The following external resources provide information and support for creating Entity Framework applications.

Entity Framework FAQ

Blog containing frequently asked questions about the Entity Framework.

Data Developer Center

Central location for data development with Microsoft technologies.

Data Platform How Do I? Videos: Entity Framework Series

Contains a set of video screen casts that demonstrate how to build applications by using various components of the Entity Framework.

ADO.NET Team Blog

Blog containing updates and discussion of ADO.NET features and functionality.

Data Programmability Team Blog

Updates and discussion of data programmability in general.

Entity Framework Desi

Design discussions and feature previews for future Entity Framework versions.

.NET Framework Data Access and Storage Forum

Support for data programmability in general.


Microsoft's open source project hosting Web site.

The Entity-Relationship Model: Toward a Unified View of Data by Peter Pin-Shan Chen, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Written in 1976, this is one of the most frequently cited papers in the computer field.

Next-Generation Data Access: Making the Conceptual Level Real by José Blakeley, David Campbell, Jim Gray, S. Muralidhar, and Anil Nori

An introduction to eliminating the impedance mismatch in applications and data services by raising the level of abstraction from the logical (relational) level to the conceptual (entity) level.

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