is somebody who sticks up for you when other people say you are guilty.

4. have a history
* means 1. 两人有过节  2. 有过一段感情经历
* Steve and I don't talk any more because we have a history. Actually we had a big fight in high school.


ActionEnglish 214
1. Harrison Ford   哈里森-福特

2. behind somebody's back
* means "背着sb. ..."
* It's not nice to talk about your friend's secrets behind their backs.

3. football
* football不仅表示足球,橄榄球也叫football

4. have sth. up one's sleeve
* means "to have a secret idea or plan, 举措,主意藏在心里面, 绝活/绝招"
* We really need to win this game to make it to the next round. I hope Coach has a few ideas up his sleeve.

5. take matters into one's own hands
* means "亲自出马,自己干"
* The police haven't done anything about my stolen car. So I'm gonna take matters into my own hands.


ActionEnglish 215
1. Apocolypse Now  现代启示录

2. loony tunes
* means "completely crazy or insane, 疯掉"
* After the death of his parents, he went totally loony tunes.
* The professor is so intelligent that many people think he is actually loony tunes.

3. cutting edge
* means "最前卫的,最时尚的,最尖端的"
* The art that we saw at the gallery last weekend was cutting edge.
* The technology that we use at this company is cutting edge.

4. overcome
* this word has two meanings:  1. 战胜,克服  2. 感动


ActionEnglish 216
1. doesn't add up
* "doesn't add up" means "doesn't make sense, 百思不得其解"
* I went through the entire experiment again and something just doesn't add up.

2. freelance
* means "自由职业者"
* To pay for university, I was a freelance writer for various sports publications.
* While modeling, Henry also did some freelance photography.

3. it rings a bell
* means "听起来很耳熟, 好像在哪听过"
* This name rings a bell, I may have met her before. 
* Have you ever read "Beloved"? "Beloved"? It rings a bell.


ActionEnglish 217
1. bean counter
* slang, means "会计, 财务, 管钱的人"
* Yes, that's right. I am a bean counter for the government. Every department is always asking me for more money in their budgets.

2. be jammmed
* means "卡住了"
* This door is jammed. I can't get it open.
* The highway is jammed with cars at rush hour every day.

3. Putting all of one's eggs in one basket
* means "孤注一掷"
* I put all of my eggs in one basket and only applied to one graduate school.
* You should really keep your options open rather than put all of your eggs in one basket. -- "keep one's options open" 留有后路


ActionEnglish 218
1. call off
* slang, means "取消"
* Please call off the meeting, I will be late getting back into town.

2. be after somebody
* means "chase sb., 追赶, 追求 sb."
* I think the police car is after us because we just went through a red light. 
* The government is after you, because you didn't pay your taxes.

3. squeal on sb.
* means "举报/揭发 sb."
* I don't think anyone will squeal on us if we just take a few of these magazines.
* Monty did the right thing and squealed on his friend for cheating.

4. Razzle Dazzle -- 眼花缭乱

5. hocus pocus 花招, tricks, 魔术师变魔术的时候常用的一句咒语


ActionEnglish 219
1. not about to
* means "not prepared for sth., not going to let something happen"
* I'm sorry I didn't let you go to the party, but I am not about to let you throw away your career like that.
* I was very angry with him. I wasn't about to let him treat you like that!


ActionEnglish 223
1. strong point
* means "强项, 长项", weak point 弱项
* Taking corner kicks is definitely David Beckham's strong point.
* I hate numbers, maths is not my strong point.

2. resent
* means "憎恨, 不喜欢, 愤恨", 是个挺正式的一个词
* I resent being treated like a kid.
* I resent the fact that I wasn't invited to the dinner last night.

3. reach one's potential
* means "挖掘one's潜力, 竭尽全力"
* My injury meant I was never able to reach my potential as a sportsman.
* He works very hard to make sure he always reaches his potential.

4. Put her on the phone
* means "让她接电话", 来自影片, 不错的phrase


ActionEnglish 224
1. heartbreaker
* slang, means "万人迷",男女都可以用来形容
* They have a very beautiful daughter who will be a heartbreaker one day.
* He has a lot of girlfriends and is a bit of a heartbreaker.

