LPC43xx SGPIO Pattern Match Mode



该功能可用于检测启动代码等。要使用该功能,则必须用需匹配的模式来对REG_SS 编程

(请注意, POS 达到零时 REG_SS 不会与 REG  交换!)

MATCH_MODE 位必须设为1。

输入数据 REG 现在与已编程的模式 REG_SS 相比较。发现匹配时会提出模式匹配中断。

Bit MATCH_MODE selects whether the match filter is active or whether data is captured.

Only slice A, H, I, and P support matching with a mask (register MASK_x).

For other slices the pattern is not masked.


四个位串(A、H、I 和P)同样支持对模式的掩码;必须设置MASK_x 以便对模式位进行比较(‘1’表示比较)。

例如,寻找模式0x1234.xxxx.5678.9ABC 时,

REG 应设置为0x1234.xxxx.5678.9ABC,


When using the data match interrupt bit 0 has to be high.

When using data match mode, the slice’s shadow register [ REG_SS ] should hold the pattern to be matched.

In addition, when data match is enabled the main register [ REG ] and the shadow register [ REG_SS ] will not exchange when FIFO is done with input or output data.

Pattern match

All slices feature pattern match functionality.

This can be used for example to detect a start code.

To use this functionality, REG_SS must be programmed with the pattern to be matched
(Note that REG_SS will not be swapped with REG when POS reaches zero!).

The MATCH_MODE bit must be set to 1.

The input data is now compared to the programmed pattern.

When a match is found the pattern match interrupt is raised.

Four slices (A, H, I and P) also support masking the pattern; MASK_x must be set for the pattern bits to be compared (1 is compare).

E.g. when looking for pattern 0x1234 XXXX, then REG_SS should be set to 0x1234 XXXX and MASK to 0xFFFF 0000.

0x1234 xxxx -- REG
0x1234 0000 -- REG_SS
0xFFFF 0000 -- MASK


The mask registers are used for the “on pattern match” interrupts.

With some slices it is possible to mask the data for the pattern match interrupts. Slices A, H, I and P support this function.

Every bit that is 1 in this register will be masked.

If this register contains the value 0b00001111 the first 4 bits will be masked for the pattern interrupt.

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