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代码转换工具 Code Converter 2013


This is a Code Converter that uses four different DLL files from around the .NET community. The DLL files I used are FastColoredTextBox.dll, ConversionWrapper.dll, ICSharpCode.NRefactory.dll, and rsp.ConVert.dll. I came up with this Idea mainly from the FastColoredTextBox. Then I discovered the VS Addin (CodeConvert), both can be found here on CodeProject. I use the same DLL that the VS add-in uses. The ICSharpCode.NRefactory DLL can be found at their website. FastColoredTextBox is used for the syntax coloring. CodeConvert is referenced and does just as it says. The ICSharpCode.NRefactory DLL accompanies the CodeConvert.dll file.

rspConVert.dll is a remake of Deniz Ezen's Econ.NetVert.Dll. I stripped out the part as I could not get it to work. I also re-edited some of his code to work with my program. I added Project Conversions and Post fix for the files of the project conversion.

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