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Books One, Four, and Seven
Philosopher’s Stone ~ Goblet of Fire ~ Deathly Hallows
Object ~ Object ~ Object

To the series, books 1, 4, and 7 are the beginning, middle, and conclusion. They are exact in their positioning. These are the books that drive the overall plot (a.k.a. “the forest”) forward. In Book 1 (PS/SS), Harry is introduced to the wizarding world when he learns that he himself is a wizard, and for the first time he confronts Voldemort, the dark wizard who killed his parents. In Book 4 (GoF), Harry learns of other cultures and peoples within the wizarding world through the Quidditch World Cup and the Triwizard Tournament. Harry also witnesses the rebirth of Voldemort. Book 7 (DH) will extend the wizarding world for Harry and it will be his final confrontation with Voldemort.对于整个系列来说,第一、第四和第七部是开头、中间与结尾。准确到位。它们是推动故事总情节(换言之,森林)的书。在第一部(PS/SS)中,哈利听说他本人是一个巫师,因此被引入了魔法世界,并第一次与伏地魔,那杀害了他双亲的黑巫师面对面较量。在第四部(GoF)中,通过魁地奇世界杯和三巫师争霸赛,哈利听说了魔法世界中其他的文化与人物。哈利也目睹了伏地魔的再生。第七部 (DH) 将进一步扩展哈利有关魔法世界的眼界,也将展开他与伏地魔的最后较量。

Book 1 – Harry meets Voldemort; the threat of Voldemort against Harry is renewed
Book 4 – Harry witnesses Voldemort’s rebirth; the threat of Voldemort against the world is renewed
Book 7 – Harry defeats Voldemort once and for all; the threat of Voldemort is gone

(以下对于 Deathly Hallows 的长篇解释是原作者新加的,译者注)
Also, each title is named after an object, which has never been mentioned before to Harry or stated anywhere in the narration. Obviously, it would have been impossible to know what the Philosopher’s Stone’s role within the wizarding world was (setting aside the well known Alchemist myth) since it was the first book, but even when the fourth book was released the significance of the Goblet of Fire, within the story, eluded us all. For book 7 JKR has once again chosen an unknown object as the title. We as the readers, do know (or at least after careful research) that Hallows are relics (a.k.a. objects), due to their role in Celtic mythology and Arthurian legend. It remains, however, that the Deathly Hallows have never been mentioned before to Harry or stated anywhere in the narration within the previous six publications. 并且,每一本书的书名都是一个过去从来没有对哈利说过的,或者从来没有在故事中出现的物品。显然,大家都不知道魔法石在魔法世界的用处(除了那些炼金术中熟知的内容之外),因为那是第一部书。但即使第四部发表了,读者们在读到书的有关章节之前也还不知道火焰杯会有什么作用。对于第七部,罗琳又一次选择了一个未知的物品作为书名。根据凯尔特神话和亚瑟王传说,我们读者确实知道(即便是在仔细研究之后), Hallows 是遗物(即物品)。但是,致命的神圣遗物这一字眼过去从来没有对哈利说过,也从来没有在过去六本书的故事中出现。

Interestingly enough, the Hallows were considered to be either the royal relics of a king or the objects sought by someone. In DH, the Trio are suppose to embark on a quest to find and destroy objects. Could the Deathly Hallows be a reference to the remaining Horcruxes? Dumbledore’s belief that Gryffindor’s sword was never made into a Horcrux but instead Nagini (living creature) was makes it difficult to link the Deathly Hallows directly to the remaining Horcruxes.有趣的是,Hallows 可以是国王的皇家遗物,或者是什么人在追寻的东西。在 DH 中,三人组的使命是找到并摧毁物品。Deathly Hallows 会是一条指示尚存魂器的搜寻线索吗?由于邓布利多相信,格兰芬多的宝剑没有被做成魂器,而 Nagini (活物)是一个魂器,这使我们难以将 Deathly Hallows 直接与尚存的魂器联系。

Traditionally the Hallows have been known as either the “Hallows of Ireland” or the “Hallows of Britain”. Each one has a different story and different objects designated as Hallows, but it was the legend of the Hallows of Ireland which started it all.传统上,Hallows 可以是‘爱尔兰圣物’或‘英伦圣物’。每种传说背后有不同的故事,不同的物品被称之为‘圣物’,但最早出现的是爱尔兰版本。

