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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
The Defense Against the Dark Arts (DADA) professors try to place Voldemort in a position of power by means of obtaining “something” within Hogwarts.反黑魔法教授们试图通过在霍格沃兹内得到什么东西来增强伏地魔的力量。

PS/SS – Professor Quirrell奇洛教授

It was Quirrell.这是奇洛。

“You!” gasped Harry.“是你!”哈利倒抽一口冷气。

Quirrell smiled. His face wasn’t twitching at all.奇洛微笑着。他的脸一点也不抽搐了。

“Me,” he said calmly. “I wondered whether I’d be meeting you here, Potter.” “是我,”他冷静地说。“我就在想我是不是会在这里碰到你,波特。”

“But I thought—Snape—” “但我想 —— 斯内普 ——”

“Severus?” Quirrell laughed, and it wasn’t his usual quivering treble, either, but cold and sharp. “Yes, Severus does seem the type, doesn’t he? So useful to have him swooping around like an overgrown bat. Next to him, who would suspect p-p-poor, st-stuttering P-Professor Quirrell?” “西弗勒斯?”奇洛笑了,笑声也不是他平时的那种颤动的高音,而是冷酷而又尖锐。“是啊,西弗勒斯像是个坏蛋,对不对?他飞来飞去象个大蝙蝠倒是真有用。和他一比,谁会怀疑可-可-可怜的,结-结巴的奇洛教-教授呢?”
(CH 17: US – 288, UK - 209, FR - 281, GR - 313, ITL - 274, PL – 297, RM - 208, SP – 237)

Professor Quirrell wanted to retrieve the Philosopher’s Stone from within Hogwarts.奇洛教授想从霍格沃兹盗取魔法石。

GoF – Professor Moody穆迪教授

“The Dark Lord didn’t manage to kill you, Potter, and he so wanted to,” whispered Moody. “Imagine how he will reward me when he finds I have done it for him. I gave you to him—the thing he needed above all to regenerate—and then I killed you for him. I will be honored beyond all other Death Eaters. I will be his dearest, his closest supporter…closer than a son….” “波特,黑魔王真想杀了你,但他没办到,”穆迪小声说。“想想吧,当他发现我替他杀了你他会怎样奖赏我呀。我把你献给了他 —— 为他重生所需的最重要的东西;然后我替他杀了你。我的荣耀将超过任何其他的食死徒。我将是他最亲密、最亲近的支持者 …… 比儿子都亲近 ……”

Moody’s normal eye was bulging, the magical eye fixed upon Harry. The door was barred, and Harry knew he would never reach his own wand in time….穆迪的那只正常的眼睛凸了出来,那只魔眼紧盯着哈利。门是拴着的,同时哈利知道没有时间拿到他自己的魔杖……

“The Dark Lord and I,” said Moody, and he looked completely insane now, towering over Harry, leering down at him, “have much in common. Both of us, for instance, had very disappointing fathers…very disappointing indeed. Both of us, suffered the indignity, Harry, of being named after those fathers. And both of us had the pleasure…the very great pleasure…of killing our fathers to ensure the continued rise of the Dark Order!” “黑魔王和我,”穆迪说,他现在居高临下地斜视着哈利,看上去完全不象个正常人,“共同点太多了。例如,我们都有让我们极为失望的父亲…… 我们确实是极为失望。我们又都因为随了父亲的姓而心灵受辱。我们也都因为 …… 因为要保证暗黑王朝的成功崛起而杀死了父亲,并为之欢欣鼓舞 …… 为之欣喜异常!”
(CH 35: US – 678, UK -588, FR - 708, GR - 708, ITL - 577, PL – 703, RM - 602, SP – 589)

Professor Moody (Barty Crouch Jr.) wanted to remove Harry from within Hogwarts.穆迪教授(小巴蒂•克劳奇)想把哈利从霍格沃兹除掉。

DH – Professor ???

In both cases, Quirrell and Crouch Jr. hid their true selves and intentions until their plans came to fruition. In DH, there are a few possible avenues this mirror could follow. The first being that Hogwarts remains open and the trio return at the start of term for their seventh year and a new DADA Professor is introduced, following the same pattern (regardless of whether the trio stay at Hogwarts for the whole school year or not) as before. A second feasible outcome is that Hogwarts remains open yet the trio do not return for their seventh year, but the new DADA professor continues to follow the mirror, behind the scenes and is then later referenced in conversation as succeeding or failing at his or her attempts. If the trio decides to venture forth and destroy the remaining Horcruxes without further significant interaction at Hogwarts or if Hogwarts closes then the only plausible DADA Professor that would try to extract something from within Hogwarts will be Snape. Why would Snape be the best candidate? If there isn’t a new DADA Professor introduced then the selection is narrowed down to past Professors: Quirrell (PS/SS) is dead, Lockhart (CoS) is a live-in patient at St. Mungo’s, Lupin (PoA) is a spy for the Order within the Werewolf underground, Crouch Jr. (GoF) was given the Dementor’s Kiss, Umbridge (OotP) is an “evil good guy”, and Snape (HBP) is thought to have returned to Voldemort. Both Quirrell and Crouch Jr. aren’t physically capable, Lockhart isn’t mentally capable, Lupin wouldn’t need to steal anything from within Hogwarts, and Umbridge hasn’t sided with Voldemort, which leaves Snape.以上两例中,在计划接近成功以前,奇洛和小克劳奇都隐藏了他们的真实面目与目的。在DH中,这个镜射的出现地可以有几个可能途径。其一,如果霍格沃茨重新开学而且三人组在学期开始时返校就读七年级,那么就得引进一个新的DA教授,这就和以前的模式相同(不论三人组是否会在学校读满全年)。第二种可能的方式是,霍格沃茨开学,但三人组不再返校就读七年级,这时新的DA教授将继续过去的模式,但书中不做直接描述,而是在以后的谈话中提到他/她的企图是否成功。如果三人组决定继续前进,摧毁尚存的寄魂居而在霍格沃茨学校中没有重大活动,或者霍格沃茨关闭,那么唯一可能试图从霍格沃茨内获取某物的DA教授便只有斯内普一个人了。为什么斯内普是最佳人选呢?如果在书中不再引进新的DA教授,那么选择便仅限于已有的DA 教授们了:奇洛(PS/SS)已死;洛哈特(CoS)是圣•芒戈医院的住院病人;卢平(PoA)是凤凰社派往狼人地下社团的间谍;小克劳奇(GoF)受了“摄魂怪之吻”;乌姆里奇(OotP)是正义阵营中的蛀虫;而斯内普(HBP)被认为回归了伏地魔一伙。从肉体状况上可以完全排除奇洛与小克劳奇;洛哈特的精神状况也不允许;卢平不需要从霍格沃兹盗取任何东西;乌姆里奇不是伏地魔一伙。这就只剩下了斯内普。

