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日期:2005年7月12日 总第579期 过往期刊 世博英语首页



A zoo official holds a seven-day old Stump-Tailed macaque at the state zoological park in Gauhati, India, Saturday, July 9, 2005. The macaque lost his mother two days ago. Stump-Tailed is one of the rare species macaque in the world. (AP Photo/ Anupam Nath)


macaque n.短尾猿

zoological adj.动物学的

species n.种类, 物种


别名 红面猴

学名 Macaca arctoides

英文名 stump-tailed macaque

猴科 Cercopithecidae

分布 西南及广东、广西






Larry和李华准备到银行去,李华要开一个帐户,而Larry需要取一些现金。今天李华会学到两个常用语:to be hard up和to pick on someone.

LH: Larry,我要去银行开个户头,你去银行做什么?

LL: Well, my friend is a little hard up for cash right now, so I'm going to withdraw some money and let him borrow it.

LH: 原来你是要提现金借给朋友啊!你的朋友怎么啦?你说他hard up for cash。 Cash是现金。这个我懂,但hard up是什么意思?

LL: To be "hard up" for something means that you don't have enough of it.

LH: Hard up for something就是什么东西不够,所以你那朋友hard up for cash, 就是钱不够啦!对不对?

LL: Exactly. He's helped me when I was hard up before, so I feel that I should help him out now.

LH: 嗯,你朋友以前也借钱给你,帮过你,所以现在你帮他。这也是应该的。对了,Larry, 这个hard up除了指缺钱,还可以用在什么地方?

LL: Well, one is usually hard up for money. However, you can be hard up for time or for work, too.

LH: 如果我说I am hard up for time, 那就表示我很忙,时间不够,对不对?

LL: Right. I'm usually hard up for time during exams. I have so much studying to do that I hardly even sleep.

LH: 我也是,只要到了期中考,期末考的季节,我就觉得时间不够用,书都念不完。那hard up for work不能说工作不够,只能说找不到工作喽?

LL: I'm hard up for work means that I really need a job, but I'm having a hard time finding one.

LH: 嗯,那种需要工作却找不到工作的滋味一定很不好受。希望我毕业后不会经历hard up for work.

LL: So do I. I don't think anyone enjoys being hard up for time, money, or work.



LL: Did you see those two children in the bank? The little boy was awful; he kept picking on his sister.

LH: 就是,那个小男孩真不听话,吵吵闹闹的。你说他picking on his sister,那是什么意思?

LL: Oh, to pick on someone is to annoy or to be mean to that person. The little boy kept picking on his sister by calling her ugly and pulling her hair.

LH: Pick on someone就是欺负,招惹别人,或者老是批评别人的意思。那个小男孩不断拉他姐姐的头发,还说她丑,真是很让人讨厌。我小时候我哥哥也喜欢捉弄我。他总是踩我的脚,却说是我踩他!

LL: Well, at least your brother stopped doing that when he got older. My parents still pick on each other.

LH: 你说什么,你的爸妈也老是互相指责?

LL: They just criticize each other over stupid things. For example, my dad likes to pick on my mom about her cooking. He thinks she's a terrible cook.

LH: 你妈妈帮全家人做饭已经够辛苦了,你爸爸居然还批评她做饭做得不好。你爸爸也真是的!

LL: I know, but they have been picking on each other for thirty years and old habits are hard to break. To be honest, I think they enjoy it.

LH: 那倒是,30多年都是这样,要改恐怕也难。可是,你说他们喜欢这样做,这不太可能吧!

LL: Sometimes, they are joking. When my mom picks on my dad about the kind of music he listens to, I know she's just joking. Other times, I think they are just being grouchy.

LH: 我想他们有时是开玩笑。你爸听什么音乐,你妈还要管呐?肯定是开玩笑。当然,有的时候互相闹别扭也是可能的。人都有情绪不好的时候嘛!

今天李华学到两个常用语。第一个是to be hard up for something, 就是缺乏某样东西,通常用来指缺钱或没时间。另一个常用语是pick on someone, 意思是批评别人,或者是欺负别人。



在今天我们要讲的习惯用语里,一个关键的字就是To blow. Blow这个字是一个非常勤劳的字,因为许多习惯用语当中都有这个字。你要想再找一个像blow用得那么多的字恐怕还不容易。在以前的“美国习惯用语”节目中,我们也曾经讲过几个。

今天我们再给大家介绍两个和blow有关的习惯用语,第一个是:To blow one's own horn. To blow有好几个解释,但是在这个习惯用语当中应当解释为:吹。Horn就是喇叭。To blow one's own horn的字面意思是:吹自己的喇叭。但是,作为一个俗语,它的意思是:夸耀自己,或者是自吹自擂。喜欢夸耀自己的人一般都有这种吹牛的习惯。下面是一个学生在讲一个爱吹嘘的人。

例句-1: Do you know Joe Jones next door to me in my dorm? Nobody likes him - he's always blowing his own horn about what a great athlete he is and how much the girls all chase him.




例句2: My cousin introduced my sister Lisa to Frank, a famous Harvard economics professor. He's interested in her but Lisa says she can't stand him because all he does is blow his own horn about his latest book on economics and how popular he is among his students.



在这次节目里我们要讲的第二个跟blow有关的习惯用语是:To blow the lid off. To blow在这里也可以解释为吹。Lid就是瓶子或罐子的盖头。要是你blow the lid off,那就是你把别人想方设法要保密的事情揭露出来。To blow the lid off这个说法给人脑子里制造了一个形像,那就是好像突然发生的爆炸把盒子上的盖子给掀掉了。这样人们就可以看到盒子里的秘密东西。在发现政府官员贪污腐化的情况下经常用to blow the lid off这个习惯用语。下面就是一个例子。

例句3: I hear that the newspapers are going to blow the lid off the mayor's office - they have proof that he's been taking bribes from building contractors to give them city business.




例句4: I've watched these strange people in and out of the house next door for some time. My neighbors and I suspect they're a gang dealing in cocaine smuggled from Colombia or Mexico. I wonder if I ought to blow the lid off by reporting them to the cops.



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