The original four Hallows of Ireland were the sword of Nuadu (guaranteed to injure your opponent), the shining spear of Lugh (guaranteed victory in every battle), the stone of Fal (kings sat upon it while they were crowned), and the cauldron of Dagda (a.k.a. the cauldron of plenty). They have since evolved into the sword, spear (wand), cup, and pentacle (commonly known today as the four suits of the tarot). Each respectively matches with one of the founders’ relics: the sword – Gryffindor’s sword; the spear (wand) – something of Ravenclaw’s; the cup – Hufflepuff’s cup; the pentacle – Slytherin’s locket. Please refer to mirror NINE for more in depth discussion regarding the founders’ relics. 爱尔兰最早的四个圣物是牛阿杜的宝剑(保证能伤害你的对手),路的闪光矛(保证每战必胜),法尔之石(国王坐在上面加冕),和达格达的坩埚(即多宝坩埚)。它们随之演变成宝剑,矛(杖),杯,和五芒星,即今天我们知道的塔罗牌的四种花色。这四件东西每件对应于一个学校创始人的遗物:宝剑——格兰芬多的宝剑;矛(杖)——拉文克劳的一样东西;杯——赫奇帕奇的杯子;五芒星——斯莱特林的挂坠盒。请参看镜射9,那里有关于创始人遗物的更为详细的说明。

However, there were a total of thirteen Hallows of Britain: Dyrnwyn, the sword of Rhydderch the Generous (ability to burst into flame), the hamper of Gwyddno Garanhir (ability to transform one meal into a hundred), the horn of Bran (ability to provide any drink), the chariot of Morgan the Wealthy (ability to travel at great speed to any destination), the halter of Clyno Eiddyn (ability to provide a horse of the rider’s choice), the knife of Llawfrownedd the Horseman (ability to cut enough food for twenty-four individuals), the cauldron of Diwrnach the Giant (ability to heat the food for a hero not a coward), the whetstone of Tudwal Tudglyd (ability to ensure death of those wounded), the coat of Padarn Red-Coat (ability to identify individuals of noble heritage), the crock of Rhygenydd (ability to provide desired foods), the dish of Rhygenydd (ability to provide desired foods), the chessboard of Gwenddolau (ability to play itself), and the mantle of Arthur (ability to make the wearer invisible). 但是英伦圣物则包括了多达13件物品:顿恩威因,即慷慨的莱德希的宝剑(能喷射出火焰);格威德诺的食物篮(能把一份食物变成一百份);伯兰的角(能提供任意饮料);富豪莫甘的战车(能迅速到达任何指定地点);克莱诺·埃丁的马笼头(能提供骑者选择的任何马匹);骑手兰弗隆德的餐刀(能为24个人切食物);巨人丢尔纳赫的坩埚(能为英雄,但不能为胆小鬼烹饪);图德瓦尔·图德格莱德的磨刀石(保证让伤者致死);红衣帕达姆的外套(能分辨具有高贵血统的人士);让基耐德的瓦罐(能提供任何食物);让基耐德的盘子(能提供任何食物);格文多劳的棋盘(能自己下棋);亚瑟的披风(能让披着它的人隐身)。

While the Hallows of Ireland were said to have been brought from the Otherworld (located on an island off of Greece) to Ireland by the Tuatha de Danaan (“the people of the goddess Dana”), only one of the Hallows of Britain was retrieved from within Annwn (the Celtic underworld – in Welsh traditions – pronounced an’oon) by King Arthur. Both the Otherworld and Annwn were said to be spiritual realms into which mortals had access. They differ in the fact that once a mortal crossed into the Otherworld, it was extremely unlikely he or she would return. Entrances to the Otherworld could be found in ancient burial sites, prominent land marks, and natural features (such as caves). 据传爱尔兰圣物是从“另一世界”(位于希腊海域)由图阿法·迪·达纳安(达纳女神的从人)带到爱尔兰的,但只有一件英伦圣物是由亚瑟王从安文(凯尔特传说中的“地下世界”,威尔士传统发音 an’oon) 带来的。传说中的“另一世界”和“安文”都是人类可以到达的灵体世界。这两者之间的差别是,一旦一个人进入了“另一世界”,他/她极不可能返回。到达“另一世界”的通道可能在古老的葬尸场,突出的地面标志或某种有特色的自然场所(如岩洞)找到。

