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摘要:1 系统综述 1.1 开发背景 1.2 主要任务 1.3 相关业务总体流程 2 功能需求 2.1 总体功能 2.2 基础数据 2.2.1 基础数据1 2.2.2 基础数据2 2.3 采购 2.3.1 采购询价 任务... 阅读全文
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摘要:CRM产生背景 1990年前后,许多美国企业为了满足日益竞争的市场需要,开始开发销售力量自动化系统(SFA),随后又着力发展客户服务系统(CSS)。1996年后一些公司开始把SFA和CSS两个系统合并起来,再加上营销策划(Marketing)、现场服务(Field service),在此基础上再集成CTI(计算机电话集成技术)形成集销售(Sales)和服务(Service)于一体的呼叫中心(Ca... 阅读全文
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摘要:"这是一个最好的年代,也是一个最坏的年代!" 用这句话来形容 2007年商业智能市场的演变最为贴切不过,这一年中我们目睹了一幕幕全球软件巨头们动辄高达几十亿美元血淋淋的收购,从年初到年末依然还能在商业智能领域生存下来的独立知名软件厂商如今已所剩无几。是什么让这些软件巨头们在 07年如此热衷于运用巨资竞相收购商业智能软件厂商呢?这还要从各家软件巨头的鸿图伟略说起。 故事的开端还要从甲骨文说起,其... 阅读全文
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SAP and ABAP Memory总结
摘要:1、读取哈使用方法不同 SAP内存使用SET/GET parameters方法; ABAP内存使用 EXPORT 和 IMPORT 方法; 2、共享范围不同 SAP内存可以被所有的主session访问,内存数据可以同一个session中不同程序之间,或者不同session之间; ABAP只能在同个session的不同程序之间共享数据; 3、作用范围不同 SAP内存在整个终端session时间... 阅读全文
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摘要:1. What is the typical structure of an ABAP program? //ABAP程序的基本结构是什么? HEADER ,BODY,FOOTER. 2. What are field symbols and field groups.? Have you used "component idx of structure" clause with fiel... 阅读全文
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ABAP Objective Questions
摘要:By: Rajendra Rai (raaz.rai.sap@gmail.com) - SAP ABAP Consultant 1 Full Buffering would be appropriate for A. Transaction Tables B. Small Static tables C. Internal Tables D. Tables with... 阅读全文
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ABAP Self Test Q & A
摘要:1) Authorization Objects ( this question has more than 1 answer ) a) Stored in User Master b) Defines fields for a complex authority check c) Grouped together in profiles d) Covers up to 10 field... 阅读全文
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Sample Test Questions on ABAP Programming
摘要:# 1 . What are the 2 boxes in your system for coding for Abap and their logins? Development System & IDES/Sandbox # 2. If I get a problem on a report in Production server how can I modify the repor... 阅读全文
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ABAP Tips and Tricks
摘要:Retrieving the deleted program I recently deleted a custom program (which is already transported to production) accidentally and was wondering if there is any method of retrieving the program back. Af... 阅读全文
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ABAP Frequently Asked Question
摘要:ABAP/4 Q: When we create a customer the information is updated in structure RF02D and the some tables like KNA1 are updated. How can we find the tables for master data transactions? A: Go to ABAP Wor... 阅读全文
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Common Questions and Answers about ABAP/4 and Developments
摘要:1. What is the difference between external & internal subroutine? 2. Why do we use ALV? 3. Why do we use GET CURSOR and what is it? 4. Both the events AT SELECTION-SCREEN and AT USER-COMMAND are proce... 阅读全文
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Important ABAP FAQ's
摘要:How to execute a program step by step on the abap editor? This is known as Testing and Debugging ABAP Codes, Functions What are dml statements in sap? Ans: Insert, Update, Delete. What is the differen... 阅读全文
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ABAP Questions Commonly Asked 1
摘要:1) What is the difference betwen abap and sap memories? Data sending between internal sessions is called abap memory using import and export parameters. Data sending between main sessions using spa/g... 阅读全文
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Interview Question on BAPI, RFC, ABAP Objects, Tables
摘要:1) What is the difference between RFC and BAPI ? What are subclasses and super classes in BAPI and also what are the methods in BAPI ? 2) Is it possible to connect SAP to Non-SAP systems to retr... 阅读全文
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Answers to some ABAP Interview Questions
摘要:Questions which I have faced in an interview: 1) What is runtime analysis? Have you used this? 2) What is meant by performance analysis? Have done anything to improve the performance? 3) How... 阅读全文
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ABAP Interview Questions
摘要:What is a 'Z' report? Y or Z report refer to customized abap programs written for modules such as mm, sd, pp or fi/co etc. Can we create an ABAP program without using Y or Z? No, this is because all... 阅读全文
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More than 100 ABAP Interview Faq's(2)
摘要:51. What are the techniques involved in using SAP supplied programs? Do you prefer to write your own programs to load master data? Why? 52. What are logical databases? What are the advantages/disad... 阅读全文
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More than 100 ABAP Interview Faq's(1)
摘要:1. What is the typical structure of an ABAP/4 program? ANS:- HEADER ,BODY,FOOTER. 2. What are field symbols and field groups.? Have you used "component idx of structure" clause with field ... 阅读全文
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ABAP 面试问题及答案(一):数据库更新及更改 SAP Standard (转)
摘要:问题一:锁对象(Lock Object)和 FM(Function Module) 激活锁定对象时,产生的 FM 的名字是什么? 答案:首先要在 ABAP 字典中创建锁对象,然后才能在 ABAP 程序中设锁。创建锁对象时,系统会自动生成两个 FM 来进行锁管理。 用于设锁的 FM 为: ENQUEUE_。它用于在锁表(Lock Table)中生成一个锁项(Lock Entry)。若设锁不成功的话,... 阅读全文
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摘要:SAP和惠普两家公司日前正式发表名为HP&SAP Best Practice的搭售方案,是以SAP ERP配合HP Integrity rx2660服务器,将销售目标锁定年营收在20亿以下的中小企业,又称为成长型企业。也就是说,过去客户可能必须分别购买ERP软件、选购硬件、找顾问服务厂商,现在可一次购齐。 这次推出的HP&SAP Best Practice所需的建置时间较短,只要四、五个月... 阅读全文
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