Silverlight 3 合集

不知道这篇随笔是否慢了一步,但是似乎Blend3 和Deep Zoom七月版才刚刚发布:

Silverlight 3 Tools

Add-on for Visual Studio 2008 SP1 for developing Silverlight 3 applications


Expression Blend 3 + SketchFlow RC

With Expression Blend 3 + SketchFlow, you can create Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications for the desktop and Microsoft Silverlight 3 applications for the web.


Deep Zoom Composer

Prepare images for use with the Deep Zoom feature in Silverlight 3


Microsoft® Silverlight™ 3 Software Development Kit

The Microsoft® Silverlight™ 3 Software Development Kit provides libraries and tools for developing Silverlight applications.

Microsoft .NET Services White Papers (July 2009 CTP)

A Developer's Guide to Microsoft .NET Services

Data-Driven RIA with Silverlight 3

The .NET RIA Services is a framework that provides a pattern to write application logic that runs on the mid-tier and controls access to data for queries, changes and custom operations.

.NET Services SDK

Microsoft .NET Services is part of the Azure Services Platform. Microsoft .NET Services includes two services: the Access Control Service and the Service Bus.


PS: Silverlight 3 新特性 请参考Silverlight 3 Released by ScottGu




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