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摘要: 四辩辩论稿 Selfish in a disaster should be held responsible. Crossfire questions Do you think selfishness has negative effects on a large scale? Do you thi 阅读全文
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摘要: 求 \(1-\cos\theta+\mathrm{i}\sin\theta\) 的指数形式. \[ \begin{aligned} 1-\cos\theta+\mathrm{i}\sin\theta&=2\sin^2\dfrac{\theta}{2}+2\mathrm{i}\sin\dfrac{\t 阅读全文
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摘要: Hello, everyone, I am He Liao, here are my two team members Liu Yudai and Dai Runhang. Today, our team will give a presentation about our research, wh 阅读全文
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摘要: The more you spend, the more satisfied you are. The scale of 60-100 points is larger in both the research of the speed and price. Even if you are more 阅读全文
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摘要: The bar chart illustrates the numbers of men and women attending various evening courses at an adult education center in 2009. And the pie chart shows 阅读全文
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摘要: First, we need to figure out the concept of globalization. According to 2 studies (Longman business English dictionary, published in London by Longman 阅读全文
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摘要: Are you satisfied with the campus WLAN? Satisfied \((80\%\sim100\%)\) good \((60\%\sim 80\%)\) moderate \((40\%\sim 60\%)\) not good \((20\%\sim 40\%) 阅读全文
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摘要: The two lectures talked about different opinions about the first grain-based food human has ever discovered, the reading material thinks that bread is 阅读全文
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摘要: Find the ordinary power series generating functions of each of the following sequences, in simple, closed-form. In each case, the sequence is defined 阅读全文
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该文被密码保护。 阅读全文
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