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Google Calendar使用iText来输出PDF(iText used in Google Calendar)
The calendars are generated as PDF files that can be downloaded to the desktop or straightaway printed.

2006-05-23: iText 1.4.2
  • Changes made by Paulo
    • Font factory: cached option added
    • Support for document level file attachments in PdfWriter and PdfStamper
    • When reading a PDF: accept names of any size (even names that are longer than allowed)
    • PdfGraphics2D: class cast exception fix in doAttributes()
    • PdfGraphics2D: fixed rectangle optimizations (they didn't work with transforms)
    • PdfGraphics2D: some dispose calls were missing
    • PdfNameTree/PdfNumberTree: values can be PdfObject and not only PdfIndirectReference
    • PdfReader: fixed a class cast exception signing encrypted PDFs in append mode
    • Added support for certified PDFs (contributed by Antonio Iacono)
    • PostScript fixes by Carsten Hammer
  • Changes made by Mark
    • The RtfAddableElement is a Chunk that can be extended for RTF specific functionality
    • Tab support for the RTFWriter2
  • Changes made by Brunoo
    • Extra table fix for class Table (rowspan problem)
    • TreeView changes by Carsten Hammer
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