2. get dolled up
* means "梳妆打扮"
* We are always running late for parties as my girlfriend takes forever to get dolled up.
* She is busy getting dolled up for the big ball tonight at the embassy.

3. drive people away
* means "赶出..."
* He gossips so much that he drives away all his friends.
* She is so focused on her career that she is always driving people away.


ActionEnglish 225
1. a relief
* means "解除/减轻 痛苦或忧虑,如释重负"
* It was such a relief that our exam was postponed.
* When Manchester scored a goal in the last minute it was a relief for all their fans.

2. the public face of
* means "代言人"
* Bono often appears as the public face of his band, U2.
* Working as the public face of a company often means having to answer tough questions.

3. for the life of sb.
* means "打死也办不到,绝对办不到, 绝对搞不定", 表强烈的否定,夸张的否定,一般都放在否定句中!
* 在句子中的时候,先根本不用看这个词组,看句子的其他部分,然后这个词组就是将语气加重十倍的一个词组。所以,如句子:I can't for the life of me think why not. 意思就是I can't think why not. 我想不到为什么不...,加上这个词组,意思就是:我绝对/根本想不到为什么不...
* I can't for the life of me do maths.
* I was very lost and couldn't for the life of me find the restaurant last night.


ActionEnglish 226
1. homely feel
* means "有家的感觉,舒适,温馨", 注意homely是形容词
* His apartment is cold and bare and not very homely.
* I like that restaurant because it has a homely feel.

2. come off
* means "罢休", 语气较冲的一个词
* He is always rude to me, he just won't come off.
* Where does she come off, telling me I am so smart all the time?

3. be easy on
* means "要求很松,要求不高", be strict on 要求很高,很紧
* His parents are easy on Li Ming, he can do whatever he likes.
* Our teacher is never easy on us.  --  加上never表否定


ActionEnglish 227
1. Chicks dig the car
* means "Girls like the car"
* 在slang中,dig表示like,dig sb./dig sth.
* Paul, I dig your new haircut.
* John's taking his girlfriend to a Korean restaurant for their anniversary, because his girlfriend really digs Korean food.

2. Bring this one back in one piece
* "in one piece" means "完整的一片,引申为完好无损的意思"
* You can borrow my DVD as long as you bring it back in one piece.
* Please be careful when you go rock climbing because I want you back in one piece. -- 也可以用来形容人

3. wait up
* means "等人,一般形容晚上不睡觉等人"
* I will be home late tonight, so don't wait up for me.
* My mother always waits up because she worries about me.


ActionEnglish 228
1. Brad pitt  布拉德-皮特

2. doze off
* means "打瞌睡, 不在睡觉的时候睡着了,眯瞪着了", sleep指的就是在睡觉的时候睡觉
* I was so tired yesterday that I dozed off in class.
* My grandfather always dozes off right after lunch.

3. tie the knot
* means "marriage, get married"
* My mother really wants grandchildren so she keeps trying to get my brother and his girlfriend to tie the knot.
* Hey, Jack, are you and Jill going to tie the knot soon? No way! I've only known her for one month!


ActionEnglish 229
1. sick of
* slang, means "烦了,烦sth./sb."
* You've been practising piano all day! Aren't you sick of it?
* My sister is always bossing me around. I'm sick of it.

2. strike sb's fancy
* means "打动了sb., 对了sb.的胃口"
* There are a lot of nice guys at this party, Do any of then strike your fancy?
* Nothing at this store strikes my fancy. Let's go to a different one.

3. no question
* 和no problem不一样,means "毫无疑问, sure, certainly"
* Dan is a great singer. No question.
* Chocolate ice cream is my favorite dessert. No question.


ActionEnglish 230
1. sweet talk   甜言蜜语

2. not thinking straight
* means "头脑不清醒"
* Don't drive your car now, because you've had too much to drink and you're not thinking straight.
* Why is Bob wearing a T-Shirt in the middle of January? I don't know. Maybe because he's not thinking straight.

