Would Lucky Think He is Lucky?

    As a trained dog , it's Luck's responsibility to help the disabled .  suddenly , He happend to meet his owner —— Ben Smith.

    While helping Ben , would Lucky think he is lucky ?

    I think he will think he is lucky.

    After a long training , he would wonder why he had to do a lots of training . Now , he might know the reason , he was trained to help others . It was his mission , not decision . He had to face it without any opinions . Meeting Ben , was both fate and destiny for him . He was lucky to meet such a gread owner , but not lucky to help others . Because helping others was destiny for him , but whether he can meet a good host was unknown . Be good to other is one thing , however , meet someone great is another thing . So he is lucky . 

    On the other hand , there's a saying “Send person rose, the hand leaves lingering fragrance” , the same reason , Lucky will feel gratified about things he did for Ben . That's also why I think he will think he is lucky.    

    I bilive Lucky will never his master , and Ben won't abandon his dog , forever . They are both lucky because of each other .

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