Besides being the only past DADA Professor that would be capable of stealing something from within Hogwarts, Snape is the only one whose identity is still in question and has ties to Voldemort. As far as identities are concerned in PS/SS Quirrell changed his personality and in GoF Crouch Jr. changed his appearance in order to better suit their needs for working undercover. In DH, Snape will appear to have changed his loyalties in order to fit his needs. Why did Snape kill Dumbledore at the end of HBP? Because that was the only way Snape would have been able to keep Voldemort’s trust and continue to either gather inside information to relay back to the Order or to sabotage Voldemort’s regime from the inside out; the latter being the most likely. 斯内普不但是唯一有可能从霍格沃兹内部盗窃东西的已有的反黑魔法教授,他也是唯一至今身份存疑并与伏地魔有关系的人。说到身份问题,PS/SS 中奇洛改变了他的个性,GoF中小克劳奇改变了他的容貌,都是为了更好地配合他们隐蔽工作的需要。在 DH 中,斯内普就得改变他的表面效忠对象以适合他的需要。为什么斯内普在 HBP 结尾时杀死了邓不利多?因为那是能让伏地魔相信他的唯一方法,这样他才能为凤凰社传递内部情报或彻底颠覆伏地魔王朝:后者可能更大。

Dumbledore greatly believed in both Harry and the Second War and prepared to sacrifice himself if need be. If Snape had not killed Dumbledore, then that would have set back both the progress Harry and the Order had made since the beginning of OotP. It would have meant years of planning, preparation and the lives of countless individuals would have been for naught and lost in one single evening.邓不利多十分信赖哈利,他对正义阵营赢得第二次战争充满信心。因此在必要的时候他情愿牺牲自己。如果斯内普不杀邓不利多的话,哈利和凤凰社自 OotP 所取得的进展便将付诸东流。这意味着多年的计划、准备与无数生命的代价将毁于一旦。

Also, the possible new DADA professor or Snape will come into contact with the Deathly Hallows. This may place the new DADA professor/Snape and Harry in the same location at the same time, since the Deathly Hallows will appear only once. Why will the new DADA professor or Snape have a tie to the Deathly Hallows? Because both Quirrell and Crouch Jr. had ties to the Philosopher’s Stone and the Goblet of Fire. If Quirrell hadn’t been after the Philosopher’s Stone, it wouldn’t have been moved from Gringott’s to Hogwarts (initiating the main plot); the Mountain Troll wouldn’t have been let into Hogwarts on Halloween (forcing Harry, Ron, and Hermione to become friends); Harry Ron and Hermione wouldn’t have had to go through the trapdoor (risking their lives and expulsion); and Harry wouldn’t have confronted Voldemort again (initiating the overall plot). If Crouch Jr. wouldn’t have entered Harry’s name into the Goblet of Fire and Confunded it, Harry wouldn’t have become the fourth Triwizard Champion (initiating the main plot and placing Harry’s life at risk); Harry wouldn’t have had the row with Ron (testing Harry, Ron, and Hermione’s friendship); the Triwizard Cup wouldn’t have been turned into a portkey (transporting Harry and Cedric to the graveyard); Cedric would not have died (enabling Harry to see thestrals); and Harry wouldn’t have had to contribute to or witness the rebirth of Voldemort (expanding the overall plot).同时,可能有的新DA教授或斯内普将接触Deathly Hallows。这将使新DA教授/斯内普和哈利同时同地出现,因为Deathly Hallows将只出现一次。为什么新DA教授/斯内普与Deathly Hallows有关联?因为奇洛与魔法石有关联、小克劳奇与火焰杯有关联。如果奇洛不去盗窃魔法石,它就不会被从古灵阁转移到霍格沃兹(开始主情节);山地巨怪就不会被放入霍格沃兹(哈利,罗恩和赫敏被“逼”成了朋友);哈利、罗恩和赫敏也就不必穿过那扇活板门(冒着生命和被开除的危险);哈利当然也不必又一次直面伏地魔(开始总情节)。如果小克劳奇没有把哈利的名字放进火焰杯并迷惑火焰杯,哈利就不会成为第四位三强争霸赛勇士(开始主情节,将哈利的生命置于危险之中);哈利就不会与罗恩争吵(检验哈利、罗恩和赫敏的友情);三强杯就不会被变成门钥匙(把哈利和塞德里克带到了墓地);塞德里克也就不会死(使哈利能见到食死徒);哈利当然也不会被取血给伏地魔并目睹他的重生(展开总情节)。
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