3. the man of the hour/person of the hour
* means "most important person at that moment, 焦点人物"
* Everyone except the woman of the hour is at the birthday party. Where is she?
* When Matrix Revolution was on all over the world, K Reeves became the man of the hour.

4. cast a spell over sb./sth.
* means "对...施放咒语"


ActionEnglish 231
1. in good faith
* slang, means "讲诚信,守信", 在谈判或交易的时候常用
* That company they didn't act in good faith, they cheated us.
* We come in good faith.  我们带着诚信而来

2. have the look of sth.
* means "look like sth."
* He doesn't have the look of a basketball player, he's too short.

3. vouch for sb./vouch that ...
* means "担保sb., 担保..."
* When I moved into my new apartment I got my bank to vouch that I could pay my rent.


ActionEnglish 232
1. fall on difficult times
* means "经济出现问题,缺钱"
* After he lost his job, he began to fall on difficult times.
* The country fell on difficult times during its civil war.

2. ignorance
* means "无知", 形容词是ignorant
* Because of his ignorance of driving rules he went through a red light.

3. flatter sb.
* means "阿谀奉承sb., 溜须拍马, 过分夸赞sb."
* She flatters herself that she's very beautiful but I don't like her that much.


ActionEnglish 233
1. under the impression/have an impression
* means "原以为是...,事实证明这是不对的"
* I was under the impression that Shanghai was very close to Beijing, but actually it's about two hours by air.

2. quest
* means "a long difficult journey, 长途跋涉"
* I had to go on a real quest to buy milk, nothing is open at this time of night.

3. charade
* means "假象"
* The story about him having a car was just a charade. He only wanted to impress us he uses a bike.


ActionEnglish 234
1. swear an oath
* means "发誓, 誓言", 非常严肃的phrase
* In court you have to swear an oath that you will tell the truth.
* In Britain the army swears an oath of allegiance to the Queen.

2. a piece of work
* means "...真是一件作品, 形容人非常的危险, 阴险"
* She's really a piece of work, she gossips about all her friends behind their backs.

3. please sb.
* means "make sb. happy, 让人高兴,满意"
* The restaurant really pleased me both the food and the service are excellent.


ActionEnglish 235
1. Nicolas Cage  尼古拉斯-凯奇

2. under surveillance
* means "被监视", surveil 是vt. 使被监视
* After the surgery, he had to be under constant surveillance.

3. lift a weight off of someone's shoulders
* means "如释重负"
* After the exam, it was as if a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders.

4. as one sees fit
* means "按照someone的意愿去做, 随心所欲, 自己做主"
* I will make my choices as I see fit.


ActionEnglish 236
1. get creamed
* slang, means "遭重挫,遭重创"
* Our team got creamed in the semi-finals so we didn't win a trophy.
* The economy got absolutely creamed after the financial crisis.

2. in your dreams
* means "friendly but forceful way of saying absolutely not, 没戏, 做梦"
* When I asked my father if I could borrow the new car, he replied "In your dreams".
* You think you can beat the other team? In your dreams!

3. Do you want your phone tapped?
* "tap" 这里means "窃听", 原意是knock, 敲
* The spies tapped the phones of the suspect's home.

4. one of a kind  独一无二的, two of a kind 两个都很独特


ActionEnglish 237
1. shed
* means "脱掉,去除"
* My cat sheds his fur all over my apartment.
* He worked hard to shed his reputation of being lazy.

2. fade away
* means "逐渐消失, 流逝"


ActionEnglish 238
1. put one's foot down
* slang, means "make a final decision and not change it, 下定决心"
* After too many times being late to class, the teacher put his foot down and began to take strict attendance.
* Father put his foot down and said no more computer games until my grades improved.

2. party animal
* means "爱去参加聚会的人,聚会狂"
* He was a real party animal in college, but that didn't help him to find a job after he graduated.
* Even though he was an elected official, he continued his party animal habits.

3. be in bed with
* means "work together, 合作,一般带有否定和负面的色彩 -> 串通"
* The political party always seems to be in bed with the labor unions, getting all of their votes in each election.

