First person narrative adventures + complete puzzle engine

First person narrative adventures + complete puzzle engine is a complete set to create narrative adventures in combination with a powerful engine to create puzzles (scripts, 3D models and soundFx).

No code is needed and all is fully customizable.

Gameplay adapted to mobile and desktop
2 demo scenes included (1 mini adventure + 40 ready to use puzzles)

Features that you can find in asset :
Puzzle complete system:
7 types of puzzles :
Pipe, gears, code , logic puzzle, rotate cylinder, sliding puzzle, levers.

A lot of parameters available
Easily create your own puzzles: infinite variations
Use included 3D Models or add your own.
Various options: need an object to start a puzzle, open a secret door or hidden passage, unlock something...

40 ready to use puzzles variations included.

A complete set of features :
Character controller (Mouse/keyboard, pad, mobile inputs)
Objects examination system
Automatic detection of interactions
Auto camera focus system
Open/close furniture
Open/close door

Diary and objects complete system:
Object viewer
Diary system
Infos feedback system
Voice over system + subtitle system + localisation system
Complete Data save system (load /save game).
Event trigger
Feedback cut scene
Lock door

UI Menu : Desktop and Mobile Ready
Full interface ready to use :
Main menu
Settings menu: Inputs, graphics quality , sound volume (music, ambiance, voice, sound fx)
Save, load, pause , resume and quit.

300+ ready to use environments and puzzle elements prefabs :
A lot of objects, modular walls, floors, stairs and roofs , furnitures, lights, puzzle elements.
Mesh combiner script included to optimize framerate.
Colliders ready.
Lightmap ready + lighting presets.

Sound fx included .

Complete documentation

Update 1.0.6
-New Module: Clue/Hint system.
-Improve drag and drop system.
-Documentation Update.

Update 1.0.5
-New Module: custom action

Update 1.0.4
-Add player crouch
-Add new mobile inputs

Note: This asset is not compatible with AR and VR.

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