[Yii Framework] Chive: which is developed base on Yii, and its aims to be an alternative to phpMyAdmin!

Official Website: http://www.chive-project.com/


Here is its feature. 

  • Rich User interface

    Chive is web-based and takes advantage of the capabilities of modern web browsers. See the screenshots for impressions.
  • Latest technologies

    Based on top of the current version of the Yii framework, Chive takes advantage of the MVC design pattern and unit testing.
  • Security

    Direct database authentication avoids classical security gaps. No root or maintainer password has to be provided.
  • Runs out of the box

    Only minimal configuration has to be done, no database needed. Just download, extract and run as described on the download page.
  • Open Source

    Chive is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3. Feel free to use and/or modify it.
















What the most important is that, yes, Chive is base on Yii! And it is open source. Via its code, we can study how 

to use Yii, it is really a very good example. Hope it will become more and more populate!


Have fun with Yii! 

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