4. entreat -- 恳求


ActionEnglish 239
1. a whole new ballgame
* slang, means "things are completely different than before"
* High school was fun but university is a whole new ballgame.
* I have a lot of work experience in America, but working in China is a whole new ballgame.

2. run a drill
* means "演习, 演练"
* After 9.11, many companies ran drills in their offices to prepare for such an emergency.

3. see to it/sth.
* means "负责..., 确保...的完成"
* If you do the washing up, I'll see to the baby.
* Summer, please see to it that these letters are in the post today.


ActionEnglish 240
1. lose one's head
* means "lose control when angry"
* After hours of barking, I lost my head and put the dog out of my house.

2. spot sb./sth.
* means "认出, 识别出, 发现"
* Mum spotted me in the middle of the crowds of people getting off of the plane.
* Ethelyn spotted a flaw in the design and we had to take it apart and start again.


ActionEnglish 241
1. out of one's league
* means "力不从心, 搞不定",之前学过out of league是差很多的意思,意思类似
* I can plan parties and weddings, but an international convention is out of my league.
* Learning French is easy, but Korean is out of my league.

2. make up one's mind
* means "make a personal decision, 下决心, 做决定"
* Please make up your mind about which way we should go so we can start driving.
* I can't make up my mind whether to wear the black pants or the blue ones to the party.


ActionEnglish 242
1. live
* means "直播, 现场的", live这里是名词,发音是[laiv], 不是[liv],做动词时发音是[liv],注意了
* Jay Chou had a live online interview last night.
* I'm nervous because this will be my first live show so I cannot make any mistakes.

2. my primary concern 
* means "最关心的是..."
* In this case, my primary concern is the safety not money.

3. letter of the law
* means "the law", letter of没有任何意义, 只是表示正式、专业的语气
* According to the letter of the law, a police officer in California can pull you over for not wearing your seatbelt.
* I don't wanna do this, but as far as the letter of the law is concerned, I have to arrest you. -- "as far as"表示"就...而言,至于...", as far as ... is concerned是一个常用语法,表示就...而言


ActionEnglish 243
1. hit the spot
* means "刚刚好, 正好, 正是我要的"
* That nap really hit the spot. I have so much more energy now.


ActionEnglish 244
1. off
* off的意思很多,这里有个意思:"不上班,不在班上"
* I didn't see you at the office yesterday. I had the day off.

2. chit-chat
* means "闲聊"
* What did you talk about with Evelyn? Nothing special, just chit-chat.
* I like to have meaningful conversations. Chit-chat is kind of boring.


ActionEnglish 245
1. OD
* slang, means "吸毒过量, overdose drug"
* Several rock stars have OD'd on heroin and died.
* I had to take my friend to the hospital last night because she OD'd.

2. lose sb.
* means "sb. die"
* I feel so sorry for Ben. He lost his grandpa a few days ago.
* I almost lost my best friend in a car accident. Luckily, she recovered from her injuries.

3. come out of
* means "脱离一个处境,摆脱一个局面"
* Kevin was in a coma for a long time. He just came out of it last week.


ActionEnglish 246
1. bark/bark out
* 用在人身上,表示"大嚷大叫"
* I never want to be in the Army. The people there always bark commands at me.
* The student was so angry that he barked out an insult at the teacher.

2. come again?
* means "再说一遍"
* Can you give me Jessica's phone number? Come again? I didn't hear you. The reception on my phone is terrible.


ActionEnglish 247
1. below the belt
* slang, means "出言不逊, 尖酸刻薄, 卑鄙", 出自拳击比赛,不能击打对方below the belt的部分
* What he said about Tom's mother was way below the belt.
* Even when you are angry, you should never say anything that hits below the belt.

2. the timing is terrible
* "timing" means "时间选择,节拍,时间安排"
* good timing/perfect timing  好的时机
* The timing of the music was all wrong for that particular dance.
* Because of the close timing of all of our meetings, I will have no time to do any sightseeing.


ActionEnglish 248
1. to be heading somewhere
* slang, means "to be going somewhere"
* My family is heading for the beach this weekend. Want to come?
* In three months, I'm heading off to university.  -- off在这个句子中没有意义,是一个习惯用法

2. My jeep died
* "die" here means "坏了,完蛋了"
* My car died on my way to work, so I was late.
* After ten years, the television finally died.