The veil in the Department of Mysteries bears a great resemblance to the Otherworld from what little information we have been given. Harry and Luna hear voices from within the veil which hint at the presence of a spiritual realm beyond it. The veil itself resembles a prominent land mark and its entrance is highly accessible to mortals (which allows for accidents to occur such as Sirius’s) but not for their return (as taken from Lupin’s reaction). Furthermore, within Celtic mythology it is said that there is a “gossamer-thin” veil at the entrance to the Otherworld that can easily be torn. 从书中透露的蛛丝马迹可以看到,神秘事物司中的帷幔带有明显的“另一世界”通道的特征。哈利和卢娜听到了帷幔内的声音,这暗示在帷幔的另一面存在着一个灵体世界。帷幔本身很像一个突出的地面标志,这是一个人类可以轻易进入的通道(这就有发生事故的可能,例如布莱克之死),但却回不来(卢平的反应:阻止哈利进入)。并且,在凯尔特人的神话中说,在去“另一世界”的人口处有一幅“薄如蝉翼”的极易撕裂的帷幔。

Are the Deathly Hallows objects that have already been retrieved from beyond the veil such as those in the legend of the Hallows of Ireland? If so, could they be the four relics of the founders? It could be possible, but unlikely considering the mirror that the objects must be new. Thus the Deathly Hallows must be other objects. Where could the Deathly Hallows be located? According to both legends, the Hallows were sought after by guardians that kept them safe and hidden while in the mortal realm. The Hallows of Ireland were kept in the Crane Bag, which could only be seen at high tide and were guarded by the four Guardians of the Hallows: Manannan, Lugh, Cumhal, and Fionn. The Hallows of Britain however, were said to have been guarded by Merlin himself, on Bardsey Island. Deathly Hallows 会像爱尔兰神话传说的圣物一样是从帷幔的那一面取回来的吗?如果是这样,它们会是学校创建人的四件遗物吗?这是可能的,但却不像,因为从我们的镜射关系看,这些物品应该是过去没出现过的。因此 Deathly Hallows 必须是其他的物品。这些 Deathly Hallows 会放在什么地方呢?按照上述两种神话传说,这些 Hallows 在灵体世界中是由守护者安全保管收藏的。爱尔兰传说中的圣物被保存在鹤湾,仅在涨满潮的时候才看得见,由四位圣物守护者守卫:马南南,路,卡姆哈尔和皮欧。但英伦圣物则放在巴德西岛,据说由梅林本人守护。

Are the Deathly Hallows objects that have remained beyond the veil in the Otherworld and must be retrieved such as in the legend of the Hallows of Britain? If so, what is their importance? The Deathly Hallows’ link to the spiritual could make them important in either the hunt for Horcruxes, the destruction of Horcruxes, the separation of Voldemort’s soul fragment from Harry’s scar (refer to mirror NINE), or the defeat of Voldemort – since all of these center around the concept of a soul. According to the legend of the Hallows of Britain, Arthur was only successful in retrieving one of the thirteen Hallows, the cauldron of Diwrnach the Giant, losing several of his men in the process. This Hallow was said to have been guarded by nine maidens in Annwn. Deathly Hallows 会是放在帷幔另一面的“另一世界”,必须像传说中的英伦圣物那样取回来吗?如果是这样,它们有什么重要性呢?Deathly Hallows 与灵体之间的联系可能使它们对于魂器的搜寻,对于魂器的摧毁,对于伏地魔的灵魂碎片从哈利的伤疤上分离有重大意义(参阅镜射9);或者对于击败伏地魔有重大意义——因为所有这些中心工作都围绕着灵魂。根据英伦圣物传说,亚瑟是拿回了十三圣物中一件的唯一一人,那是巨人丢尔纳赫的坩埚。在这个过程中牺牲了他的几个战友。这个圣物是由九名圣处女在安文守卫的。

Based on Celtic mythology and Arthurian legend, the Deathly Hallows should have originated from beyond the veil regardless of whether they are still located there. They should also have some sort of special ability (e.g. travel at great speed, healing, invisibility, etc…) and will be guarded by an individual or many.根据凯尔特神话和亚瑟王传说,不管现在在哪里,Deathly Hallows 应该来自帷幔的那一边。它们也应该有些特别的功能如能飞速旅行,治疗,隐形等),应该也有守护者。
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