Google Groups 上什么人都有。一个在 soc.cultre 论坛上混的叫 RAK 的家伙每天从各处搜集关于中国的负面报道,然后贴在论坛上。有不少国外的网友跟他争辩。虽然 RAK 的逻辑主观性太强,很容易就被驳倒,但他似乎要面子的很。有网友说他是亲日的台湾人,他不否认也不承认。今天忍不住回了一下:

I'm an ordinary Chinese live in mainland China. What RAK describes about China is far from me and people around me. Yes, there ARE problems in China, we are talking about these everyday. I worry about these problems, but I don't worry about my life, or my child's life. I won't argue with anyone here, because people around the world know better about China everyday.