3. I'll give you a lift
* "give somebody a lift" means "give sb. a ride, 带你一程"
* Would you mind giving me a lift to the studio?
* You look like you're lost. Do you need a lift somewhere?


ActionEnglish 249
1. put up with sb./sth.
* means "忍受sb./sth."
* I have to put up with my cat's fur all over the house.
* Mary has to put up with her boss' rudeness every day.

2. go broke
* means "没钱了,破产了"
* The last trip to Shanghai left me broke.
* He went broke after his restaurant closed down.

3. get stuck in ...
* means "陷入,陷在..."


ActionEnglish 250
1. hit the jackpot
* slang, means "中头奖, 赢得了一大笔钱和突然成功"
* He hit the jackpot when the stocks he invested in tripled in value in one day.
* I felt like I hit the jackpot shopping today, because there were so many good sales.

2. have somebody going
* means "把somebody骗了"
* You really have me going with your crazy story!
* His charm and wit had everyone going believing that he was not involved in the scandal.

3. be in on something
* means "to be apart of something, 参加/参与某件事情"
* Are you in on this game or not?
* I want to be in on any new ideas that you have for this project.

4. swing, sway
* 两个都是摇摆的意思
* swing是back and forth的摇摆,前后摆
* sway是from side to side的摇摆,左右摆


ActionEnglish 251
1. spin
* slang, means "编故事,编事,瞎掰", spin sth.
* It's amazing the way some reporters spin stories in order to make them more interesting.
* Politicians often spin stories to get elected.

2. stiff
* means "亏待", stiff sb.
* The last customer stiffed me. He didn't give me a tip. -- tip 小费

3. give one's word to somebody
* means "许诺,发誓",和之前讲过的have sb.'s word意思类似
* I gave her my word that I wouldn't leave without her.
* Duran gave Evelyn his word that he would help her get over her ex-boyfriend.


ActionEnglish 252
1. out of the woodwook
* means "不知从哪冒出来的..."
* On Sundays, old people seem to come out of the woodwork, whereas during the week, no one sees them at all.
* It's amazing how so many people can seemingly come out of the woodwork for one big sports event or concert.


ActionEnglish 253
1. I hope you can keep this between us.
* means "天知地知,你知我知,别跟别人讲"
* I will tell you what happended, but you have to keep it between us. OK?
* What we learn in this room must be kept only between us.

2. I just received word
* "receive word" means "hear a piece of news or to be told something, 得到消息"
* Evelyn received word that her company was preparing for layoffs so she started to look for a new job.
* I just received word that my boss' plane is about to land, so I am gonna pick him up.

3. extend one's sympathy
* means "深表同情"
* After the death of my father, my friends and co-workers all extended their deepest sympathies to me and my family.
* David just dropped by to extend his sympathies for the loss of your job.


ActionEnglish 254
1. phony
* means "fake, 假的, 冒牌的"
* Every month the magazine includes a phony advertisement and the person who finds it wins a prize.
* Some markets in Beijing are filled with phony name brand items like purses and watches. -- name brand 名牌

2. rob somebody blind
* means "轻而易举的偷掉/抢掉, 闭着眼睛就抢到/偷到"
* Sleeping on a bus or a train is a good way to be robbed blind.
* The thieves were disguised as repairman and were able to rob the rich man blind.


ActionEnglish 255
1. you got it
* slang, means "马上照办,你吩咐的事情马上照办", 和之前学过的get it不一样,以前的是懂的意思,这个词组用降调读
* Can you make a copy of this document? Sure, you got it.

2. hang sb. out to dry
* means "晾sb.在一边,不理他"
* I'll never hang you out to dry. I will always help you with anything you need.


ActionEnglish 256
1. no picnic
* means "不容易,不简单", picnic是"野餐"的意思
* Having two jobs is no picnic.

2. sb. is a wreck
* means "废掉了,人不成样子了"
* Joe was a wreck after Sally broke up with him. He didn't leave his house for weeks.

