Tower Defense Basic Pixel Art Pack 4.0

Tower Defense Basic Pixel Art Pack 4.0

This pack contains the basic objects to start building your own Tower Defense game.
This pack includes 3 different towers:

Knight Tower:
-It can create 3 knights.
-It can update the knights damage.
-It can add a shield to the knights.
-It has a flag to place the knights.

Archer Tower:
-It can update the arrow damage.
-It can update the shooting ratio.
-It can update the accuracy.
-It can add fire to the arrows.

Magician Tower:
-Basic attack with fire.
-It can add an "extra" fire ball to the attack.
-It can create a trap anywhere into the map to decrease the enemies speed.

Knight Animations included:
-Walking, attack and dying.

Enemies Animations included:
-Walking, attack and dying.
(Dying is not used but it is included).

====[UPDATE v2.0]====

-Android phone friendly UI.
-2 new levels.
-Waves editor.
-Sorcerer enemy.
-Air enemy.
-Fire controlled by "Object Pooling".

====[UPDATE v3.0]====

*Finally... example sounds effects are included!!!
-Now you can change the sounds effects easily.
-About music it includes the Unity Free package!/content/19233 as example.

-Canvas UI is corrected scaled.
-I have added a lot of comments to the code.

支持Unity版本 5.5.0或更高


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