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Remove white space around PDF's(need ghostscript 8.x)
PDF CROPPER takes a PDF file as input, calculates the BoundingBox for each page by the help of ghostscript and generates a output PDF file with removed margins.

Free and supports batch operation.
downlaod from
this software need the ghostscript 8.x , you can download the last version from here:
    With my pdf rotate(also downlaod from
) you can get the pdf as you want. it comes from a request of a German(who is a CAD engineer).

该软件的主要目的就是通过计算出PDF每一页的Bounding Box(需要Ghostscript的帮助), 然后切除不想要的白色边缘;

配合我的pdf rotate 软件,你可以获得你想要的PDF效果;
以后的文章我将详细介绍下什么是Bounding Box 已经PDF Cropper和PDF Rotate想结合在CAD打印出的PDF图纸上应用(该软件就是来自一个德国CAD工程师的需求)。

if you want linux or mac version,please let me know.
if you want server version,please let me know.
if you have special request, also please let me know.

about set the path of gswin32c, please do as follow:
for example , if your gswin32c.exe is  in "D:\Program Files\gs\gs8.54\bin"
run path "D:\Program Files\gs\gs8.54\bin";%PATH%
if in c:\gs\gs8.54\bin
run path c:\gs\gs8.54\bin ;%PATH%
that's mean if exists blank space in the path, you need double quote(")
for more help, please visit:

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