3. That's the way it went down
* "go down" means "happen, often refer to a deal of crime"
* The burglary went down in my apartment building in the middle of the night.


ActionEnglish 257
1. gab
* slang, means "唠唠叨叨,絮叨"
* Stop gabbing! I'm trying to study.
* I hate it when people gab in movie theaters.

2. alive and kicking
* means "活的好好的,活蹦乱跳"
* I haven't seen Duran in a long time. How is he? He's alive and kicking.

3. Make every round count!
* "make something count" means "make sure something matters, 认真对待"
* This is your last chance to audition for the TV show. Make it count.


ActionEnglish 258
1. heat
* slang, means "responsibility, 责任"
* Andrew is getting a lot heat from his parents to get into a good university.
* I took a lot of heat for crashing Evelyn's car.

2. out of the loop
* "be in the loop" means "有一个圈子", "out of the loop" means "不再是这个圈子的人了,脱离了这个圈子"
* I've been out of the loop since I moved to Shanghai. I didn't know Evelyn had a new boyfriend.

3. piss
* "be pissed", "be pissed off", means "气急败坏, 惹恼"
* Dasha is pissed at me because I forgot her birthday.


ActionEnglish 259
1. It doesn't count
* means "不算数,无关紧要的"
* The first two exams do not count toward your final score for the class.
* My opinion never counts because I am the youngest in my family.

2. a touch of/little touch of
* means "a little bit"
* I put a touch of spice to the vegetables to make them taste better.
* You are so intelligent. With just a touch of ambition, you will do well in life.

3. oh boy
* means "oh dear, oh my god, 表示语气的感叹词"
* Oh boy, you're really in trouble now!
* Oh boy, I'm so excited to go on this trip!


ActionEnglish 260
1. have a lot of nerve + doing ...
* means "have a lot of courage,很有胆量",但用在贬义的时候较多,所以可以翻译成"竟然还有脸....."
* You have a lot of nerve asking for more money when you never repaid your first loan.
* He had a lot of nerve returning to the restaurant after he was asked to leave.

2. what do you say
* means "what do you think, 你意下如何?"
* What do you say we go shopping today?

3. change one's tune
* means "change one's mind, 改主意"
* I bet he will change his tune about this project once he sees the detailed proposal.
* Maybe they will change their tune about moving, if we all tell them how much we'll miss them. -- tune不用变成复数


ActionEnglish 262
1. there's a lot of money in something
* means "...很有钱途"
* Amanda wants to work for the company J.P.Morgan because there's a lot of money in investment banking.
* If he can work out the details, there will be a lot of money in this invention.

2. a great deal of something
* means "数量非常多"
* You can make a great deal of money teaching English in Beijing.
* You mean a great deal to me and I don't wanna see you get hurt.

3. giddy-yap!  -- 驾!喊马的时候用的


ActionEnglish 263
1. hit somewhere
* slang, means "go somewhere"
* I need to hit the bathroom before we leave the restaurant.

2. whatever you say
* means "我听你的,你说了算"
* Don't go to the new Italian restaurant. The food is terribel. Whatever you say.
* Take this medicine 3 times a day. Whatever you say, Doctor.

3. Don't ask
* means "别问了", 一般是别人问的东西你不想回答,因为答案比较bad
* How was your job interview this morning? Don't ask.
* Why is Jackie so upset? Don't ask.


ActionEnglish 264
1. dive
* slang, 做名词时,means "便宜、不是很好,破破烂烂的......",一般是形容酒吧和饭馆
* This restaurant looks like a dive, but it has great food.
* College students usually like to hang out in dive bars because the drinks are cheap there.

2. I can tell
* means "to know, to recognize, 看出来..."
* You are from New York, right? How can you tell?


ActionEnglish 303
1. old man
* My old man works as a lawyer.
* The old man doesn't like it when I get home late.

2. get/have enough brains to do something
* means "有足够的头脑去做..."
* He doesn't have enough brains to get into Cambridge.

3. take a payoff
* payoff means "为了终止...而付出的钱"
* He got a payoff for leaving the company before retirement.
* They gave him a payoff for keeping quiet.

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