[Yii Framework] How to run cron job (or use command) in the server with yii framework

Here is a step by step to show how to run command in the server with yii framework.


1. Create the web application.

yiic webapp ./myapp




2. Edit myapp/protected/config/console.php:

return array(
'name'=>'My Console Application',






3. Create myapp/protected/commands/DemoCommand.php:

class DemoCommand extends CConsoleCommand {

public function run($args)
echo "Hello! Param=".Yii::app()->params['testparam']."\n";




4. Check that yiic finds the command:

david_lee@david-desktop:~$ /var/www/webapp/protected/yiic

Tip: make sure that you have the php bin in /usr/bin.

Then you will get the message as below:

Yii command runner (based on Yii v1.1.3)
Usage: .
/protected/yiic <command-name> [parameters...]

The following commands are available:
- demo
- message
- shell
- webapp





5. Run the command:

david_lee@david-desktop:~$ /var/www/webapp/protected/yiic demo

You will get the output:

Hello! Param=testvalue
Tip: You have to pay attention that the name of the command above: yiic demo. Please compare with the name of myapp/protected/commands/DemoCommand.php


Have fun with Yii!

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