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Why people can not learn from success?

Posted on 2011-07-03 19:23 勇敢的鸵鸟 阅读(...) 评论(...) 编辑 收藏

It seems that most people and organizations can not learn from their success, instead most would like to learn from failures. That how the saying “failure is the mother of success.” comes.

From my point of view, anything can fail very easily and should fail at the first time. Why? There are always too many factors involved to make a thing successful. It’s only possible to get success after you have failed it once or more.

When you succeed in a new thing, you won’t know what will fail next time. It is too complex for most people to sort out what is the key that prevents it from failing. It is only when you fail, that you look inside youself and all the factors to determine what went wrong and how to correct it.

So, how can one still do a new thing right in the first place? Find a similiar example that you have done successfully, change a little. This is what Agilist calls continuous improvement.