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2005年6月3日 #

摘要: 这个博客正式搬家到 http://www.cnblogs.com/chenglin 。 从现在开始不在更新了。阅读全文
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2005年5月23日 #

摘要: Visual studio is a powerful IDE for languages such as C#, C++.net, VB.net. However, because there are so many functions, it's a bit difficult for a ...阅读全文
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2005年5月16日 #

摘要: The System.EnterpriseServices namespace in .net let us create enterprise applications more easily. However, the transaction support would be disabled ...阅读全文
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2005年5月13日 #

摘要: If got a 1501 error when you try to start Event log service in windows operating system, there may be two reasons: event log files can not be found...阅读全文
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2005年5月9日 #

摘要: I guess most of us may be confronted with a same issue: we can not see our assemblies displayed in Add Reference dialog box in Visual Studio .net. Ge...阅读全文
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2005年4月28日 #

摘要: When errors occur in a unit test by making use of NUnit, we may want to debug the program immediately to see where the error occured. But the problem ...阅读全文
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2005年4月27日 #

摘要: For our source's security, an adminstrator of Microsoft Visual SourceSafe should do a backup daily or weekly at least. The backup process won't cost u...阅读全文
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2005年4月26日 #

摘要: In a project created by Visual Studio, a file called "AssemblyInfo.cs", which describes the assembly generated by the project, will be also automatica...阅读全文
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摘要: Tips compiled primarily from Microsoft's Team Development Guide for SourceSafe. For Administrators Run Analyze & Repair on database once per week. ...阅读全文
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2005年4月23日 #

摘要: When developing a windows/console application using .Net, it is recommended to catch AppDomain.CurrentDomain.UnhandledException and Application.Thread...阅读全文
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