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Visual Studio “14” CTP 4

微软发布于10月6日发布了Visual Studio “14”CTP 4,本次发布的更新主要包括:ASP.NET vNext runtime和一些工具的优化(ASP.NET vNext runtime and tooling improvements),主要更新摘要:

ASP.NET vNext Runtime

ASP.NET vNext Tooling

  1. Performance improvements to compilation in Visual Studio
  2. New layout for ASP.NET vNext solutions and projects
  3. Global.json file in new solutions for project-to-project references
  4. Debugging support for ASP.NET vNext unit tests
  5. Immediate refresh of the Project References node for project.json dependency changes

Known Issues


Visual Studio “14” CTP 4 发布,可通过下面地址下载:

Visual Studio “14”中的Web开发新技巧

ASP.NET samples that run in Visual Studio 14 CTP 4

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