Asphyre 更名pxl 终于全面支持跨平台了.Delphi饭们 激动了吧.


We are happy to announce the official release of our latest framework Pascal eXtended Library. This is a new cross-platform framework that is based on our popular Asphyre framework with added support for many new platforms, including singleboard devices such as Raspberry PIIntel Galileo and BeagleBone Blackamong others. In fact, one of official examples illustrates how to use GPU for composing a visual scene on Raspberry PI and then display the generated picture on external display via SPI protocol!

Pascal eXtended Library can be used with Embarcadero Delphi XE8+ supporting platforms such as Windows 32 and 64-bitMac OS XAndroid and iOS 32 and 64-bit. It can also be used withFreePascal / Lazarus supporting platforms Windows 32 and 64-bitLinux 32, 64-bit and ARM,Mac OS X (32-bit Carbon and 64-bit Cocoa) and experimental Android (ARM and Intel).

Many different providers are supported, including OpenGLOpenGL ESDirectX 7DirectX 9,DirectX 11 and newly developed Software Renderer that works on all platforms, including most singleboard devices such as Intel Galileo and Raspberry PI.

For those who already have projects written with Asphyre framework, we have included support for reading all previous Asphyre archive formats including VTDbASDb and ASVF, in addition to new format PXLA. We have also ported one of the most essential applications, FontTool to run on Windows, Linux and OS X platforms! This is one of the most powerful and advanced releases we have made and yet we are continuing to develop even more features for it.

Click here to visit Pascal eXtended Library official web page.


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