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zero、Author’s Note

Dear Reader,
The opposing questions some Harry Potter fans have surrounding the emerging romantic relationship between Harry and Hermione is due to their preference and not on canon evidence (the books). It is perfectly fine to have your own opinion. I am not writing this in the attempts to persuade anyone to jump their ship or stop having an opinion. Everyone is free to his or her own opinion on who should end up with whom. However, when you disregard all other opinions on the matter as irrelevant and unimportant, you are no longer stating your opinion, but stamping out any other free thought on the subject merely because you disagree. 许多《哈利波特》爱好者们提出的围绕哈利与赫敏之间显露的感情关系的相互对立的问题仅仅基于他们的个人偏爱,而不是源于书中的确定证据。当然,拥有你们自己的意见是无可非议的。我写此文并不是想要任何人改变意见或不再保有自己的意见。关于谁与谁最后结合,任何人都可以保有自己的意见。但是,如果你把其他任何有关此事的意见都看成是不相干或无关紧要的,那你就不再是在表达自己的意见,而是把其他独立的思想束之高阁:仅仅因为你不赞同。

Yes, it is my opinion that Harry and Hermione belong together in a romantic relationship but that is also my logical standing on the matter of ‘ships,’ based on analyzing literary techniques and aspects used by J. K. Rowling to foreshadow upcoming events.是的,我的观点是,哈利和赫敏会相爱。这也是我有关“派”的逻辑观点,是出于我对于JK罗琳所使用的预示未来事件的文学手法和角度的分析。

By writing this essay, I hope to restore and strengthen the beliefs and opinions of Harry/Hermione shippers after the constant malicious bombardment by other fans.通过写下这篇文章,我希望能够使饱受其他各派人士抨击的哈赫派人士重拾信心,加强自己的信念。

My intent is not to bash, belittle, or begrudge any other ships. My intent is to prove with canon evidence that the Harry/Hermione ship still sails; that our opinions, thoughts, and beliefs are just as valid as other ships and should not be undervalued or disregarded just because others don’t agree.我的目的不是去抨击、贬低或抱怨其他各派。我的目的是使用确定的证据证明,哈赫的航船还在行驶、我的意见,想法和信念也和其他各派的一样有效;不应该因为他人的不同意而被贬低或者忽视。

I greatly encourage anyone else who does not ship Harry/Hermione to read this essay, if not to help you understand that Harry and Hermione do have a fighting chance at a romantic relationship, but to share my thoughts with you, a fellow Harry Potter reader, on what will happen in Book 7.我十分鼓励其他派人士阅读这篇文章。即使这不能使你认识到哈利和赫敏之间还存在着相爱的机会,也可以让你分享我,另一个《哈利波特》读者,对于第七部事件的预测。

This essay is about plot. If you like discussing plot or reading new ideas about plot, whether you ship Harry/Hermione, Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny, Dobby/Giant Squid, you will find this thesis interesting and fun.这篇文章是关于情节设定的。如果你喜欢讨论情节设定,或者喜欢阅读有关情节设定的新的想法,那么不管你是哈赫派的,罗赫派的,哈金派的,或多比巨鱿鱼派的,你都会觉得这篇文章有意思,有趣。

Seeing the Forest is divided into eight sections, currently you are reading the first part: Mirroring: Books 1, 4 and 7. Each part, due to length (lots of quotes and examples) and convenience of discussing one topic at a time, will have its own post, appearing in this order:本文共分八个部分,现在是第一部分:镜射第一、四、七部。每一部分,由于篇幅 (大量引文与例子)与一次讨论一个题目的方便而将有独立的帖子,其顺序如下:

Part 1: Mirroring Books 1, 4 & 7第一部分:镜射:第一、四、七部
Part 2: Mirroring Books 2 & 5第二部分:镜射:第二、五部
Part 3: Mirroring Books 3 & 6第三部分:镜射:第三、六部
Part 4: Two-Step Parallels第四部分:二步平行
Part 5: Repetitions第五部分:重复
Part 6: Ships第六部分:各派别
Part 7: Life or Death第七部分:生或死
Part 8: Book 7第八部分:第七部

I hope you enjoy reading this essay as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please do not be shy with your thoughts, whether you agree or disagree with me on any aspects. I encourage respectful criticism and rebuttals.我希望你能和我写本文时一样喜欢阅读本文。请大胆提出你的想法,无论你在任何方面同意或不同意我的意见。我鼓励有礼貌的批评与反驳。

Sherbert Lemon
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