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When my “Build Your Own MVVM Framework” talk was chosen for Mix10, I was excited to have the opportunity to show others what we had been doing in Caliburn in a simplified, but powerful way. After giving the talk, I received a ton of positive feedback on the techniques/framework that I had demonstrated. I was approached by several companies and individuals who expressed an interest in a more “official” version of what I had shown. That, coupled with the coming of Windows Phone 7, impressed upon me a need to have a more “lean and mean” framework. My vision was to take 90% of Caliburn’s features and squash them into 10% of the code. I started with the Mix sample framework, then used an iterative process of integrating Caliburn v2 features, simplifying and refactoring. I continued along those lines until I had what I felt was a complete solution that mirrored the full version of Caliburn v2, but on a smaller scale. 当我的“建立你自己的MVVM框架“被选为mix10的演讲,我很兴奋能有机会向别人展示在Caliburn项目上做的简化但依旧强大的方式。在演讲结束后,我收到了超多对我演示过的技术/框架的反馈。我拜访了几家非常期待我所展示的“更正式”的版本的公司和个人。然后,即将到来的WP7,很深刻的提醒我需要有一个更“瘦”的框架。我的愿景是具备Caliburn的90%的特性,并只有原先10%的代码量。我搭建了概念版框架,开始了Caliburn V2的功能的迭代过程,简化和重构。一直做到我觉得是它已经很像Caliburn v2的解决方案了,但规模非常小。
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