my django development environment (virtualenv+pip+django)


  • download and install Python
  • download and install setuptool, please choose right setuptool version which matches python version
  • make a virtualenv
    • > virtualenv yourenvname
  • install pip
    • > easy_install pip
  • make a requirement file, a file indicates packages required by your virtual environment, save it to requirement.txt and put it in directory yourenvname



  • install packages required
    • yourenvname> pip install –r requirement.txt
  • start your django project and django application
    • yourenvname> startproject yourprojectname
    • yourprojectname> yourappname
    • yourprojectname>python syncdb

Trouble Shooting


Action Error Solution
run Type ' help' for usage Modify registry of file association:
"C:\Python25\python.exe" "%1" %*

Package List

Previously, some packages I recommend are listed in requirement file. Forget about my recommendation, you can have any package you want in it. Here is description for some package.

Name Description

This application enables a common user-registration workflow: registration with a email

Various methods of extending and customizing the registration process are also provided.

django-pagination A set of utilities for creating robust pagination tools throughout a django application.
South South, likes migration of Ruby on Rails, is a tool to provide consistent, easy-to-use and database-agnostic migrations for Django applications.
flup Make your django web site support FastCGI, SCGI and AJP and work with nginx, apache and lighttpd
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