a lonely Weekend

    Today is weekend. When work time was over, everybody hurried out for their destination, left the office almost empty. I didn't move, sat still, do not know where to go. 
    I had planed to play with some colleages, but gave up this idea soon. i was the only girl, not convenient, i feel not myself.   
    Going home? I shaked my head. I dislike the feeling of staying at a vacant house. I would rather stay at office, at least i know there are some people around me, i am not alone.
    I feel a little sad when i think of Lee. He is very busy all these days and ignore me unconsciously. i know his task is urgent, his burden is big. "he has to work overtime." i persuade myself. so i keep my good temper to avoid annoying him. 
    But i cannot make myself happy at all.
    This wednesday, i went home early and happily, eager to prepare a good dinner for him. but when i called him, i was disappointed to know that he had to work late again.     
   "Don't wait for me. you need not do supper, eat outside. " he said.
    "OK", i promised, "pay attention to your body, you are not well, drink more water." 
    i still wanted to say some words, he interrupted, " Anything? i am at a meeting."  
    I immediately shut up and hung off the phone. Work is first important for him at this moment.    
    He continued to work late. yesterday evening, he went home at half past ten. i cannot help reminding him at bed. "Dear, except the sleep time, the time we shared together does not exceed an hour. Can you steal more time to accompany me?"
    But today he abandons me again. and not for work this time! He would like to visit his colleage's new house, not care i wait his absence for a whole week.
    Now, i am calm down when i relieve my feelings out here. 
    Well, It's a lesson to learn how to endure the loneliness, i laugh at myself, you have to spend a lonely weekend.     

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