[html5]10 Awesome HTML5, CSS and Javascript Demonstrations


I haven't really digging into HTML5 yet, but it's so hot right now I can't even avoid it. I thought it would take a while to adopt it by web community and I think Apple has play a role in it. Apple's iPad has stimulate the acceptance of HTML5! Alright, I haven't got an iPad yet because I think I don't need it YET. Okay, back to HTML5, HTML5 has changed the game of web development and it's so exciting. I have collected 10 awesome html5, css and javascript demonstrations that show you the power of them combined together!



  • Blob

    Cute little round shape character. It uses HTML5 canvas plus javascript to create such cool animation and interactivity.[可爱的小圆球人物,用到了HTML5的canvas和javascript。]
  • Bubble

    Generate colorful bubbles using HTML5 and of course with a magic touch of javascript.[使用HTML5和javascript生成的彩色泡泡]
  • jParallax

    Awesome jParallax. I have been wanted to use this in my projects, but still haven't got the chance yet. It's a plugin and it's free.[不可思议的jParallax.我一直想在自己的项目里用这个,但是一直没有机会,这是一个免费插件]
  • Firework

    Never thought we can make firework with Javascript and html5.[从来没想过我们可以用JavaScript和html5做烟花.]
  • Canvas Photo

    Create polaroid photo effect with HTML5 canvas. It also come with the export tool.[用HTML5的canvas创建的拍立得效果的相册.]
  • Video showcase from Apple

    Apple has a sweet demonstration of video masking, scaling and changing perspective of the video.[苹果的例子,可以缩放和改变视频角度。]
  • Photo Gallery

    Another awesome demonstration. You can change the layout of the photo gallery and it has a nice blur effect.[另一个不可思议的DEMO。您可以更改照片库布局,它有一个很好的模糊效果。]
  • Particle Animation

    Using 300 sprites to spell out the word. It's the demonstration of canvas particle animation.[使用300个粒子拼写单词。这是canvas的动画效果显示。]
  • Spread
  • Block based destruction of HTML5 Canvas Video

    If you think apple's canvas video is awesome, check this out. Recommended to use webkit based browsers.[如果你感觉苹果的canvas视频非常不可思议,看看这个吧,这个太牛X了!]
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